Paul Hellyer on threats to his life

“Paul Hellyer on threats to his life
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Another clip from an upcoming interview I did with the Hon. Paul Hellyer. Here he discusses the possible dire repercussions of his choice to come out with what he knows about an UFO cover-up.”

“As a former Minister of Defense, because people expect me to tell the truth and they expect me to know something and to tell them what I know and
give them the straight goods. So I think the whole thing ties together and a
very interesting and very Thoughtful manner and I appreciate the opportunity even though I know that it has put my life In the crosshairs of a couple of people that don’t really appreciate what I’m saying.”

“Are you concerned about repercussions?”

“Well, you have to be concerned but at the same time I’m 95, going on 96 years old. I’ve had a good life, I know what happens to people when they die, and I know that it’s good, not bad, and so I’m not the least bit concerned about being bumped off, saying the worst thing they can do to me is kill me and that would be a promotion in a way, so say your piece and accept the consequences whatever they may happen to be.”

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