US DoD Patent Remote BCI – Brain Computer Interface Patent # 6011991

“US DoD Patent Remote BCI – Brain Computer Interface”
“Patent # 6011991 Explained
US DoD Patent Remote BCI explained.”
“Part 2
PATENT 6011991 Remote Brain Computer Interface – Neural Monitoring (RNM) 01.04.2000
ABSTRACT: A system and method for enabling human beings to communicate by way of their monitored brain activity.
This is artificial telepathy.
The brain activity of an individual is monitored and transmitted to a remote location (e.g. by satellite). At the remote location, the monitored brain activity is compared with pre-recorded normalized brain activity curves, waveforms, or patterns to determine if a match or substantial match is found.
I can see this going to EDGING the human nodes on the network, as well as going to the ABI data being collected – going to thought based activity – for mapping & mastering the Human Domain.
If such a match is found, then the computer at the remote location determines that the individual was attempting to communicate the word, phrase, or thought corresponding to the matched stored normalized signal.
If this technology’s employed in GeoINT you won’t even have the privacy of your own thoughts. Again, I don’t think this technology was funded, developed and patented for government and military use to sit on a shelf somewhere collecting dust.
DESCRIPTION: This invention relates to a system and method for enabling human beings to communicate with one another by monitoring brain activity. In particular, this invention relates to such a system and method where brain activity of a particular individual is monitored and transmitted in a wireless manner (e.g. via satellite) from the location of the individual to a remote location so that the brain activity can be computer analyzed at the remote location thereby enabling the computer and/or individuals at the remote location to determine what the monitored individual was thinking or wishing to communicate.
In certain embodiments this invention relates to the analysis of brain waves or brain activity, and/or to the remote firing of select brain nodes in order to produce a predetermined effect on an individual.
This is remote mind control – MK Ultra directed not necessarily by human handlers, but by a computer system that sits on a GIG in a network centric environment. They can not only monitor your thoughts but they can modify your behavior remotely.
Generally speaking, this invention fulfills the above described needs in the art by providing a method of communicating comprising the steps of:
1. providing a first human being at a first location; This would be the equivalent of your patient zero or target node on the network.
2. providing a computer at a second location that is remote from the first location; This would be the GeoINT A.I. System on the GIG
3. providing a satellite; This would be the ‘space’ component of the domain on the GIG
4. providing at least one sensor (preferably a plurality–e.g. tens, hundreds, or thousands, with each sensor monitoring the firing of one or more brain nodes or synapse type members) on the first human being; This ties into the remote nano sensing devices discussed in the previous GeoINT symposiums and papers.
5. detecting brain activity of the first human-being using the at least one sensor, and transmitting the detected brain activity to the satellite as a signal including brain activity information; Once you’re a human node on a geo spacial intelligence network with a unique BioAPI or network identifier, this is a piece of cake for them.
6. the satellite then sending this signal including the brain activity information to the second location; Or in other words, down to the GIG for processing.
7. a receiver at the second location receiving the signal from the satellite and forwarding the brain activity information in the signal to the computer; I’ve discussed how the HTA tool and the A.I. Programs being developed for Identifying the signal in the noise….this brain mapping technology goes to that aspect of GeoINT.
8. comparing the received brain activity information of the first human being with normalized or averaged brain activity information relating to the first human being from memory; and This goes to mapping individual human nodes for normalcy patterns, from a telepathic ABI standpoint, by way of mapping the human brain activity casting a neural net over humanity.
9. determining whether the first human being was attempting to communicate particular words, phrases or thoughts, based upon the comparing of the received brain activity information to the information from memory. If it can distinguish ‘reminiscing thought’ from present time/space activity communication of words, phrases or thoughts, this technology can, in essence, determine intent – before the action is executed by “the first human being” Can you imagine the massive implications of this technology layered on to the A.I. Core of the GeoINT network system.
