News Watch 3 with Seven and Ramola D

“News Watch 3 with Seven and Ramola D”
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“but anyway um yeah thank you for the introduction you know um in my course of time i’ve seen so many cases Ramola and
obviously the entertainment industry the crimes within the entertainment industry is flagged up big time we now have
people protesting outside networks in relation to
the trafficking that goes on but there’s different types of traffic, trafficking, there’s electronic trafficking which is also a form of slavery um targeting of individuals is also a form of slavery you know and uh sadly what happens is that people get paid off to either become a troll or perp, people sell you out in order to profit themselves, it’s a very nasty situation and um we need to change the paradigm.”
“if they are not recess receptive and resistant to change it will be that you’ll have to call them out because until we address it within our personal lives we’re gonna
stay stuck in the same old nonsense. so i encourage everybody
look into what the meaning behind the full moon
in pisces look into pisces being ruled by neptune
and how it affects your personal life and start addressing it you know in one way or the other you know i’ve seen so many relationships we’ve had the rise of narcissism ramona there is so many narcissistic people out there who do not have empathy who really don’t care whose life they destroy as long as they get what they want they don’t look back they don’t care if it’s children they don’t care if it’s
adults they don’t care and these are the people who are
keeping humanity on a low vibration these people are energy vampires and we have to start calling these people out so that they look at themselves and start addressing ..yeah..
with that today um hopefully it will resonate with some people and will be able to transition each and every one of us you know nobody’s perfect ramola none of us are perfect in life everybody makes mistakes, but when you perpetually go about your life to destroy the lives of other people
for your benefit , it’s outrageous , it is outrageous i’ve had so much of it ramona because of this catalog of work and my ip.”
“I mean we’re talking about crimes that are horrific ramola
1i’ve gone to court and because of the lockdown
god knows what’s going on but they didn’t answer the case
and as everybody knows my cousin ronnie was poisoned and he was murdered and basically these people know exactly what
happened..I mean i’m one of the best investigators that there are in the world i’m around investigators i don’t even
know what they were thinking it’s like somebody sticking their head in the sand and thinking nobody can see me
it’s absolutely absurd and the mentality of the lot of the people who are this corruption to other people
and climbing upon other people’s back to make themselves
have money etc on the back of other people’s suffering knowing that we have a problem of targeting of individuals
we have a problem of human trafficking we have slave trading going on and these are the paid masters that these people are seeking to get their 30 pieces of silver from.”
“These are people who have actually taken money they’ve taken the 30 pieces of silver from contracting parties who actually
have contracts these are budgeted contracts
you know made with the dod or made with the cia
made with an actual intelligence agency or the dod in your case it’s the mod i guess in in the uk..”
“and gchq and all the intelligence agencies, the state
basically, the state apparatus so yeah absolutely the state apparatus which has all of these agencies which by the way they also operate as independent private agencies that’s how they are incorporated as private agencies but they get money they get money from the federal department federal government and i guess in the uk from the uk government right
they get also the media networks are involved in this this is
the media networks bbc entertainment industry is absolutely corrupt… these people who are planning to murder me and my cousin to get at the money and it’s like this is the mentality of what we’re dealing with in terms of the targeted individual and you’re going to talk a little bit because it’s important for people to know what’s happening to you
i know that you’re going through hell on earth right now
and i have to applaud you ramona because you know you have so many people on your channel you promote people situation you expose people’s situations very few people expose your situation this is what i notice..nobody does… I noticed that people are very afraid to touch that subject with me and to talk about it with me and uh you know nobody’s inviting me for an interview to talk about this the you know perhaps interviews on other subjects.”
“you have to highlight that you’re being abused, as well,
you’re targeted, because you’re, you see, we’re extensions of each one another.”
“Linda Lud: ​They are introducing a New Age a New Darn under the rulership of Satan which is emerging and we as spirit beings in the physical realm we all have a duty to stop such a demonic takeover.”
“this is a remote program…just like actually electronic, it’s an electronic slave trade..”
