Apps are dead… what's the next big thing?

Apps are dead… what’s the next big thing?
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“After the last decade of apps that spawned this huge generation of would-be app developers struggling to try to code something up and get none of their apps or websites are gaining traction, the age of apps pretty much just died out-
Facebook apps are dead, mobile apps are way too competitive and oversaturated…”
“just like in the old days when apps would go viral let me ask you what is going viral today, right now? I’m not
talking about what’s gonna be popular or go viral 10 years into the future. I’m talking about right now today what is
trending and that is the influencers and all of these people have links on their pages, so influencers are the vehicle of distribution and the links that they promote are the modern day how do you take advantage of this and
achieve hyper fast growth..Patreon exploded out of nowhere when big-name influencers started linking to their
website because in return patron gave them a way to monetize their content not because patreon was trying to compete with YouTube or set up some separate destination website the goal is not to try to divert people away from these huge content platforms like YouTube Instagram or Facebook but to
complement them…”
“because video these days is so passive, there’s no way to interact with people it’s just me here on my soapbox..”

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