Sadhguru: Don’t Let His Pseudoscience Fool You

“Sadhguru: Don’t Let His Pseudoscience Fool You”
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Sadhguru: Don’t Let His Pseudoscience Fool You
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“The gurus and godmen of India need to go. Starting with Captain Pseudoscience himself.”

“these gurus end up gaining massive followings that give some huge power
Fame and influence and seeing this some people are more than ready to jump on
the bandwagon, these people just trying to capitalize on the potential fame and they can literally come in any age.”

“because this dude is extremely popular..he’s got followers in the millions but at the end of the day he’s a human being, just like any of us and therefore he has agendas, personal, political, financial and
he just says and does things that serve these agendas but at the same time he’s a very charismatic individual and because of the conviction with which he speaks it’s very easy for people to think that what he says is true and he sing those things for their benefit.”

“things that he says are clearly demonstrably wrong and I’m gonna
demonstrate why they’re wrong…”

“now he makes a lot of claims that have absolutely no basis.”

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