In certain embodiments, the invention includes the following step: asking the first human-being a plurality of questions and recording brain activity of the first human-being response, to the plurality of questions in the process of developing said normalized or averaged brain activity information relating to the first human-being stored in the memory. A database in a memory may include, for each of a plurality (e.g. one hundred or thousands) of individuals, a number of prerecorded files each corresponding to a particular thought, attempt to communicate a word, attempt to communicate a phrase or thought, or a mental state.
This goes to the JADE II and GeoINT’s ability to detect and read emotions.
Measured brain activity of a given individual may be compared to files from that database of that individual to determine what the individual is attempting to communicate or what type of mental state the individual is in.
This capability we discussed within the GeoINT context goes to “Answering questions before they’re asked”.
In certain embodiments, the plurality of questions are the same question.
In certain embodiments, the plurality of questions are different questions.
Both of these statements absolutely go to the dichotomy discussed in episode 309 with JB Well on Caravan to Midnight regarding data neutrality and sequence neutrality.
In certain embodiments, the invention includes the step of normalizing or averaging recorded brain activity responsive to a given question or set of questions in developing the normalized or averaged brain activity information relating to the first human being.
It is an object of this invention to enable brain activity of a first human being to be monitored, with the activity being transmitted to a remote location so that individuals and/or a computer at the remote location can determine what the first human being was thinking or intending to communicate. In such a manner, human beings can communicate with one another via monitoring of brain activity, and transmission of the same.
In the grand scope of things, this is not synthetic telepathy for humans to communicate with other humans, this is the ability to read or map brain functions and send that information to a machine for processing and interpretation for an actionable response – by the AI system.
It is another object of this invention to communicate monitored brain activity from one location to another in a wireless manner, such as by IR, RF, or satellite. In other words over the domain of land, air and space.
It is another object of this invention to provide a system capable of identifying particular nodes in an individual’s brain, the firings of which affect characteristics such as appetite, hunger, thirst, communication skills (e.g. which nodes are utilized to communicate certain words such as “yes”, “no”, or phrases such as “I don’t know”, “I’m not sure”, or numbers such as “one”, “two”, “ten”, “one hundred” and the like), thought processes, depression, and the like. When such nodes are identified, they may be specifically monitored by one or more sensors to analyze behavior or communication or words, phrases, or thoughts. In other embodiments, devices mounted to the person (e.g. underneath the scalp) may be energized in a predetermined manner or sequence to remotely cause particular identified brain node(s) to be fired in order to cause a predetermined feeling or reaction in the individual, such as lack of hunger, lack or depression, lack or thirst, lack of aggression, lack of alzheimer’s disease effects, or the like.
The ‘devices mounted to the person’ can be wetware or wearable tech. The remotely transmitted neural stimulation can also trigger the exact opposite of the predetermined feelings and reactions mentioned – – fear, depression, aggression, anxiety. How about pain? That has serious implications stemming from the complete blocking of, or the inducement of this sensation remotely.
Brain node firings are the basis of thought and mind processes of individuals. Certain embodiments of this invention enable such brain firings and behavior to be captured by an external device. It is an object of this invention to utilize a normalization or normalizing curve (or waveform or pattern) based upon monitored brain activity to detect or determine thought processes by the monitored individual. In such a manner, individuals can transmit by satellite what they are thinking or intending to think via their monitored brain activity, without the need to talk or write down information.
Each individual has a distinct pattern of brain node firings or brain activity. Each person is believed to be different in this regard. Thus, a separate brain activity file may be stored in a memory for each individual, and analyzed or compared to received brain activity from the monitored individual in order to determine what that individual is thinking or attempting to communicate.
This also goes to creating a unique bio identifier for each human network node based on their individual, unique brain activity signature. This also goes to cataloging and establishing ‘norms’ based on an individuals brain activity in addition to the mind reading capability identified here.
It is an object of this invention to utilize brain monitoring and transmission of monitored brain activity for lie detection and/or human communication.
In my video reports entitled “GeoINT, Casting a Neural Net on Humanity” and “The History of JADE II: Planetary Conquest By a Global AI Warfare System”…I explained how this AI technology would be able to “read” if a person’s telling the truth or lying by the interpretation of body language, voice intonations and facial expression and make a determination for a course of action.
