From Essays to Coding, This New A.I. Can Write Anything

“From Essays to Coding, This New A.I. Can Write Anything”
“this program is better than any prior program at producing text which could have been written by a human the reason that this is such a breakthrough is that it may prove useful
to many companies and has great potential in automating
tasks, just imagine an ai that can write anything you feed it poems from a particular poet and it will write a new one with the same rhythm and genre, it can write news articles like this one published by the guardian, yes, this news article was produced by an AI, it can write computer code in any
language, it can read an article answer questions from the information in the article and even summarize that article for you not to mention it can also generate pictures from text some of these things aren’t new by themselves but doing all of these things under the same algorithm is pretty
impressive the internet is buzzing with its australian philosopher described gpt-3 as quote one of the most interesting and important ai systems ever produced a review in wired said that gpt-3 was quote provoking chills across silicon valley the national law review said gpt-3
is quote an impressive step in the larger process towards a more general intelligence…or how about making a mock-up website by just copying and pasting a url with a description…it can even explain computer code back
to you in plain english or even suggest improvements… it can generate faces from a text description…I´ll keep saying it i’m honestly impressed at how general this ai seems…an ai that can build websites just from a description answer common sense questions assume the personality of einstein and have a conversation, explain complicated things in simple terms, explain computer code to you in plain english or build faces from a text description, so what is going on here and how does this all work: gpt-3 is a massive neural network that has the capacity of 175 billion machine learning parameters, it was trained on hundreds of billions
of words including books, wikipedia and the general web which
includes coding the training data is all-encompassing
and doesn’t require further training for specific language tasks in other words it can apply what it’s learned to many other things without human supervision,it’s 10 times bigger than the previous largest language learning model which was made by Microsoft in February 2020, as a general rule the larger the number of parameters the more accurate the ai for text gpt3 calculates how likely one word is to appear in a text given the other words in the text this is what is known as the conditional probability of words.”

“In September of 2020 Microsoft announced that it had licensed the exclusive use of gpt-3, the public can still use it to receive an output, but only Microsoft has control
of the source code. I´m not sure how I feel about that.
Openai has made gpt-3 a cloud-based service and has opened it to beta testers since july, openai claims that it’s done this to both limit bad actors and to make a profit, it’s obvious that this technology could simplify work and amplify productivity for a lot of small and medium businesses
even large companies could see a benefit, open ai has gotten tens of thousands of applicants all of them knocking down the door to get access to the ai open ai is being cautious about access they say that they’re not sure what this could do when it’s released into the real world.”

“The Quality of this text generated by the ai can be so high that it’s difficult to distinguish from that of a
human this has both benefits and risks. 31 open ai researchers and engineers warned of gpt-3s at potential dangers and called for research to mitigate the risk,
they cited harmful effects and consequences, including
misinformation, fake news articles, social engineering,
spam, phishing and fraudulent academic essay writing. I could already see a bunch of students blushing their way through university with such a tool.”
“A year in AI time is multiple decades of regular technology progress, so we’ll have to wait and see.”

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