Jordan Maxwell – Our Hidden Creators

“Jordan Maxwell – Our Hidden Creators”
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“In the beginning the >>>Gods<<< (Plural) (Elohim) created Heaven and Earth.”
“Mistakes in Translation.”
“There was no man and all the birds of the heavens were fled and all the cities thereof were broken down, so he’s talking
about animals, birds and beautiful cities and they were all broken down, but there was no man and so you big you have to ask the question what are you talking about that there was cities and animals an birds, but there was no man… mankind wasn’t here so..I totally believe that that’s true that millions of years ago this earth was a landing place was a meeting place for what the Hebrews called the Elohim, the gods who came here and had cities and those are I mean that I’ve gotten many different multiple translations from different translations that say basically the same thing.”
“In the Old Testament we’re seeing that there are cities where the Elohim the gods resided now when you hear that there that that the Hebrew religion is the only or the very first monotheistic religion mono of course meaning one the worship of one God in point of fact that’s not true the Hebrew religion is henotheology, henotheistic not monotheistic he No look it up in any religious dictionary you will see that the worship of one God is not monotheistic the word is henotheistic which means picking one God out of out
of a group out of many so in Hebrew theology when you hear that the Jews were the first monotheistic religion, no, not monotheistic. The Hebrews always have many many gods, but they picked one in particular and to worship and that was Yahweh, one in particular, so you could say that they were the worshippers of one God but they picked that one god from many others.”
“so it shows that the Hebrew God is judging among the many gods, he’s just one of them and then the footnote talks
about the Hebrew word Elohim, within the gods within our congregation of the mighty which is the gods the Assembly of
many gods, so the Hebrews merely picked one of the many gods that were available.”
“And then they said the next one says in God the Lord God said Behold man has become as one of us, so now once he’s been remade which is obviously, saying that the gods have
tampered with our DNA they somehow another procreative with us and crossbred with us which is what Zacharia Sitchin and and all these other writers that I have worked with are saying the same thing that the gods have done something with us and changed our DNA and made us look more like they do, so now all they can roam about in around us and we will never know who they are, because they look like us, no, we look
like them and it’s my opinion I think we’ve been run on the earth by these entities who look like us, even in the Quran talks about how we created you O mankind and throughout the Oh Quran talks about the gods, we, who have created you and on the bottom paragraph it goes on to say that it shows how God made Adam in his own image he formed his body from dust just like the potter is able to make pictures from clay so god is is talked about as being the great Potter who molded us.”
“Well, even in the Egyptian religion mankind was pictured
as being designed by a great Potter on the potter’s wheel, implying that the gods created us, we are an experiment, a
test-tube experiment from a higher dimension and so when we talk to Christians and Jews will tell you about God go back and look at the original word God: Elohim, it’s true, correctly translated the gods.”

“So there must have been some kind of a monstrous displacement of of land and water hundreds of thousands of
years ago millions of years ago who knows, but the point is is that these temples are underwater are there and
were built by ancient civilizations, we are not the pinnacle of success on the earth and we are not the smartest, we are
degrading, we are degenerating, we’re not de-evolving, we are devolving, so because the people who built the pyramids and the tombs and all of these artifacts is in Egypt and around the world were far smarter than that will ever be so we are merely seeing the relics of a higher civilization that were
here and now are under the ocean.”
“The Elohim or The Anunnaki that is being talked about now they were the gods who came here from another place in the universe who looked like us and created us and now we look like them and therefore they can now operate in public all around us and you will never know who they really are and so when I see these people who are in charge and power and they’re always in power and they hold absolute sovereign power over the earth I’m beginning to wonder who are these people because obviously they’re not human they don’t care about killing people murdering they don’t care about nothing
but their agenda so I’m saying it’s my belief that we are being manipulated and exploited and ruled by extraterrestrials.”