It is another object of this invention to formulate or build-up a file for each individual based upon patterns recorded in response to that individual answering or responding to numerous predetermined questions with known intended responses. Subsequently, monitored brain activity from that individual may then be compared to information stored corresponding to that individual to determine whether the individual is lying or what the individual is intending to communicate in the monitored brain activity. The higher the level of detail of the file, the higher the level of potential communication by certain embodiments of this invention.
At least one sensor on the scalp or skin in certain embodiments provides signals representative of physiological activity generated in the brain of a monitored individual. A data acquisition device receives the signals representative of the physiological activity generated in the monitored brain, and transforms the signals into a pattern or curve corresponding to the monitored brain activity. This is then transmitted (e.g. by satellite) to a computer located at a remote location, with the monitored brain activity pattern or curve being stored in a memory at the remote location. The computer then causes the received pattern or curve information to be compared with stored brain activity pattern information relating to the monitored individual in order to determine (a) whether the monitored individual is lying in response to a particular question, or (b) what the monitored individual is communicating or attempting to communicate.
They have the capability and now with the GIG in conjunction with GeoINT, to reduce humanity to the sum total of the data collected on each human network node. Not only that, your every activity, transaction, communication and yes, even your inner most personal thoughts will be cataloged and uploaded to a hive based AI system on a network centric GIG.
Another object of this invention is to utilize normalization curves representative of received brain activity patterns from the monitored individual, and to compare the received normalized data with normalized brain activity pattern or curve data stored in memory relating to that individual. The use of normalization curves in one or both of the individual’s file and received brain activity improves reliability, accuracy, and efficiency.
In certain embodiments of this invention, the computer located at the remote location includes a neural network suitably programmed in accordance with known neural network techniques, for the purpose of receiving the monitored brain activity signals, transforming the signals into useful forms, training and testing the neural network to distinguish particular forms and patterns of physiological activity generated in the brain of the monitored individual, and/or comparing the received monitored brain activity information with stored information relating to that individual in order to determine what the individual is attempting to communicate.
Again, this goes to the already know capabilities of the JADE II system and GeoINT and expands on those capabilities using remote command and control aspects of MK Ultra.
This invention further fulfills the above described needs in the art by providing a method of affecting a mental or physiological state of an individual, the method comprising the steps of:
1. providing at least one firing device capable of being energized on an individual; and
2. energizing the firing device to cause the firing device to cause a particular or group of brain nodes to be fired in the individual in order to affect the mental or physiological state of the individual.
Again, The “device” being referred to can be wetware, wearable tech or directed signal transmission in the form of RF, FM, microwave, ELF or electromagnetic.
3. In certain embodiments, the method including the step of providing at least one firing device on or under the scalp of the individual in proximity of the brain of the individual.
4. In certain embodiments, the method including the step of identifying at least one brain node related to the mental or physiological state intended to be affected, targeting the identified brain node, and energizing the firing device or devices to cause the identified node to be fired in order to affect the mental or physiological state of the individual.
This is among other diabolical applications remote behavior modification prior to the perceived behavior being acted out.
5. In certain embodiments, the method is utilized to cause the individual to be one of less hungry, less thirsty, less anxious, and less depressed.
Or, as I previously pointed out, it can be used to cause the exact opposite. To what end is served by making a person or population who are starving ‘not feel hungry’? Or a population in a region with no access to water to feel ‘not thirsty’. The proponents of global dominance, of one world order of Mastering the Human Domain and the technology that will be used to accomplish this agenda are not benevolent. My question is, will this technology be used to euthenise individuals or entire population centric regions? I don’t know the answer and we can all speculate, but one thing’s for sure, this technology has the capability to identify, target and eliminate people on many levels.
6. In certain embodiments, the remote node firing devices are electrically energized and generate electromagnetic waves which cause a plurality of brain nodes to be fired.
One thing we know for certain, we are bio electrical in nature – we are frequency based beings and the disruption, interference or manipulation of these frequencies can have devastating and dire effects on us.
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