Luciferase & DNA Tattoos" – 10/11/20
“Luciferase & DNA Tattoos” – 10/11/20″
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“The origin of the idea – it was conceived quote before the
foundation of the world, the architect’s design precedes the
builder’s structure. God had his plan of mankind before
a man was created, seeing that god is infinite,
seeing that god is infinite that plan must
extend to every detail of the vocation of every individual soul, seeing that god is independent of time he must know from the first all future issues and what course will be taken by the free will of each man, seeing that all things are united by successive waves of influence what god does
from the foundation of the world onwards must all have its bearings on the latest development of mankind and must therefore be determined in some measure with respect to god’s idea of humanity, now i’m just gonna again parenthetically,
god’s idea of humanity, what we are faced with right now, in our physical existence, as spiritual beings, we are faced with Satan’s idea of humanity, that’s what we’re confronting.”
“The objects of the idea in our character God’s will
regarding us is our sanctification, he forordains us to be pure and free from all defilement and imperfection, thus we’ve learned that the moral and spiritual state of our
Soul is far more important in the eyes of God than any intellectual gifts or any amount of comfort and happiness.”
“Christ as our savior okay continuing to be thus nearly related to god is to have the highest possible destiny
we said in past livestreams recently that
we are of his kingdom we are part of the royalty
okay in relation to god himself the praise of his glory is thus attained if god seeks his own glory it is because
this is the glory of goodness seen in the welfare of his creatures number three the motives of the idea in god’s sovereign freedom he proposes quote according to the good
pleasure of his will…again parenthetically think about dna
God created our dna, he chose his own idea of our in god’s great love god’s will is always holy and always gracious again parenthetically the opposite god his will is always holy and always gracious think of the opposite of that with respect to satan, satan cannot be anything except the
opposite of god i’ll continue if therefore anything depends solely on his will it is sure to be done in the best
possible way and in the way that brings most good to his creatures instead of fearing god’s free choice we ought to rejoice in it seeing that it always deter is determined
by love, it is love, that leads god to design mankind so
glorious a destiny as was conceived before the foundation
of the world…everything that god does is determined
by his love for us, everything that Satan does is determined
by his hate for us, he hates God’s creation.”
“This stuff…these deep dives, this can be
kind of difficult to deal with so i think it’s great that
we keep some levity here.”
“Lulisa project bioluminescence as a tool for human diagnostics from allergy to Covid19”
“That these are the technologies developed and combined and delivered by a micro needle array patch system, these needles that barely break the skin, deliver a whole host of technologies, not just simply a vaccine, we’ve recently gone through the quantum dots, described as the synthetic
atoms, devoid of a nucleus, but encompassing a shell of electrons that are quantum entangled thus those quantum entangled within the human body that are introduced by these needles are quantum entangled with the quantum computers,
containing quantum entangled electrons in their qubit chipsets that are responsible for the sentient
world simulation virtual reality that Satan is trying to
connect humanity, at the dna level, connect humanity
to his virtual reality counterfeit of God’s analog Reality.”
“Now what they’re targeting are proteins along with identifying them using shrimp luciferase okay
Lulisa is looking at a artificially introduced fluorescent material and the reaction of that material.”
“Blue bioluminescence, a biological tool from the abyss,
now of course shrimp are found in the deeper regions of the ocean, that’s why they’re using that word, but it has a spiritual connotation as does the word luciferase, luciferases are enzymes found in many bioluminescent
marine species dwelling at the surface or in
oceans depth plankton, jellyfish, shrimpor fish,
less frequently luciferases are found in terrestrial species, fireflies, mosquito larvae or mushrooms, new luciferases are regularly discovered and the light they produce in the presence of their substrate the luciferin ranges from blue all the way to red since the wavelength of the photon
emitted can sometimes be tuned by an association
in fluorescent proteins.”
