Will It Be Star Wars or Star Dreams? | Paul Hellyer

“Will It Be Star Wars or Star Dreams? | Paul Hellyer
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“Reading Colonel Corso’s book was a real eye-opener for me, I had of course received reports of UFO sightings when I was Minister of National Defense and like most people in that position about 80% of them were natural phenomena and 15 or 20 percent were not and just had written beside them unexplained, but Corso´s book was an eye-opener and when it was confirmed by a retired United States Air Force general of my acquaintance. as being every word is true quote unquote and more. (Paul Hellyer)(2019)”

“..and I was far too busy to to worry about it frankly but then after I read Corsos book that my general friend confirmed it he confirmed a lot of things that are now widely known.. a UFO did crash at Roswell New Mexico on or about July the 4th 1947, there were humanoid creatures aboard when it crashed. Corso was not at the crash scene at the time and did not personally see the survivor that was carried into the Army Air Force infirmary that he writes about in his book he did later however see one of the cadavers being transported presumably for autopsy.
The Colonel’s personal involvement really began more than a decade later when he was posted to the Pentagon and his boss the Lieutenant General Arthur Trudeau gave him the foreign technology desk and turned over the top-secret Roswell files and a file of wreckage a cabinet
of wreckage tha which had been collected from the cras site in New Mexico and Trudeau asked him to make a list of those areas where he thought something might be developed which would be of use to the United States Army.. image intensifiers..which ultimately became night vision..
fiber optics which have revolutionized telecommunications worldwide, super tenacity fibers, lasers, molecular alignment metallic alloys, integrated circuits and micro miniaturization of logic boards…project horizon which was the moonbase, portable atomic generators, ion propulsion drive, irradiated food, third brain guidance systems that’s the headbands that the EBE´s worn to give instructions to their ships, because they didn’t use the conventional controls, it was all done by mental telepathy and then particle beams star wars and a missile weapons systems, electromagnetic propulsion systems and depleted uranium projectiles… because the technology that the visitors left when their crash occurred was lightyears ahead of ours. (Paul Hellyer)(2019)”

“Orson Wells…when he had his war of the worlds as a Helloween Hoax..”
“I’m sure that an equal concern was bthat another earthly power, and I suppose we might just as well be specific and say the Soviet Union, might have the same kind of opportunity to develop the technology and might get ahead of the United States and this could lead to a position where the United States would cease to be the predominant military power in the world and this fear could have been nurtured by hints from Sr. Wernher von Braun that the Germans might have had access to some of this technology as early as the 1930s. well. this led the United States to embark on a reverse R&D program
unprecedented in earthly history. Well, the secrecy made sense, in my
opinion until the end of the Cold War but there is no legitimate reason why
these clandestine operations should not have been made public when the Soviet
Union collapsed. The United States had no other enemies with any military
capability to speak of, there were no real threats, a good, fairly large peace dividend could have been declared, but someone in the intelligence community decided that one or more of the aliens species had
hostile designs on earth and that we had to use the technology that we gained
from them to make earth an unfriendly and unsafe place for visitors from other realms and if you google the United States Air Force Space Command you will find out that we are rapidly achieving that goal and with the extension of the anti-missile, the dual purpose anti-missile missile system, around the
globe, earth will become increasingly out of bounds to visitors, we have learned however that intelligence gathering is an imprecise science and interpreting it depends to a large extent on the interpreters worldview. (Paul Hellyer)(2019)”

“I recall too the wildly inaccurate estimates of the United States Air Force
of the rate of Soviet ballistic missile production and this
misinformation led to some very dumb decisions in my country, so the reason I
decided to go public was the very real fear that military intelligence
inadvertently or deliberately misinterpreted the intention of the
aliens and I used the word deliberately in the sense of general Eisenhower’s
warning that the alien technology was falling into the wrong hands, a more likely scenario than wanting to attack us, which they could have done at any time in those early years there was really nothing to stop them with the possible exception of some high-powered radars, but otherwise there was no means to destroy them and they had you know complete domination of our skies but instead of trying to destroy us they seemed genuinely concerned about our
stewardship of our planet through deforestation, chemical contamination,
overpopulation, global warning warming and above all increasing stockpiles of atomic weapons that in the hands of a madman their use could result in making
the planet uninhabitable for, heaven only knows, how long. (Paul Hellyer)(2019)”

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