Warren Buffett: An Evil Billionaire?

“Warren Buffett: An Evil Billionaire?
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“Monopolized: Life in the Age of Corporate Power: Monopolized is a mix between a business book and travelogue, a set of stories about people living under the control of various powerful corporate entities, from Wall Street to Amazon to prison and to the military. There´s also a a roadmap for how to fight back, and Dayen profiles Israeli anti-monopolists who successfully did just that. One interesting aspect of Monopolized is that Warren Buffett is a
silent presence throughout, profiting quietly in the background from virtually every monopoly Dayen describes. We don´t often hear of Buffett as a great monopolist, but that´s what he actually is.”

“People know that something is terribly wrong. They might not be able to articulate.”

“people getting addicted to prescription drugs and what’s a better way to put a moat around your business than to sell an addictive product like that, is it ethical? …same thing with dialysis companies, he’s a huge investor in davita which is one of two dialysis providers and these companies give terrible service and they capitalize on the fact that medicare covers kidney diseas, davita just rips off the government and then the person getting dialysis gets screwed over too because the service is horrible, again there’s clearly some moat here some monopoly power if there’s only two of them buffett is also an owner of one of the largest trailer park manufacturers
and through that he’s presided over the complete rip-off of very vulnerable people who can’t afford anything morethan a mobile home.”

“..and these are friendly old grandpa buffett’s companies, mr nice guy. Verisign is another example, this company basically owns dot com and
dot net website, so every time you create a new website and normally you pay
around 10 or 15 Dollars a year to hold it, well, these guys are getting a cut from that and verisign has a right to manage these domains through a government contract and if i didn’t say it before, yes, buffett is invested in this company and recently the government gave verisign the right to increase prices for those.com registries which is stupid and corrupt, because if this were a good capitalistic system what they’re doing then the
government would have given the contract to another company who could do it for as little as a dollar a domain instead of 10 but these contracts are
automatically renewed as long as certain performance metrics are met and these guys absolutely act as monopolists because a few years ago they tried to get web started the government it was supposed to be seen as a competitive
product to dot com, well, verisign went and rigged the auction for dot web coming on, they created a fake company called newco that bid an enormous amount of money 135 million for dot web and they won the auction then
two days later they put out a press release saying hey actually verisign is new co and to this day not a single dot web address has
been created they bought that address to take it off the market, so they could control their monopoly ..is that good for people, no.”

“He’s not just a passive party just investing.. he has significant
power and influence over everything that goes on in the world economy..”

“Isn’t that the point of the giving pledge or do you only want that
to happen after you die and your money is donated, how do you weigh that on a scale, all the damage you’re doing versus what that money will
do after you’re dead, and the type of corruption that goes on
is just crazy like in july the fed picked up 8 million of amazon bonds, 11 million of berkshire hathaway companies bonds, 17 million in walmart and 24.6 million of microsoft, all these companies that don’t need help the government is helping while the smaller companies they’re getting screwed left and right and this is all more more bonds they’ve already spent before it’s a lot of corruption if you ask me and if you’re really out for the people and we’re really a nice guy then maybe it’s time to you know change some of these things work on the other side of it i don’t think buffett really needs to make too much more money.”

“Warren Buffett: America’s Folksiest Predator”

Reference: https://mattstoller.substack.com/p/warren-buffett-americas-folksiest

“Warren Buffett: “There´s Class Warfare, but it´s the Rich Class, making war…”
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“How Warren Buffett will Destroy the Middle Class in 2021”

“I generally call things before they happen.. i generally see the trend
coming and I’ll make a pivot accordingly and my prediction here is that the old way of doing business is completely gone, completely gone and the primary source of wealth building for the middle class was buying a home
and that now will be completely gone..that was the old way of doing business
now what we’re seeing is the new way of doing business which is online and people are creatures of habit, so the old way of doing business people
would like to meet face to face and the new way is quick, fast…”

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