Clues you may be involved in the Super Soldier or Secret Space Program

“Clues you may be involved in the Super Soldier or Secret Space Program”
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I had asked what questions you had! This question came up a few times, so I thought I’d address it. Join me as we talk about possible clues in your 3D life showing you that you may be or have been involved in the Super Soldier Program and/or The Secret Space Program.”
“The way it was explained to me is you have to be able to read the coordinates of like where you’re jumping off
um in order for it to work and everything’s gonna be set up properly and it can be kind of dangerous so uh there
is that and then also there is um different timelines..I don’t want to say timelines, different mission years for missions, okay, so you can either do like let’s just say you have to go to a meeting they’ll take you out of your body or they’ll even open a portal right next to your bed, I’ve had that happen before where they just whisk you out and they’ll just regress you and put you and put you back in the 3d right before they took you out, so your 3d body is actually gone um
other than that uh they will do the astral they’ll hook you up with the astral and they’ll take your astral body and put
you into a body put your spirit into the body on the fourth
dimension, so, what was the question, are there
different types of jumpers? Yes I’m sure there are different types of jumper, I would have to talk to my other friends but i’m sure there are i’m sure there are um okay so you can be gone either your physical body or your it’s not it’s not really your soul it’s your spirit that would be put into another person and so you can be gone for a total of
like one day up to like five years 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 25 years, I think it was 50 years was like the tops like you cannot the problem is not you going to a place
like let’s say I was on this mission and I couldn’t
find this guy, right, so I jumped back to whatever time period and i had to live there for like 45 years before i could find this guy and get all the technology hooked up and
jump back, the problem with that is that when they
regress you, they usually have a clone ready, so when you come back, your spirit can be put back in that clone which then can be put back in your bed, so it’s not like you’ve
aged at all, if there is not a clone ready
they have to regress you which they can do they also can do, but they can only regress you so much so like your
outside may look young but your inside is very old um and let me tell you a little story about this: I went to the doctor
to the emergency room one night i thought i was having appendicitis they thought i was having appendicitis i
was all hooked up and then at the last minute one of the doctors was like let’s get her a cat scan or whatever an mri
make sure like we’re at before we open her up and whatever so
I come back and we’re waiting and it’s taking forever
and they finally come in and they’re like um, we’ve looked over your charts and all your other medical records and like you don’t have an appendicitis or you don’t have an appendix and then we’ve never really seen this before but like your aorta is that of like a 70 or 80 year old, it’s like calcified uh and they’re like do you know do you
know why this could be i mean like i don’t think he would but i’m gonna ask and what are you supposed to say oh yeah i’ve been in the super soldier program and i’ve i’ve had to be
regressed so many times that like my innards are like that of a 70 or 80 year old because i can only be regressed so much..”

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