“And the purpose of that tattoo is to number one
identify the person, their actual identity, who they are,
this is what Bill Gates of Hell has said, will be a,
how did he put it, a passport,, an identifier, your papers, your digital identity, your proof of vaccination,
this identifies you as an individual person
who you are it identifies you as a person who has
received the vaccine and obviously it marks you,
hence it is called a tattoo a vaccine tattoo, so the mark of the beast this takes on a very relevant realistic
tangible manifestation through luciferase..”
“the specific paper from India in january this year in which they specifically stated these are the scientists
that those inserts are not naturally occurring, they labeled these inserts as gain of function, genomic sequences
when you get into the september issue of entangled and you
look at the definitions of things like recombinant
dna and hiv being specific in its recombination it’s reformulation when you look at the actions of hiv i’m
going to make this as concise as i can
what hiv does within the covid19 virus is to
make it more virulent it also enhances its ability to mutate
mutagenesis, but even beyond that, the punchline, why the hiv and i’ve said this many times why the four hiv inserts,
because they enhance the ability of messenger rna to produce complementary dna which is what i’m going to right now
i’m going to read to you and by producing a single strand of
complementary dna that then forms into a double helix of dna
the hiv enhances the gain of function enhancement is the enhancement of the ability of the rna to change the host
dna, this is why hiv is so difficult to quote cure
to produce a vaccine against hiv is that it mutates very quickly very easily and it causes genetic changes
to the victim mutagenesis within the cells of the body…
the gain of function of the four hiv inserts in the genomic sequence of covid19 is to enhance covid19s vaccine not the virus itself but the vaccine which is messenger rna-based when it finally comes out..”
“This is why you heard the whole outcry about we need ventilators for these victims of covid19 people were drowning in their own fluids fluids containing
antibodies that were in such large quantities that
they were filling the bases of the lungs they were
filling the liquor sacs which is what happens in hiv thing
happens in hiv and they get pneumonia so yes very much it is a pneumonia presentation and this is why the outcry
for ventilators.”
“if that were the true agenda and we really had a highly virulent covid-19 virus to deal with then I would applaud
that, I would applaud that rna-based vaccine, however that’s not the case, we know that this is, as many people call it, a plandemic, this is nothing more than a seasonal flu which is in the entire family of coronaviruses it’s not just covid-19 there’s sars and there’s mers and many others the common cold falls under the category of a coronavirus but why there this is so insidious where does satan come into this this is for the where does he come out of it yeah this is for the change this is for the changing of a person’s dna so let’s get to that structure one thing.”
“I think it’s already shortened their lifespan because that’s what they want people like the gates of hell bill and melinda that’s exactly what they want is to shorten the lifespan
of human beings so yeah I think melinda, I think
melinda gates’s real name is mel mel mel that’s a joke i’m not getting it bill and melinda gates like michelle obama
michael oh mel oh oh she does have a very masculine look
about her that’s for sure i thought i’d just throw that in there.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 14.10.2020: You should know that HIV is a Pentagon-Bioweapon..that is told and proven often enough.
“so many people now I mean the uptick in people getting tattoos is incredible..”
Conspiracy Revelation: 14.10.2020: Indeed…unbelievable.. They intentionally make themselves filthy..they mark themselves as a certain class that make them similar to the looks of Demons and think that this is something trendy.
“and it’s just to me it’s just so sick, it’s just sick.. but again we’re at 40 000 feet on patch airlines and we’re looking at the big pictures so how does this fit
into the big picture it is as you talked about
tattoos in general increasing in popularity over the years
to an extreme that is and I’m gonna credit if you will satan for this the popularity of it this is predisposing, this is setting people up to culturally accept tattoos -exactly-
that it’s no big deal – and when it comes time to the mark of the beast producing a tattoo and being labeled promoted
as a tattoo that this is your passport that you’ve been vaccinated you have a tattoo that proves now it’s not a visible’s a near infrared photon emitting luciferase quantum dot based tattoo only visible if you have
a filter that filters out all other electromagnetic emissions of photons other than allowing through the filter the near infrared wavelength of photons from the luciferase that filter attached to an iphone with an application downloaded into the phone you’ll be able to identify the person and identify that it is they have received the covid-19 vaccine
and that they are now marked quite literally with the mark of the beast.”

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