UN to run out of money by end of month, secretary general warns

“UN to run out of money by end of month, secretary general warns”
Alan Dunwiddie: Their 2nd biggest Funder is the gates foundation. He will make up the difference.
Holly Dyche: LIARS INC.
Conspiracy Revelation: 20.4.2020: Great…The United Nazis False Luci Cult Torture Bastards with their Fake Human Rights… obviously their Human Rights Declarations are ignored when their cult starts to attack for NWO Zionazi Psychopath Billionaires.
Terri Cruz: Parasites.
Mark Porrey: All part of the New World Order agenda 30.
Danny Hall: AWESOME !!!!! Run out of money !!!! Dry up and blow away.
Jig Price: They are bloody useless any way.
Tom Duregger: Hoax is coming to an end!
Ed Buehler: They should be defunded we can use the funds for ourselves. We don’t need another country telling us where our money will be spent. Other than their own pockets.
Michael Voice: Not sure if it will stop them, but it’s a good start.
John Woolcock: Good.
Allan Beer: Good.
Valeria Hill: I’m happy with this old news! They will all go down! Monsters.
Paolo Enrico De Faveri: FINALLY! only criminals.
Lindsay Simpkins Whitmoyer: October 2019.
Kim Jensen-Laevens: Yahooooooo.
Reiana Northover: Gòod fkn job. Fkn life sucking bastards.
Andrés Brillante: But how will they operate their black helicopters then?
Jan Louise Lingle Maston: Withdraw!
Joe Greco: I’m running out of money as well. Who do I need to speak to?
Christer Chris Garpenborg: So is alot of other people in the Lockdown-you helped create this mess by covering Chinas ass so you as an organisation have forfeited your right to exist and represent the people.
Carrie Gentry: We sat here and watched Bauer and his band of luciferians dictate what would go into the UN. We know exactly who you are!
Myron Colson: Worthless Bastards!
Carrie Gentry: Liars!
Chris Harman: Don’t worry the free money printing Federal Reserve will come to the rescue and print them a few million and donate it.
Aram Hovhannisyan: It’s a useless organization anyways. It does nothing to protect people.
Ed Rahn: Let the elite fiance them, that is WHO created the UN and what they do is what the elite want done!
Jeff Viens:_ Bad ass burn the shit down and piss on the ashes
Jim Goodsir: Shut it down.
Christian Holland: The whole UN system needs to be decolonised from corporate greed and Satanists!
Elizabeth Torres: Good, evil institution. Time to get your eviction notice from the US.
Janet Laudet: Old news.
Paul Simon James: Cool. Let it all burn!
Chad Sanders: I hope so and WHO can go get screwed.
Deborah January: USA needs to stop funding ALL globalist groups. Starting with the UN and the WHO and anyone who pose a threat to humanity. The humans creating all this mess and the humans inventing ways to force us to accept human tracking divices are NOT Joe Blow…. regular folks. Most of humanity dont have power or money nor do we have labs nor do we travel to create chaos in other countries. etc. etc.
Raymond Kulick: Close them up and shut them down ! New world order U.N. !
Cricket Murray: Turn the UN building in NY into low rent apartments…out with those who hate us and get diplomatic immunity for their crimes here….
David Jennings: Withdraw and Evict them.
They are adversaries of the United States. And destructive to the entire planet.
William Bosworth: Good, shut it down permanently!!!
Rob Hunter: They might have to stop spraying us!
Wali Ahmed: Let them die…good for mankind if we can get rid of UN..
Jay Hardy: At last, I hope these psychos are in front of a truth commission very soon.
Kevin Thornley: Good, it’s been useless in the past and never stopped wars. It’s a waste of money and controlled by the globalists.
Source: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/un-running-out-money-finance-guterres-secretary-general-united-nations-a9148601.html

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