Dr Richard Boylan UFOs and the Star Visitors

“Dr Richard Boylan UFOs and the Star Visitors
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“We have a real revolution in human society happening,
kind of underneath us, in a quiet way that soon will not be so quiet.”
“Zecharia Sitchin has popularized the Sumerian lore, the problem I have with what Zecharia Sitchin does in large
scope is, that he takes Sumerian legends and serves them up to the contemporary public and so they were
news dispatches out of the New York Times. I think that he did at least literature and there are considerable distortions in there and human tinkering.. we could even say the same thing about the Bible and other ancient books..the original heart of the message that Star visitors came down and gave the people in the what we now call Iraq the Mesopotamian valley fast-forward on culture that part is certainly correct and it’s not exclusive to Mesopotamia either, our visitors elsewhere in the world came down and gave the Mayan and Aztec cultures a fast forward and in Africa the Dogon and so forth…Well, the Annunaki is merely a Sumerian term for people from the sky came down
to Earth.”
“And the star visitors didn’t come down just
with tough dudes and do a little genetic upgrading they also came down from time to time and sent some of their wisest
teachers among us and and try to help people move ahead culturally and – and in terms of Education and understanding things..”
“The galaxy, in other words an assemblage, an organization of
inhabited planets of high development that enjoy relating to each other and trading cultural tips and learning
from each other and… living in harmony, that is our future, that is our children’s in our grandchildren’s future
when they when the kids of today come of age I am confident absolutely positively when our grandkids of today come of age
that’s going to be their world. Their world will be the galaxy they will regularly experience seeing themselves
or their friends or somebody they know get on ships and go out into space and visit other civilizations and having
some of those folks come and visit us on a come and go basis …the territory, the cultural horizons of the human race will no longer be earth that will be the galaxy.”
“I mean Entities that come from other star systems have you had and you haven’t had any encounter of entities that have come that are like warlord gods, if you will, or have a negative interest in affecting that this planet because I get the impression that there are entities that are
negative that have affected this planet and there are entities that are positive and it’s like they’re vying for our attention.”
“That’s what the Cabal would have you believe that’s one of their major propaganda lines, their propaganda
line goes like this: There are no such thing as UFOs, well, if you don’t believe that lie then, okay, you got us, there
are UFOs..but they are full of evil mean and invaders and if people have problem with that then they go to the third level which is: well, okay, you got us: There are some good guys out there and some bad guys but you better watch out for the bad guys. Again that is false..in a practical sense and what I mean by that is this star nations maintains a protective cordon around Earth and does not allow any advanced civilizations any spacefaring civilizations from other star system to come here unless they are spiritually advanced enough to have our good interest at heart they have to be
members of star nations and the threshold for that is spiritually-morally advanced civilizations. Well,
we’re not to see any star visitors come here with ray guns or other menacing intentions that just are not going to be allowed and as to the question of my personal experience level: Once, several years ago, the Cabal who are who have a stable of darkside magicians and psychics and in their employment and these folks are quite adept at the evil that they do and one of the tricks they do on very special occasions is try to summon up a lesser evolved, dark-hearted energy from out in space to come here to torment
somebody and they did that several years ago, in a place I was and this lower level being, it was not what I
would call a fully developed intelligent person, like you or me or the Zetas or the mantis folks or whatever, but a kind
of lowlife, lower level evolved being and very aggressive and the cabal’s intention was that when this being got close enough to me he would gobble me up at least at an energetic level and drain me of life force, but I was at the time
with three other starseeds and we decided to intercept we had a little pre prior information from the helpful Zetas
that this ambush was set up and so when we got to the spot we decided to kill him with kindness, if you will, not
literally kill.. but well them with love and so we set ourselves in a four directions array and just bombarded love
and mental good-hearted outreach to this being and tell him that he was fooled, he was sent here by the Cabal of it they
told him he’d have a free high-energy meal and that he was really just a flunky to do their dirty work that they didn’t have the guts to do themselves and that this was pointless
and then we got even deeper into his soul in mind and pointed out to him that.. what running around mucking things up and being an aggressive lowlife is not really respecting that
spark of source or God that is embedded in every person including lesser evolved one and that if he really wanted to
resonate with that spark of source or God within him he would recognize that his behavior was out of line and then we
kind of called on him to reach for his highest investment inner potential and that how much more fun and rewarding
that that would be if he were to do that and we kept bombarding with this and eventually he backed off a little bit and indicated he was open to this new path and you know was the Cabal so he had no good deal for him and basically at ricktum coming here he wasn’t going to get at me I was very
well shielded I like that I talk to that lady about it believe me I use super duper shielding when I’m in these
situations yeah it’s really wasn’t going to get anything and he might as well instead listen to what we had to say and
and try something new that would be much more agreeable with his own inner highest potential and after he decided that it’s a path he wanted to try then the Ztea came along and took him with them off to the side to help him learn a
little bit more about how to make some advancement along the path of spiritual growth and moral growth and we heard
later on, sometime later that he was making good progress and so I guess we have to chalk up one for the good side, it is very interesting that is astounding.”
“So we have to be aware that that kind of psychological
warfare is going on all the time, because these guys want to rule the world with the stolen technology they got from
crashed saucers and they are not about to give up their monopoly and they’re going to spend huge billions of dollars on having.. everybody who gets even close to this truth chasing their tails with this kind of stuff.. human.. and this explains why there’s a missing link
that all those upright rambling shambling .. low brow Ridge type hoax that used to walk around dragging their knuckles on the ground are no longer among us and have been replaced by Homo sapiens and the star visitors allowed this experiment to go on about 175,000 years and they saw that humans you know develop culture and roamed around and spread across the lands but it still retained an awful lot of the animal side aggressiveness and territoriality and and dominance kind of
way of conducting themselves and so they came back the star visitors did and took some of the reproductive material from
homo sapiens and gene-spliced similar of their genes in and the resulting product was homo sapiens sapiens, modern
human and again they gave this about 175,000 years to run as and see how this model uh turned out.”

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