“absolutely is it is because electronic slave trade that is
happening to many many millions of people all over
the world completely, it’s extremely intrusive, so nobody can
call this surveillance, this is bodily intrusiveness..
this invades your bodily autonomy your bodily sovereignty
nobody has the right to touch your body whether up close or at a distance unless it’s consensual, this is not consensual in any way, these people have no right doing what they’re
doing so and it’s exploitation aspect of this, because obviously there’s money being made, correct, us being literally tortured …potentially people we could be um paying to talk to people privately .. correct..
that’s what’s going on as well and so um i think it’s really important that people also flag this up share this information report on this information we need more channels that are going to bring this to the spotlight in order for
us to change it we really do we do and you know this is
just sort of uh touching the surface skimming the
surface of the horrors over here uh seven because this is just sort of a flicker to let you know that you’re
being surveilled or to send a signal to find out where you are or whatever alright so this is one aspect of what you’re doing they’re using hyperscalar radar now i
don’t know the exact ins and outs of the technicalities of this this is something i need to research a little bit further from the physics end of it but it is certainly a kind of scalar radar which literally can send crawling
signals onto your skin and they are invading private parts okay and they literally do this to me 24 7 to the extent that i have to shield constantly if i do not shield i can’t do a thing i can’t get anything done i can’t even walk from one room to another i have to literally use shielding in my
underwear because they are hitting me in my private parts wow
ramona that’s a form of raping isn’t it
totally it’s sexual molestation that’s what it is
it’s sexual molestation and attack the justice department needs to know this and this is why you know they know it and this is the thing that really gets me because as i look into the documents and i do the research i find out hey for the last 6 to 50 years they’ve been working on non-lethal weapons with the department of defense, the cia isn’t on it they’re all in on it all of these agencies are in on it they’re all so excited about being able to use not only the what they are calling and this is also euphemism what they deliberately chose to keep the horrors of these weapons which are biohacking weapons away from common knowledge.. they chose this term non-lethal weapons these weapons they say won’t
kill you but in actuality they can kill you if they revved up to the right intensity yeah they can kill you they send i have been reporting being hit in the heart for years i’ve been hit in the heart for years you know and i l i wear orgonite at my heart or river stones of my heart i have found out ways to shield that work for me so what ways would you because it’s obviously this is um a widespread international program that is affecting millions of people around the
world how would you suggest that people shield like you say
i always recommend to people what i use and what what what’s worked for me but i can also tell you having spoken to many
people who are targeted each person is being hit with a
different kind of technology literally there are so many different kinds of technologies out now there’s
millimeter wave weapons that they have they have scalar radar weapons they have acousticweapons they have bci
weapons and that’s another part of it…visual images that are sent to their retinas holograms…”
“There is a whole range there’s a dizzying range
of exotic weapons exotic technologies emerging technologies
that have been used on people for the last 20 years in the usa um also in the uk in australia and new zealand all parts of the world..”
“how have they gotten to this point they got to this point by co-opting our neighborhoods they have converted all of our countries into stasi setups … completely our
neighborhoods are taken over our neighbors are absolute snitches, spies, co-opted people, they have consented,
they’ve consented to monitor others they’ve consented to
keep an eye on others in community policing they’ve consented to using little portable weapons and others using their cell phone to track others…”
“so basically it says they now prey on a AI run domestic terrorism covered up as community police
monitoring, neighborhood watch by top Crims in local govs..”
“and a lot of these people run the the tv networks, they’re involved in all kinds of entertainment industry
organizations, when you think it’s a small agency,
it’s these people who are funding it and that’s why
the entertainment industry is being flagged up,
it’s been the source of so much misery in people’s lives
for so long, it’s so good to see that people are now starting to recognize that a majority of the problems
that we’re seeing comes from the entertainment industry
which is in bed with these intelligence agencies and these organizations, black ops organizations involved in human
trafficking and slave trading etc.. you know in order
for us to to transition, these things have to be transmuted into the light, these things have to be brought to the
table so that we can you know clean it up we can’t clean anything up if these things continue now.”

“We have to make it so that it’s not profitable for these people to do this correct by exposing what is going on because basically because a lot sometimes in i’ve had many cases where members of the family in my case it was my friend and my ex-partner my ex-husband he got involved in this abuse against me and my cousin and now my cousin is dead,
nobody wants to answer any questions zipped.”

“with these people you know you’re putting your whole family at risk you’re putting your whole family at rist…
they’ve become part of the mafia that’s what it is they’ve
joined the mafia you know let’s call it for what it is
these guys in the so-called police department so-called justice department can hide this calling it community
police monitoring and neighborhood watch but it’s nothing of that sort, it’s absolute communist mafia behavior.”
“the globalists have locked down all our neighborhoods a long time ago with this electronic concentration camp set up
through co-opting a whole bunch of criminals our own neighbors have become criminals now through co-opting this bunch of people getting their consent to torture their
own neighbors, so when the neighbors participate in
this you know you’re in communist china or communist russia or some communist hellhole, nazi germany ..
this is what they’re trying to take because you see what
most of the people that join this type of thing because it’s cover and it’s all mafia based a lot of them think
you know when nobody’s ever gonna find out you know there’s a hell of a lot of investigators out there.”
