HELLYER’S BASELINE – Government Created Money – Ep. 5

“HELLYER’S BASELINE – Government Created Money – Ep. 5”
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“HELLYER’S BASELINE – Chemtrails, HAARP, Ionized Sky – Ep. 4
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“Talking about chemtrails and contrails are as different as night and day, contrail..are harmless, chemtrails on the other hand are loaded
with nanoparticles of aluminum, barium, strontium and heaven knows what else, the bottom line is that the US military has been poisoning the air we breathe, the water we drink and the soil where we grow our food all without our knowledge or consent. We have been suffering from chemtrails for a long time, medical experts say that they result in a number of diseases, from
heart attacks to Alzheimer’s and dementia and Parkinson’s disease, all of
these have decimated our healthcare and increase the costs by millions or trillions of dollars, it appears to be worldwide, because it’s possible that all of the major powers have been involved, in addition chemtrails and cooperation with HAARP are part of a geoengineering system that can produce snow in summer, rain and winter or cause artificial earthquakes, all to be used as weapons.”

“HELLYER’S BASELINE – The Cabal and Deep State – Ep.2
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“Paul Hellyer
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My name is Paul Hellyer and I am a former Minister of Defence of Canada.
One of the three most important issues facing the United States, and a large part of the
world is for the citizens of the U.S. to take back control of their country from the Cabal,
which has been in charge for many decades.
This may sound a little bit weird to the average American who may not be ware that they
have lost control. They may assume that because presidential and congressional elections
have been held on schedule, it has been business as usual. That has not been the case.
No president since Truman has been completely in the loop, and no Congress aware of
what was happening.
When the armed forces moved a flying saucer that had crashed near Roswell, New
Mexico, in July 1947 to a new underground base in Nevada, they refused to inform the
president on their intentions. Eisenhower was livid, and threatened to send in the army
from Colorado. Faced with this threat, the hide and seek gang allowed the president to
send four of his close friends to investigate, and they reported, as expected, that the air
force was attempting to back-engineer and replicate its incredible technology.
But the president, probably with the help of Nelson Rockefeller, had lost control of the
ET file, as it became known, and, in his final address to the nation, President Eisenhower
warned of the power of the military-industrial complex. Unfortunately the people
ignored his prophecy, and this has cost them dearly. The hide and seek boys have grown
into the most powerful cabal in history.
At the top of the heap are the Illuminati. Next to them, the banking cartel, with its
incredible power, at the apex of the pyramid. The oil cartel is next in line followed by the
transnational corporations which are closely connected to the bankers.
Next in line are the intelligence agencies including the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the British
MI6 and the Israeli Mossad. And finally, a huge swath of the U.S. military, especially the
navy and air force, including space command.
Their scope was revealed by the late Senator Daniel K. Inouye of Hawaii, who said,
“There exists a shadowy government with its own air force, its own navy, its own
fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest,
and free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.” Wow! Imagine that!
As reported by Dr. Steven Greer, President Clinton confirmed the existence of the
shadow government. When Sarah McClendon, a White House reporter, asked Clinton why he didn’t demand disclosure of the UFO phenomenon he replied: “Sarah, there is a government within the government, and I don’t control it.”
In effect, the Cabal has usurped the power of the president and Congress in order to serve their own ends.
The American people must reclaim control of their country before it is too late. This means that Congress must demand that Congress establish a bi-partisan committee to seek the truth.
If you Google books on the Cabal allegedly running the U.S. you will get a range of ideas, some helpful, and some less so. Recommended reading includes Unacknowledged by Dr. Steven Greer, and my trilogy of books, Light at the End of the Tunnel: A Survival Plan for the Human Species, The Money Mafia: A World in Crisis, and Hope Restored:
An Autobiography. If you only want one book, I would try The Money Mafia.”

