DARPA Black Project – Nano Domestic Quell

“DARPA Black Project – Nano Domestic Quell”
Conspiracy Revelation: 3.9.2020: ARPA (DARPA), is a subbranch of DOW (DoD) and they are under MJ12 Control. Call them by their real names, Department of War and Pentagon Ultra Fascism and Totalitarism in its end stage, they are offensive criminal NWO gangster institutions and never defensive, they are mafia, without constrains and restrictions, they infiltrate the whole world, without asking for permission. CHEMTRAILING against all HUMAN RIGHTS CONVENTION. Breaking Geneva Convention and All Protection Acts against criminal exotic weapon systems!! MAFIA !!! MAFIA!! MAFIA !!! ONLY MAFIA DOES ILLICIT END-CRIMINAL THINGS LIKE THIS! UNREGULATED UNRESTRICTED CRIMINAL GLOBAL INVASION and tactical Genocide! TELL IT BY THE REAL NAME!!!
These institutions were established by Eisenhower and JFK (Navy-CIA is also heavily involved)…
“Top Secret Documents Released A Few Hours Ago – DARPA Black Project – Nano Domestic Quell_
The following “Top Secret” documents were just released a few hours ago by Dr. Bill Weld. His family’s life is now severely threatened and is requesting that these documents go viral.
I took the liberty to compile the two pages he released tonight Oct. 11 and uploaded them to scribd for easy sharing. He also released a public audio announcement on YouTube at this link here…..http://youtu.be/8C8s9EU-rUM (This was removed by the criminal TPTB, so we have posted below certain videos that will provide the information.)
You can also read his blog post and additional information about these documents at his website located at this link……. http://billhweld.blogspot.com/2013/10/classified-docs-on-nano-domestic-quell.html
You may contact Bill at billhweld@yahoo.com (This, too, was removed. We copied the current info on the page and include it below just in case it also gets removed.)
Released by a high ranking military personnel who is now in the process of leaving the country due to threats on his life, this Top Secret government document from the Department of Defense under DARPA oversight exposes the New World Order agenda to murder the population of the United States.
This is requested to be shared and made viral so as to protect the source and Dr. Weld, who is the public gateway point for this highly classified document.
Two pages were released on October 11, 2013 and more is still to come as soon as it is deemed necessary by Dr. Bill Weld. (Trying alternate searches to locate this info. If you have it or come across it, please send to us.)
Classified docs on “Nano kill-switch program” released by Dr. Bill H. Weld
(“Deletion notice The document ‘Top Secret – DARPA Black Project – Nano Domestic Quell’ has been deleted.”)
My Best,
Rev. Michelle Hopkins
reveals info provided by
Dr. Bill Weld

Source: https://nesaranews.blogspot.com/2015/12/darpa-black-project-nano-domestic-quell.html

“EVIDENCE EMERGES – Force Fed Nanoparticles By NWO!!! RevMichelleHopkins on Omega Man Radio – Part 1
81.501 Aufrufe•21.10.2013”
“RevMichelleHopkinsMann: 76.900 Abonnenten:
“I’m allergic to vaccination adjuvants.” Aren’t YOU???) This is an automatic exemption. Particularly if the allergy involves swelling of the throat…”

“The documentaiotn reveals horrifying government plot this was by dr. weld, bill H weld in the video he describes
classified documents from the CIA naval intelligence and the DoD that he has seen personally and has promised his
source that he would not bring to the public
most of those documents for two weeks after this original video went up to allow his source to finish his retirement and to leave the country because as soon as these documents are published his source believes that if he were to stay in the country he would be killed because at this point they don’t know who his source is but once these documents are published they could very well know who he is but the information was too time-sensitive so he needed to get that video up and I decided to go ahead and mirror it online and add some visuals on my site so that people could hear what’s coming down the down the bin, the documents describe tiny micro cellular sized killing machines called nanites because they have an outer coating that is robust and can handle going through the digestive system until they get to the right place to either burrow into human flesh or attach themselves to human flesh to go where they need to go,,
they’re different from the ones that we already know about in chemtrails, chemtrail nanites we’re familiar with they burrow in the human flesh and they incessantly build poly silicon fibres for the sake of recreating man into cyborgs like creatures and they are a human experiment, just as in the
Holocaust, they were done on the general public without our knowledge or consent. Morgellons as you may well know of which is a dreadful disease of terrible open sores and fibers coming out of the body that doctors refused to give credence to is the result of these nanites that are poured down on us in chemtrails, now the nanites that he’s talking about are made for one simple purpose and they are to burrow into the bloodstream gain entrance to the brain and other areas of
the body in order to attach themselves to that tissue and lay in wait for classified military frequency signal to give them their working orders at which time, they manipulate the brain and other areas of the body to send signals to those other areas of the body to affect what is called a cytokine storm, it’s a sort of immune system feedback loop that is like your immune system on steroids, they cause the body’s immune system to turn against itself and mimic virulent flu-like symptoms that develop into upper respiratory infection, fluid in the lungs, pneumonia and eventually death, the target survival rate for the powers-that-be is 2% they’re saying that they want 99 percent of the populace infected with these things and most of us are already this program began in
1995 but that’s when the program began he put up some documentation.”

“It’s true it’s real it’s in the water it’s in all these other products not only that it’s in vaccines so these vaccines and so forth are laced with it that’s another interesting thing that we’ll talk about well literally we have the science am i
correct to make these little nano machines that can do various tasks is that correct yes and and they’re really
they’re made to order we can make them to order you just go to do the manufacturers.”
“so they take these and they put them into the water supply
thank you drinks…they are medical nano scale devices meaning.. they’re customized with targeted drug
delivery and cell death vehicles carrying large doses of agents, genetic material or programming targeted to
specific cells, now these particular nanites that we’re talking about let me down here these are the revolutionary
kind of nanites that are constructed with a robust smart nano structure and they detect specific cells and identify their location in the body, they can kill the cells or stay right where they are and confirm back having done the job, so
they get this frequency and they get their working orders, they do they’re working orders and then they report back
what they’ve done when they’re finished.. amazing amazing this is insidious…”

“Hey wait a minute, some things are happening, people are getting tumors, people are having other issues with this the environment is being cluttered with, this is a pollution
you’re polluting the environment with this stuff so there’s an impact of these nanoparticles on living cells that’s
urgently needing evaluation, because there are potential hazards relating to human exposures to nanoparticles.”

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