“so he’s feeding these three men then you find out later on that these three men was actually they were not three ordinary men they come to find out that that’s Abraham standing the three men, one of them is the Creator God the one called Yahweh, Jehovah, the Creator God would twoo accompanying angels, the Bible goes on to say that there were three men who looked like men but there was actually the Almighty Creator with two
accompanying angels and afterwards nothing Genesis 18, but in Genesis 19
those two, if you remember, the story in Genesis 18 that says that two of the men got up and left, but one of them stayed to stay a little
bit longer with Abraham while the other two left and they said the one that styed was the Almighty God, the Creator, the one who has actually created humans.”
“but I am totally convinced for myself that there is such
a thing as reptile alien gods or reptile aliens, not because David Icke says so, because I’m the one that told David Icke
about it when I brought him here back in 1992. Let me finish I brought David Icke to America back in 1992 and I
sat with him and talked with him about the aliens and the reptile aliens and I showed him all my documents on it and he
got interested in and today his famous we’re talking about a subject that I told him about a long time ago, but I believe that there are reptile aliens here, there’s no doubt in my mind about that… like all the other different kinds of aliens are coming here and they’re messing with us it’s
just like a party you know and and when there’s a big party and they have party crashers, gangs come in from other from
other places that come into the party and they’re coming in and say hey these are y’all bunch of young teenagers will
grown men like the like a motorcycle gang and they come in and take over everything and take over the whole party and
destroy everything.”
“There’s no doubt in my mind from all the years that I have been able to talk to people in government and science and astronauts and medical people, in my mind mind,
there’s no doubt in my mind that we have been created we are and we are a test-tube creation, somebody has created
us and whoever that somebody is, looks like us, so they have taken those all those Neanderthals and the ancient hominid
creatures which the world is filled with them, we know ..because we’re finding them everywhere, but they don’t
look like us, so we are a special creation which is why the bible says in genesis the gods said come let us make man in our image, after our likeness, because for being so great is not that great, a bunch of hairy people out there eating each other and living like animals, so let’s take one of the females and procreate with her and see what comes out of a connection between the gods and and the indigenous creatures
here, so I don’t think evolution is the question its intervention is the question not that we evolved but somebody intervened in our natural evolution and came here and crossbred with the indigenous creatures and
created us that’s why one half of human is animalistic other half is angelic, because there is that part like the Apostle Paul said there’s a war in our flesh between the man that we are and the man we want to be, that makes sense because if we were like Neanderthal or cro-magnon man or these ancient hominid creatures, they live by instinct alone, just eat, sex, fight, whatever, but now we are a different creation, we have a part of the sons of God in us, so we can now design beautiful music, build televisions and go to the moon and think about the stars and have theology, philosophies,
.. and the great arts and sciences when all that come from, my god, they were crawling around caves not long ago and we’re walking on the moon with computers, so I’m saying that that´s a part of us is that part that the DNA that they put into the humans a long time ago and were kind of bringing us
along that’s why we call even humans today are called cultures.. that’s a particular culture, a culture is
something on a test tube. I mean that you yeah so we are a culture they have designed us and whoever designed us we look like them and so in the Bible you could say oh what they they look like us no no you look like them they don’t look
like you why because they look like what you look like where they came from they look like what you look like now so they have intervened in your evolution and so therefore there’s
that inside of us is that desire to know wisdom.”
“They are here, they live, they’re here and I am totally convinced that that is the case, we are being ruled by extraterrestrial intelligence, whoever these people
are who are running the earth our highly advanced in science and they’re bringing us along little by little they are mutating the species, they are mutating us, we were used to be back in the 20s just regular people poor people working, now we’re getting sophisticated with computers and Hollywood and we’re moving now into the concept of procreating with
the brain and the computer, going to the moon, it’s a whole different kind of creature is being developed right now, by whom, somebody out there is messing with us and so I’m saying what you need to do is take back your own humanity and
no longer buy into any religious system, no cultural systems, none of this…where the words come from what are these ideas and concepts come from.. I’m not buying into anybody’s religion, they are governments, they are systems of Education, none of it. I don’t buy any of it for a long time I’ve been questioning where do we get our knowledge about
anything, somebody’s manipulating us this is why we have something called politically correct you’ve got to understand you’ve got to go to school and learn what you’re supposed to, so you can get a job and work and fit in with the society. I
don’t want to fit in with Society, there’s nothing about society I want to fit in.”