“Liberation! The Economics of Hope
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Paul Hellyer
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“..and that is that there was a venusian by the name of Valiant Thor
who flew to earth and actually lived in the Pentagon for three or four years
and worked with the officials in the Pentagon and he volunteered to give us the good life, to give us their very advanced capability of curing illness and of growing food and all of these things that where they are so much
further ahead than we are and he was he was a beautiful man, an iq of 1200 just the sort of chap you would want your daughter to bring home for dinner
if she were dating, this of course is not how they all look, because
the short grays for example and you’ve probably seen pictures of those are short with very large eyes and very long and slender legs and arm,s so that there is a variety and they come from all over and they look different and many have different objectives…”

Conspiracy Revelation: 29.4.2021: This Valiant Thor should have known that the Pentagon is a hostile NWO-dominated conglomerate…he should have known that this Evil must be overthrown completely to remove all atomic weapons from the planet and create a sane world for earthlings and tell all ETs that they never should contact these evil crooks who are focussed on ecocide and genocide and totalitaristic control and nothing else, keeping people in retarded Truman-Show brainwashing loops.

“it was the military who decided that we would not accept that
offer and I would say it was one of one of the biggest mistakes that
..earthlings have ever made..”

“the second issue..is a massive change in our monetary
and the banking system we have a banking system now which is
so insane that I can’t describe it in words, but we have handed over the right to create our money to private individuals and corporations and they create it out of nothing, out of thin air and then lend it back to us and charge interest on it and this system which I’m greatly reducing here, because it is explained in length in the book, has resulted in some very
very sad results, there are people in the world today who
have who have trillions and trillions of dollars in wealth and
there are millions who are starving.”

“They have built a fleet of them and they have more power than any
military force in the history or recent history i should say
of the planet and what they plan to do of course
is to build what they call a new world order, this was um announced by president george bush senior and it sounded like a great idea that we’re going to have a world government and everybody was going to be happy
everybody was going to have enough to eat and enough of everything but
that isn’t what they meant what they meant was an unelected government of the elite by the elite for the elite and it was going to be a fascist
government and it was going to be part of the fourth reich, the same group which have been in charge of the united states ever since, they are so much in charge in fact that when they moved their operations to the west president
eisenhower was livid because they wouldn’t tell them what he was doing, so he threatened to send into the army and they let him send in four people to
take a look and that’s what they were doing is back engineering the spaceship
and going forward with their plans for space force and armada,
they have as part of their plan in a concert with their
ally decided to reduce the population of planet earth dramatically
how much no one seems to know for sure but it is a public policy in the united states to reduce the the population of the head of one
broadcasting system said maybe the earth could accommodate
500 million people but what about the rest and i can tell you
that the creator does not want a few thousand .. supremacists
to decide which of the billions of people in the world are going to die and which are not that is not their call and they mustn’t be allowed to exercise
it what do you do about it well there’s nothing that can be done
about it in the military’s sphere because they have the military power and it’s unlike anything that has happened before so the only way
to do anything about it is to persuade millions of americans to demand the
defunding of the u.s armed forces and in my book and now i plea for 50% reduction, immediate reduction in their budget, that’s incidentally the
amount that it was increased at the time of the false flag operation and
in new york city, so reducing it 50% and not only reducing it 50%, but
directing the reductions, so that it goes directly to those
organizations in the military and in the intelligence, because it is partly an intelligence operation and put the ones out of business…”

“but look at it through the eyes of the nazis temporarily they are angry with them with america for going into the war with the allies they are angry with
the russians for going into the war with the allies, switching
horses in midstream and they want to take it out on them, so they have they have a reason to try and do maximum damage and retribution for what was done..”

“people who are given back positions in the military and the the civil parts of the country that have been corrupted totally one i say that should
be disbanded immediately is the cia. Allen Dulles when he was
head of the cia had sympathy for the nazis and he and his brother allowed
more hundreds or thousands of nazis to come into the united states
and take over the cia totally and it’s been working
on behalf of what i call the cabal which is
defined in my book which is roughly
and quickly the bavarian illuminati, the three sisters: the bilderbergers,
the council on foreign relations which was working on its own
empire and the trilateral commission and then the part of the of the
apex is the money cartel the banking cartel then the oil cartel and then the
transnational corporations and then the intelligence organizations: the fbi,
the cia,.. the mi6 in britain and the israeli mossad, all working
together to bring about this nightmare for the world and we have to do something now and we have to do it quickly and my appeal
is that you take this teaser that i’ve sent out and send it to
everybody you know and ask them to send it on to everybody
they know because the lives of everyone that they’ll send it to in addition
to their own is really at stake..so I hope and pray that we will do what
is right for the people of the world and in the fight for the light
against the dark which is really what we’re up against, thank you.”

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