“these are people who are deeply materialistic … these people are very fake people…these people are monsters.”
“so the technology should be destroyed because
you cannot argue with divine intervention
divine intelligence is far more powerful…
we’ve got the universe on our side.. we’ve got god on our side yeah yeah the creator this is about creation
and man will always try to play god, man will always try to play god and the reason why it has continued is because they’ve used sciences to keep people absolutely dumbed down,
fluoride, gmos …negatively in a very negative way
yeah to basically dumb people down to from recognizing their own internal power because we’re all part of creation
and when we actually align ourselves to the divine spiritual forces they work in alignment with us they will show you
i mean if you have if you’re in alignment with all that is in creation and somebody wants to harm you you get a dream and you’ll see everything in technicolor I saw everything that these people were doing to me beforehand…”
“and she knows what is going to come for her children
yeah once we you know once we allow this the lives that we’re living the slavery that we’re dealing with now will be a hundred times worse because these are psychopaths these are
people who get pleasure from hurting vulnerable people they get pleasure from it they get pleasure from destroying
other people’s lives..these extremely disturbed dysfunctional
absolutely mentally insane people and that is the power right there that is the government us all united together
standing up and saying hell no not gonna let you torture and abuse us we’re not gonna let you torture and use the further generations we’re not going to allow it and that’s how we do it we come together whether it be on social media, love has to be the new religion, truth has to be the new religion being authentic nobody’s perfect people make mistakes
but you’ve got to be strong enough to be able to stand up
and face yourself…”
“and the longer you delay it the worse it’s gonna be
when it comes at your door because nobody is
escaping karma, karma comes for every single one
of us for good or for bad you know better to be on the side of good karma start sowing the seeds of good karma you
know all those people who are out there who are part of this targeting program who are part of terrorizing us and abusing us be part of the change in the world…
people who have been part of the program who are getting paid you have a massive part to play because you have seen the belly of the beast.”
“They were also out there demanding that the allies sign this peace treaty, because there’s a huge aspect to that and that is the united nations came into being apparently after
that and that is the united nations came into being apparently after the second world war, primarily
germany is the sole enemy, so if germany’s enemy ship is
invalidated then the reason for the united nations
is also invalidated, so it’s kind of huge
.. so it’s kind of a globalist, nationalist versus globalist struggle over there, so those people were also protesting and asking for peace,
so these are some of the big pictures from berlin.”
“my own thinking and my own analysis on the whole weapon issue with with all of them with the entire government is that they’re not going to touch it, they’re not going to touch it to the extent that anybody who’s targeted hopes,
why ? Because these are billion dollar industries and they are multiply linked industries you know they’re sort of
vertically integrated horizontally integrated industries we’re talking about huge industries, these are defense contract industries, security service industries,
they are medical and biotechnology industries, they involve every sector of society, they involve universities,
they involve private contractors, they involve the defense they involve intelligence and they involve the government
and the justice department and the local police, okay, so there’s a lot of quote-unquote stakeholders in this game
and they’re all made there’s a lot of big money it’s like big pharma, it’s a huge pyramid and these people are making big money out of it, you know who has to make the difference
with these weapons it’s as you said common people humanity.”
“people need to be taking their attention to GCHQ and these agencies these places where they’re holding
all this data because none of this would be able to exist without the gchq and they say nsa etc and there’s something called because all of these machines they get very hot
and basically they have to be cooled by water so they are saying that one of the ways that you can deal with it is that you turn off the water because these things will literally
not be able to function because there’s gridlock of
of you know machines back-to-back and they get overheated
and so um one of the solutions is to to demand that the water companies turn it off you know turn the water off and stop facilitating but i think the world needs to turn their attention to also protesting and flagging up these
type of organizations gchq virgin a lot of people
are not recognizing that, virgin, every single intelligence agency is engaging in crime, every single one of them. Virgin in particular who i sued, because as people know i sue 10
corporations and i want virgin have a particular role in
all of this because they’re one of the worst mafia cartels that there is, it’s not just them there’s a whole conglomerate of people which we call sevengate now because it’s part of the case that i won but they’re in control of the nhs so they’re in involved in the nhs they’re in control of the nhs contract and when that organization took over the nhs contract that’s when we started to see
real danger being done to people and I saw the potential for what is happening now back then and we’re talking i’ve been in involved in the the suing of these people and exposing of the crimes that they’re committing against humanity for 17 years and.. what they’ve done to myself and my family.”

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