“the word authority comes from author, so when they say well the authorities there is no authority, my god of my authority, so I don’t give a damn about Authority. I don’t care about government, I have no respect for religion. I got no respect for none of this whole stinking dirty system that
somebody has created above us and manipulating us. I for one want my humanity back, I want to make my own decisions and I don’t care what Hollywood is putting out. I don’t care what’s required in service, in the services of this country. I don’t care about any of this.I want to do my own thinking. I’ll ask the questions and I’ll do my own research and that is very
serious, because now you are thought of as a revolutionary and by god that’s what I am and that’s what I’ve always been and I want to lead a revolution, an intellectual-spiritual renaissance on this earth that causes people to say to
the leaders of this world: no more, we’re not buying it, from here on out we’re going to deal with ourselves we’re leaving you well church we don’t need the church we’ll need the synagogue we don’t need your government and we sure as hell don’t need the US government what we need is to get back ourselves in tune with that divine universal God force that’s out there, because I’m telling you that’s where the power is.”
“No, I don’t think so, I think no, I don’t think so at all. I
don’t think the Queen has much power at all. I think she’s just like anything else, she’s a figurehead, just like Obama,
he doesn’t have any power..she’s a figurehead, just like Obama, he doesn’t have any power..Europe has dominated
the world and so England has manipulated and exploited the races the peoples of the world, the white man has been using
exploitation Commerce to manipulate and exploit the whole human race, so I cannot believe that some young black guy that walks in and he’s gonna take over the old white man’s establishment on the earth, ain’t gonna happen, no, they brought him in for some reason to make him look like a schmuck ..but he is not in control.. the men who are
behind him.. study their Moscow, pure Moscow communism.”
“John Kennedy everybody loved him handsome debonair President United States wealthy and they shot this guy in public and nobody went to jail nobody’s ever going to jail why cuz the powers to be that run this country will kill you.
You think for one minute you’re gonna get out of line and be important in this country they don’t they’ll like you so as a matter of fact the California State has a has a I don’t
know if you know this or not but the Mafia have their own license plates in California, do you know that? Yeah, the Mafia has given their own life in plates by the California state government. I know, because I’ve sat with the mob and talked with them and they have their own license plates.”
“people are hearing you but they’re not listening so as long as people are hearing you then you’re all right but
when people start to listen to you now that’s different, now we’re talking politics and so we will have to take another look at you then I have had federal agents talking to me about what I do I’ve had FBI people talking to me about what I do and I’ve been threatened by federal government so I know what they can do and I respect them because they will
kill you in this country you can be killed if you know something you’re not supposed know, if you’re talking I’m in about subject you’re not supposed to talk about they will kill you now first of all they would prefer just putting you
in jail finding some misplaced comma on your income tax and send you away for 30 Years, but if that is not gonna work and
they’ll just kill you you’ll be killed coming out of a restaurant one night and as some lone gunman and there and all the and everybody will be there sobbing at your funeral and but the real story is they whacked you because you shut your mouth off you’re talking too much you know too much and you’re talking too much so I’m saying that America is in
very serious trouble because the people have not been told what’s going on they haven’t been told how this world works. I will give you I’ll give you some freebies it took me 48 years to learn this well let me tell you some of the secrets that I’ve learned one is that nothing in this world works the way you think it does nothing nothing that you understand about this world works the way you think it does it doesn’t
banks don’t know money there are laws federal laws on the books today that’s saved very specifically banks cannot loan money.”

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