Why is Bill Gates Building So Many Doomsday Bunkers

Why is Bill Gates Building So Many Doomsday Bunkers
“1.525.273 Aufrufe•08.06.2019
Atlas Survival Shelters
241.000 Abonnenten”

“Now we all want to not have it happen in our lifetime,
now I’m 57 years old and I thought I would never see the things that I am now seeing in this country, this America has
fallen apart in the last 10 years, it’s amazing what I’m seeing now I just can’t believe that, my dad would be rolling
over in his grave, so I can only imagine what the next 10 years is gonna be like it’s gonna be sad, but guys the writing’s on the wall if you’re watching this video you need to think realistically, no I don’t want you to live in fear I don’t want I don’t even live in fear I’m probably one of the most prepared Preppers and all of the world not just
America I have redundancy after redundancy after redundancy I have 20 water filtration systems I’ve got pallets of food out in the shop I’ve got pallets of water I’ve got more guns
I can equip a couple platoons with guns and I’m talking a couple guns each I have so much ammunition and it’s like
no one’s probably more prepared than me.”
“the facts you guys probably didn’t know, about 60% of my customers are ladies, yes, a lot of ladies are buying bunkers, okay, they have that mother bear effect.”

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