Chemtrails Globalskywatch censored @ FB in July 2020…

Chemtrails Globalskywatch censored @ FB in July 2020…

“Russ Online Content #92184 07/29/2020
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“The Day The Music Died”

“I, and my fellow moderators, spent over a decade (hundreds of thousands of man-hours) building a Facebook group that was deleted by Facebook yesterday. The group had 180,000 members from virtually every country in the world.. The group shared the truth about chemtrails: The intentional spraying of known poisons into the atmosphere.

Link to deleted group:
Update: The group was reinstated 7/29/2020 and is now active.

This toxic dispersal is the most dangerous and devastating attack on life that has ever been launched and is, I believe, the reason for the currently declining human lifespan. In fact, there is sufficient evidence that the death rates induced by this activity are dramatically understated by media and scientists who are owned by the industries profiting from the sickness and death being artificially induced.

I have been a first-hand witness to the spraying because I am one of the small percentage of the population who can taste and smell it. Because of this, I have been able to correlate the presence of these poisons in the air with my own debilitating and life-threatening illnesses. To put it bluntly, every health issue I have (some life-threatening) is caused by these toxic releases reaching our lower atmosphere.

I am emotionally numb. I have watched as other channels on social media platforms have been systematically banned and silenced simply because they told the truth or exposed corruption in government. I have been frustrated by this vast censorship and have attempted to bring it to public attention, but without widespread public outcry, we have made little progress. This vast censorship enables the truly-profound corruption in government and big-business to continue.

Shortly before the covid event, my own company was censored. We were forced (as a result of FDA and FTC pressure) to delete about 200,000 web pages of in-depth, scientific, referenced information about herbs and vitamins. Much of this information showed the powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial activity of inexpensive, easily-available herbs. This information could have saved lives and reduced the fear of this event, but it is now banned thanks to FDA/FTC pressure on companies that produce supplements.

See: FTC and FDA Censor SCIENCE on Herbal Remedies Just Before U.S. Corona Outbreak

I have given hundreds of interviews over the years. Recently I was interviewed by BBC, CNN, and The Atlantic. I shared information about scientists speaking out about chemtrails, thousands of lab tests showing the results of atmospheric spraying, and dozens of other hard evidences of spraying. BBC printed nothing of this information and only mentioned me in one sentence associating me with “the paranoid”. This was no surprise, but I took the interview anyway for this very moment; for the moment when I could use it as further evidence, for you, that big media all works together to conceal corruption and promote lies and fake science. I have watched it happen for the past 25 years. Big media has lied about and concealed the truth about herbal and nutritional supplements. This information could be saving lives today, but is not, simply because the public does not have access to this scientific information because of FDA and FTC censorship.

Finally, I will share one more truth.

Look online for images of the flags of countries. For every country in the world you will find 2 different flags. One flag looks perfectly normal, but the other flag has a golden fringe around it. This golden fringe flag is a mechanism of profound deception that has been perpetrated upon the public of every country of the world. This flag is not a national flag, but rather a corporate flag representing a literal corporation that is governed by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). The UCC is a law system that presides all contracts and commerce. The UCC is the law system that presides in every court room that flies the golden fringe flag. Your local court house will fly your national flag outside while flying the corporate commercial flag in the courtrooms, in the tax offices, and virtually everywhere else. This flag flying in the presence of your business at these places enables your moral national law to be overridden by UCC corporate law which always greatly favors creditors and oppresses the public. This flag and the associated statutory system is what enables the income tax. Income tax was considered fundamentally immoral and therefore did not exist for the majority of U.S. history. Through a long and subversive program of subtle re-education, the public grew to accept income tax. As a result, the corporate entity known as the “United States” that flies the golden fringe flag became much more wealthy than the nation known as the “united States”. With this wealth came growth, regulation, control, and ultimately, vast corruption.

See: The UCC Connection:

This corporate entity with its golden fringe flag is the reason you have no constitutional rights in the courtroom. You have only “benefits and privileges” which are attributes of a commercial (UCC) relationship but have nothing to do with a nation of people. This scheme to fool people into a binding relationship (an implied contract) with a commercial entity (literally a corporation) has been implemented in every nation of the world. You can see many artifacts of this scheme, the most visible being the golden fringe flag. Every nation has such a flag, along with their national flag, because this scheme has been implemented in every nation globally.

In many of the interviews I have done, I have stated that the New World Order is already fully implemented and that we are now in the final stage of empowerment of this one-world government. The final stage is to get the public to fully accept it. I have stated that the motivation that will be used to gain this acceptance is fear. People will never be willing to give up their remaining (perceived) rights unless they are sufficiently afraid of something. The corporate entity (the corporate United States as opposed to the national “united States”) will then offer protection in exchange for your rights. This is the reason you hear newscasts repeat the phrase, “What rights are you willing to give up for your safety?”

This method of conquest and control has been used throughout history, but it has never been as widespread as what we see happening today. Mainstream media is wholly-owned and controlled by the same super-wealthy families (“globalists”) that own and control your public servants, so in effect, they control the entire corporate government through the age-old mechanism of bribes and “gifts”. Notice how politicians become rich during their terms in office. These super-wealthy families, utilizing mainstream media, scare you into giving up your (perceived) rights in exchange for “protection”.

See: 1900 Famous Cartoon Showing Rockefeller Controlling the World:

See: Rockefeller Thanks Mainstream Media for Coverup of New World Order:

To scare you into submission, wealthy globalists ensure the perceived threat is sufficiently frightening. They use several methods to induce this level of public fear. In the current-day example, they implement measures for “public protection” that are ever-present in every aspect of daily life. The public is dissuaded from believing such measures are propaganda simply because the measures are so vastly ubiquitous. Also, they must conceal cheap and readily-available remedies from the public. A scary problem without a solution is much more frightening, so when a solution comes, it is all the more valuable (profitable). Globalists conceal cheap and easily-obtainable solutions so they can offer you their solution, and they profit greatly from it.

