Matt Tracy Psionics

“Matt Tracy Psionics
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Penny Bradley NachtWaffen Pilot
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Matt Tracy and I chat about the various psionic skills we used in space and how we have used them on earth. Some of his came from his Warrior caste adoptive father Jur teaching him to use the abilities that came from his additional DNA, and some from psionics training. I shared about mine and the firewall on mine, and how some things [like teleportation] feel almost within reach. We are both Navigators in Nacht Waffen and have similar skillsets, so it’s almost talking shop.
sleeperx9: vor 46 Minuten: Found this channel thanks to an obscure Len Katsen interview in which he listed some SSP whistle-blowers, and well, it’s delivering big-time. It puts UFOlogy in a new light, provides it a much needed the kick up the rear.
Pryxy: vor 53 Minuten: wanna be friends?”

“I have the other problem i have trouble staying
warm um, (but I overheat too easily), my thyroid and
adrenals don’t work, so i’m on replacement meds and
the dosage still isn’t high enough we’re working on my hormones right now trying to get things stabilized seeing what helps yeah i’ve seen in um i’ve seen in other people’s interviews where there’s a common misconception out
in the public that because we were super soldiers
or secret space assets that we’re supposed to have
perfect bodies here on earth uh the truth of the matter
(my body’s falling apart) the truth of the matter is that when they send us back they send us back pre-programmed to fall apart 20 years later and whatever time frame you left
when you first come back the body you’re back in
is pre-programmed that in 20 years you’re going to have problems well i was taken at age four so at 22 so they had the timing off a little bit i came down with an autoimmune disorder and i’ve basically been sick ever since
and in the groups that i admit that is the common experience
of these veterans is that from the time you first
are taken about approximately 20 years later
you get sick and then you stay sick the rest of your life
and it’s almost like they intend to keep us
hassled disabled unable to come forward and expose them
even if we did remember and most of us don’t remember
um i found i found that the date that you are
sent back like it was 2014 when i was sent back from
my first mission, so a year or two either way of that is your window of opportunity to remember that alter, so um
that was why the NSA chose 2013 for me to be have my memory
activated, because it was the window of opportunity
for that mission so and once they activated one alters
memory, the rest of them keep falling in place.”
“But it activates your psionic abilities
that you can go you can have tremendous abilities
and never know you have them unless they’re activated..”
“All the stuff they did to us they do to their own kids
to activate their psionic abilities and so the cia simply learned it from them.”
“so it’s a very sick and twisted cycle it’s a very sick and twisted cycle.”
“and the cia knew that they had shot us up with
dna that should have made us extremely psychic
and this was the only way they knew how to activate us,
and i still haven’t forgiven them, but at least intellectually i understand why they did it
that if you look at my very first interviews
that was the big question why are these people
torturing little kids well it’s to activate
our psionic abilities.”
“and that’s what you’re stuck with it’s a
subconscious thing where how it manifests
is a defense mechanism to the to the trauma at hand i need to
protect myself from this trauma at this moment how do i best do that that and how your psycho psychic ability
manifests in that moment is to that it just to help you in that situation um but you’re not isolated just to that
that just activates things later on you can learn
once it’s all activated you learn how to re-access that part of the mind that created that ability and then mold it into other things that’s how i learned and picked u
how to teleport short distances um i remember using it in combat how to move faster, i remember using kind of like a remote viewing ability as kind of like a radar, i could see in a complete spherical field field around me in every single
direction, i was completely aware of everything up to a certain point.”
“I have no idea how to get you back in, i have no idea what to do, so i’m just gonna go to bed i went to
bed and as i’m falling asleep there he is at
the foot of my bed you know he’s just the whole time i see
him there he’s just the whole time he’s just standing at the foot of my bed and i realize at some point i realized
uh it’s like an astral version of me copy of me that was trying to get back in and but because i was awake and
fully conscious and not in that in that frequency zone
that he could re-enter there was no re-entering, i learned in that moment, i learned during that experience that there’s
there’s a region that your mental frequency your body’s frequency has to be in for exit and re-entry and
if you break that this copy can’t get back in
and so the memories that this copy is is is generating
do not get um back into your head do not you know there is no transfer of memories until he reenters.”
“a copy of me was still out wandering…”
“Well the thing is is what i’m realizing
is that if you’re not lucid when you’re astral traveling you’re not in full control of all your mental faculties and you don’t remember all of it you have to be fully
lucid, in order to remember and to be in fully control of all your faculties okay if you’re not lucid you it’s almost like being drugged.”
“When i go there it’s a bright bulb and it’s like a liquid light and yeah you can just float in it and it’s like floating in water and it’s warm.”

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