How To Solve Class Warfare JEFFERSON STYLE – Not Marx Style

“How To Solve Class Warfare JEFFERSON STYLE – Not Marx Style”

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The Left is right about one thing – we’ve got a Plutocracy problem here in America where the mega-rich are milking government favors while the rest of us are forced to pay for it.

The Left’s solution to this is more Marxism which means bigger government. This is the wrong approach and will only dig us deeper into the hole. What we need instead is new kind of solution straight from the mind of Thomas Jefferson himself!

In this video Lloyd Sloan talks about the radical new approach to solving class warfare in America by doing exactly what Thomas Jefferson said: cut taxes and regulations FROM THE BOTTOM-UP and cut Federal benefits from the TOP-DOWN. This will allow the small businesses and individuals to thrive without having to worry about draconian taxes and regulations keeping them down, while forbidding Federal benefits to those who don’t need it.

No more bailouts for the rich, and no more crushing taxes and stacks of incomprehensible regulations for the individual and small business who can’t possibly compete on the same level as big businesses who have entire teams of experts and lawyers just to deal with compliance.

You can sell this idea to the Left as protecting the little guy from the powerful, which it does. You can sell this to the Right as a way to cut the size of the government and eliminate some taxes and regulations. And you can sell this to Libertarians as a “first step” toward eliminating taxes and regulations altogether.

Everybody can win with this key idea of BOTTOM-UP cuts.”

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