Webinar on Avoiding Intubation and Initial Ventilation in COVID19

“Webinar on Avoiding Intubation and Initial Ventilation in COVID19″
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“My perspective is the fact that Covid is not a homogeneous disease, now anyone who’s been on the units..knows this already, but I think it’s worth pointing out, because I just find it so strange that this disease is like five separate diseases wrapped into one, so you folks as inpatient Doc’s may not see the mild patients that folks in
the ED are seeing with huge numbers and some of them are not even presenting to the hospital at all , but there this is
definitely a large majority of these patients have mild disease characterized discomfort, anosmia… a lack of
smell seems to be an up-and-coming symptom that is very prevalent and they just feel crappy and either they come or
they don’t and we take those folks out of the in Hospital data, the next group has been the most startling and I
think everyone who’s done any time treating these patients has a story of what’s being called the silent hypoxemic
patient, this is also referred to as the happy hypoxemic patient though that has some pejorative side-effects that using that term so we’ve moved away from that but this the silent hypoxemia is patients with saturations of 70, 60, 50 % on an Spo2 probe who are telling you they feel just fine and they think they could go home.”
“Italian from an Italian group ..Dr. S. you have made a particularly good point in that this is being equated this happy hypoxemia fatal disease of being so similar to all forms of high-altitude sickness and especially it might have
struck startling similarity to high altitude pulmonary edema and the same situation of a remarkable hypoxemia that is fairly easy to ventilate wonderful lung compliance and yet a profound hypoxemia.”

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