See: FTC and FDA Censor SCIENCE on Herbal Remedies Just Before U.S. Corona Outbreak:

In addition to scaring you into accepting their “solution” to their frightening problem, they require you to abandon your rights. This is done to accommodate the requirements of their New World Order. This system is based on hybrid socialism/communism which requires the abandonment of personal rights. Globalists not only profit from the fear-based process of establishing global government, they also gain vast control over the entire world, and by utilizing fear, they accomplish it all with public consent.

Censorship is central to this entire scheme. If the public knew that the threat was being artificially induced or that the solution to the problem was easy, there would not be enough fear to cause people to abandon their rights. Concealing the entire scheme from the public is critical for the scheme to succeed, and so we have vast censorship.

See: Daily Log: Biologic Chemtrails Occurred Precisely with COVID and With Second Wave:

One of the most effective forms of censorship is self censorship. This is achieved through social pressure. The schemers make it unfashionable and ugly to believe that a scheme even exists. They apply socially demeaning labels to those informed of the scheme by calling them paranoid or ignorant. They associate a belief in the scheme with the word “theory” to create the illusion that the scheme is just an idea without sufficient evidence or proof. The result is self-censorship. The person avoids talking about the scheme – or even knowing about the scheme – because they don’t want to be considered paranoid or ignorant in their social circles. This type of social conditioning is present in the vast majority of news and entertainment today. This is no surprise considering that all such media is owned by the same globalists. We have history as our teacher. The methods of controlling and enslaving populations is nothing new. What is new is the technology that enables lies, social pressure, and fake science to blanket the world in seconds.

See: Mainstream Media and Propaganda:

See: Science Journal Editors: 50% of Published Research May Be False:
See Milgram’s Obedience to Authority Experiment:

See: Operation Mockingbird: The CIA Control of the News:

During many interviews, I have stated that the New World Order is already here, that all countries of the world are already conquered and controlled by the globalists. This statement is difficult for some to accept, yet this absolutely must be understood in order to truly comprehend the state of the world. Those who do not understand this will be fundamentally deceived by the globalists’ plan for the world. Your freedom and your very life depend on avoiding the globalists’ deceptive scheme.

This is the key to the entire mystery: Every country flying a golden fringe flag has already been taken over by globalists.

The globalists’ UCC system is fully operational in these countries. The New World Order system is already in place and in power there. The country flying the golden fringe flag has already been economically conquered and is wholly controlled by the same globalist cabal that controls the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank.

So which countries fly the golden fringe flag?
All of them… Every single one.
Yes, this includes China and Russia.

What does this mean? This means that every country in the world is under globalist control. The conquering of the nations of the world had to be accomplished in secret because the public never would have allowed it to occur had they known.

Some are deceived by the idea that nations have conflicts. These conflicts are theater. They are there to convince the public that nations are sovereign and independent. Globalists cannot reveal that all nations actually work closely together towards global government because the public has the power to stop their plan. Until the public actually desires and approves of globalism, the globalists must continue to promote the facade that it doesn’t exist.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 17.9.2020: Exactly… it´s so obvious especially those who know about the Secret Space Programs of the earliest stages, know they all worked always together…The Double Play is over. The Truman-Show will crumble soon.

“Once the public approves of one world government, only then will it appear to be constructed in public view. This construction process will further convince the public that no secret scheme exists.

Global government cannot be accepted by the public until nationalism and patriotism are destroyed. This is the reason you have seen both being demeaned in news and entertainment for decades. Every time you hear “nationalism” (often called “white nationalism”) being demeaned in media, you are watching the globalists’ brainwashing machine at work condemning your freedom and your country.

Global government, which is essentially global socialism/communism, cannot be accepted by the public until the national united States falls. This country which, represents freedom and self-governance to the world, must crumble so the globalists can blame the fall on personal freedom which they generally refer to as “capitalism”. This is all being artificially synthesized in order to demonize your freedom and to make socialism/communism acceptable to the public. This is the reason nationalism and patriotism are incessantly shamed in mainstream media news and entertainment.

The only remaining step globalists must take is to legitimize global government in the public eye. They do this by artificially creating global problems that they claim can only be solved by a supra-national, global government that will have regulatory power over all nations. The problems that are being created include war, pollution, terrorism, pandemics, global warming, and even asteroids. You can see all of this playing out before you right now in globalist-owned mainstream media.

Once you grasp this information, you will see through the globalists’ schemes and will be equipped to make intelligent decisions that will help you preserve your freedom and your very life.

See: The Final Threats That Will Be Used To Implement Global Government

Clinton gave U.S. multi-warhead ICBM missile technology to China during his presidency.

The U.S. and Russia conducted space research together during the “Cold War”.

Countless examples of intimate cooperation between perceived “enemy” nations exists throughout recent history. This cooperation was always omitted by mainstream media while the “threat” of the “enemy” nation was exemplified. Globalist-owned military contractors profit immensely by promoting “threats” from other nations.

It’s Your Move, Hesitate or Die

The national united States was founded upon the premise of purging government corruption, but now it’s up to you. Will you succumb to social pressure and remain censored, or will you stand up, group together and end the corruption? Always remember that schemes against the public are conducted in secret because the public has the power to stop them. If the public did not have this power, there would be no reason for secrecy.

You have 2 choices:

Stand up and make history, or
Sit down and allow the schemers to make history.

As always, the choice is up to you.

If there is one piece of information that I wish for you to take away from this article, it is this:

If you knew what the schemers had in store for you, you would make the right decision without hesitation. …”


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