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We’re going to react to a famous Indian guru named Sadhguru. I’ve been in India now for some months and I know Sadhguru has a massive reputation here, people really love him here. He’s also got a big reputation worldwide.

In this video a woman from the audience asks him one question about the dairy industry, his response is disgraceful. In this video I explain why this exposed him.

Sadhguru is known for meditation and advice on life, and has been known for giving his opinions on the challenging times the world faces due to the pandemic, the CAA situation in India, and others, he has a lot of influence.”

Not true whatsoever, please don’t be scared of street dogs, because of this
guy, this is absolute nonsense, that is just factually incorrect

– So school-going children were attacked and eaten up, now what do you do,
now municipality comes and just culls all of them, isn’t it better that they’re tied, hello.”

“first of all dogs are not carnivorous animals, they’re mainly scavengers,
they’re actually omnivorous, they eat both plant, foods and animal foods and as I said they’ll eat whatever they can get, the second thing that they have their instincts come back, they’re domesticated animals, they don’t have killer instincts.”

“India where there were like 100 dogs and they don’t pack up and try to kill the child, alright, this is absolute nonsense.”

“it’s so disappointing and frustrating when somebody with such a stature like
literally millions of people follow this guy they hang on his every
word and he’s so irresponsible with his words here like so irresponsible the way he speaks about animals he’s speaking about animals in the same way that
somebody who is really not enlightened would speak about them it
doesn’t seem to me like he’s actually connecting with life as he is supposed
to as a spiritual guru it seems to me like he’s just making excuses for
exploiting animals and abusing animals and dominating animals like everybody
else does except he does it with a smile a little bit of like a comedy at
the expense of somebody asking a serious question…I’ve seen him at the absolute worst and it honestly exposes that these gurus, that they are really no different to the rest of us.”

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