Whistleblower: NSA Goal Is 'Total Population Control'

Whistleblower: NSA Goal Is ‘Total Population Control’
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“Q: you’ve said that the ultimate goal is total population control, in a democracy that is really scary business.”
“A: It’s actually a totalitarian process that’s been used down through history I mean that’s what totalitarian dictators States, that’s what they want to do they want to
know everything about the population, so they can control it, that was the idea between behind the Soviet Union the East
German Stasi that was their idea and the Gestapo and the SS and down through history many others.”
“Q: Is our stuff more powerful than those agencies you mentioned?”
“A: Yeah, unfortunately it is.”
“That can be monitored in near real-time if that if
necessary otherwise they can capture it collect it store it and then retroactively analyze it so it’s something that it provides the opportunity to monitor everybody in the country in fact most everybody in the world in near real-time throughout the day and that’s that’s really a 1984 on steroids, really.”
“They’re doing it for law enforcement worldwide and actually the main users of this data are in fact FBI and the Drug Enforcement Administration and other law enforcement
agencies in the in the country and they use this data to find criminal activity and then they go arrest people
based on this information and then they have to do a parallel construction which means they use normal policing techniques that they would be expected to use to find evidence that would justify and show probable cause for an arrest then they substitute that for the NSA data in the in the courts, in fact that’s one the things that happened in challenging that process was one of the lawsuits was Amnesty International versus Clapper and that made it to the Supreme Court and
the only way they got rid of that was to basically lie to the supreme court and say that well if anybody had any of this
data used against them in the court of law or anything that the defendant they defendants would be told and that was
simply a lie.”
“by the telecommunications companies so this in effect allows them if they’re interested in stopping anybody getting a
501c3 application in for tax-exempt status for for say someone in the Tea Party or the act occupy group or any
religious group attempting to get 501c3 or tax-exempt status they would look could look into that mapped grafted relationships and see if you’re a part of any organization that they perhaps when a stonewall or slowroll and
prevent from becoming politically active and that’s what’s been going on they’ve had access to this data and one person
was testifying in the the house and judiciary committee i believe it was about some of the questions they were
being asked by the IRS.”
“Q: What kind of megalomaniac would want to do something like this? This is monstrous and these guys I mean where does the mindset come from that devises all this stuff?”
“A: Well that’s what I objected to and why I left NSA early on back in two thousand and one (2001), because I saw this coming, I mean, I had worked the Soviet Union problem for almost 30 years and it was very clear to me that in October of 2001 the NSA and the US government started adopting the procedures and techniques and processes that the Soviet Union and the Stasi and all of the countries behind the Iron Curtain were using so we were we were actually adopting their procedures it was very clear to me that that was what was going.”

“We have not had a dictator in this country for almost since George the third for almost two hundred and forty years (240) , so we’ve been very comfortable over those two hundred forty years at least kind of depending on our government to do the
right thing and that’s what we’ve all been accustomed to them doing that is we trust them and have trusted them for a
long time and so we don’t have that knowledge of what dictators and dictatorial processes are, but if you look at it, the Germans today are the ones who are really upset about this and the reason they’re upset is, because they’ve got living memory of the Stasi and living memory of the SS and Gestapo, so they’re very familiar with these techniques and procedures and that’s why they’re very upset to me I think the only way we can get out of this is to fire everybody in DC, I think that’s the only way to do it, you have to go out and vote you have to get active you can’t stay quiet and let this happen you have to stand up and oppose it.”

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