Dr. Richard Boylan • Interview Part 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 & 6

“Dr. Richard Boylan • Interview Part 1”
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“Many people know they are different, they feel different,.. they know they have unusual abilities that nobody talks about in the newspapers or television.”
“Really astounding…Middle Young Mature Adults 30 to 45, about 45% of them are Starseed Adults, so that´s a fact 30 years..The Young Adults the 19-29 crowd 2/3 of those are Starseeds. You get down to the Teenagers 8 out of 10 are Starseeds… Kids to 12 years of age 98% of them are Starseeds…The higher percentage are being born as starseeds…back in the 50s..and even before then..isolated individuals..Einstein was one and Tesla…late 18 hundreds..but the real wave is in the last few decades.”
“They talk about a primary mission objective to Earth to save Earth…the Plants, the Animals, the Fish, the birds, but very centrally the Humans..as ..conscious intelligents beings, they hate to see an intelligent species blow itself up or destroys its ability to survive on a Planet. Their focus is on trying to turn around this mad caprice..between environmental degradation, violence, wars, weapons of mass destruction and new world order kind of repression, manipulating conflicts everywhere to maintain dominance.
They want us to reach our highest best potential…A place where humans live in peace and harmony with the earth and with each other and operate in a more family-like way instead of at each others throat, in a competitive-materialistic dominance paradigm that we find ourselves in currently..the incarnation incoming wave as volunteers ..live a lifetime, as a human.. and in terms of doing the genetic upgrade works…the heavy lifters in terms of the workforce are primarily the Zeta folks… who are doing the intensive labor…who make the contacts and the gene-splicing.”

“Karma Friendly: vor 6 Stunden: Hello Dr. Boylan! I am a Targeted Individual since 2001. I thought I was a Target by my Psychopathic X but figured he was just a handler! Maybe I saw a ULO (Unidentified Landed Object) for 3 hours in front of me..! Maybe but it was only after reading your story about star kids I realized why I am being targeted..!
While I was intentionally isolated and then forcefully made to be in a relationship with my Ex who turned out to be a “Controller/Handler” and surely I left him in spite of all the threats he made to kill me and I moved to USA and still same isolation and ridicule/hatred/threats continued but at the same time my “behavior modification” BS started by this Ex in India which led me to my chicken pox (almost like acid attack), trying to burn me alive over a matter of 25 Rs, took away my school friend and started spreading rumors about me in India and also continued in USA.
Then he continously kept sending boys to Fakely Propose me to test me and I denied all of them as I could tell how fake they were and he crossed his limit when he sent 1 person to almost rape me and I still denied and was saved. Now this man continued his behavior modification thing just in my 1st month being in USA by playing street theater and humiliating me.
He would humiliate me over wearing jeans by having strange girls come to my hostel in India to take away me jeans when I was in my periods by telling me one of them was in period and needed to change. After 20 years now Iam married and still they had 2 white ladies stand facing their bums towards me as I was pulling out my car from my driveway and they were wearing jeans. So this is how they do street theater to tell me not to wear jeans. Not to cook this and to cook that, how to cook, how to talk, how to behave in my own house calling me all sort of names from witch, to devil, evil, monster, pedophile, sexual predator,
Showing shoes/boots, or sending video photos anything to dictate me. If I go upstairs to look for a shower curtain when my in laws were here, my Father in law was upstairs but he was taking shower. I had to look for a curtain in media room and another guest room. I did that came down and while we were having lunch they had his employee sat his motel call him Andy tell him that his friend running another motel was charged with sexual harrasment by his customer and at the same time they had “spectrum” van passed by my house and I could see easily as my seat faces that window. They have used spectrum van to give me this kind of messages. So yes I had no such thing in my mind ever but they try to feed it in me like tying to shame me for every little thing I do in my private life and extremely mentally torture me.
This is just street theater, but they have done Black Magic laying insects around me house not random but in dictating fashion. Then they use DEWs to twitch my muscle, to give me double vision, take out my eyelashes, electrocute my head, give me burning sensations on hands and feet, give me cuts on my hands, implanted thoughts, dreams/sexual/orgasm/ used my own family member the down level they have gone to is unimaginable. They have used cop, fire trucks, ambulance, helicopters harassment for dictation.
But then they used not only to dictate and ruin me mentally and physically but to program me with an old person Ex FBI Agent Geral Sosbee as of he is mad about me and They want me to marry him. Their torture/programming was so intense, They forced me to initiate a communication. It was only when Geral Sosbee said resist and desist any further communication. He knows he is caught when I exposed his fake TI label and his involvement in Gangstalking and torture campaign. Now they try to synchronize almost my daily stuff with street theater or by sending me videos/pics on whatsapp, Facebook, YouTube or maybe just news channel.
So anyways I had heard a lot about TIs being chosen ones like God’s kids and these people consider us as threats to them in future. I never believed it. But I was stunned at what I read on your website. http://www.drboylan.com/whitehatsvscabal.html
I had also heard that these people stop only when we convert and join them. Last year they gave me lot of indirect messages to join them. But it was always up in the air. So why these people have to alienate someone for 20 years and fear us? There are so many people yogis and astrologers with these psychic powers. Why not alienate them, why not spread rumors about them in public, why not label them sexual predators/pedophile? Why not torture them? And if CIA/Military wants to use these special powers then why not just bring them over and use them for remote viewing?
Why someone needs Billions of dollars after 1 TI to non stop monitor them, dictate them, ruin them??
How do you suggest start kids/seeds should fights these Evil Monsters??
What are the options for TIs??
Please shed some light on this.”

“Richard Boylan – Secret Meetings With Star Nations Part 1
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“Where neutral particle beam weapon beam comes up from
the earth towards the star visitor craft is hovering at the edge of atmosphere and it makes a radical right turn at the
last moment ..a lot of people have seen that..
that’s just documentation that the deal was violated and that they’ve continued to fire on them there of course have
been various reports of downed UFOs since the 60s and those were no accidents, it was deliberate shootings,
because these Cabal type folks want to grab these vehicles and tear them apart and back engineer it and find out what
makes them tick and and take that technology and reproduce it, so that they can have advanced weapon systems to rule
the world with they’ve continued to ambush and kidnap and interrogate and torture star beings when they capture
them from shot down craft or in some cases using energy signature detection, intercept them on the ground on the way
to interact with a human. They’ve misuse defiant flight altitude restrictions on star nations craft to continue the UFO cover-up for decades and because the UFOs were generally
required to fly very high in the sky, the government has said: wWll, all you saw up there was ice crystals or inversion layers … the technology and science information that the star nation shared was appropriated by a cabal scientist and taken to their labs and re-engineered into things like psychotronic mind influencing weapons, using some of the advanced physics and energy information to create scalar energy artificial earthquake devices.”

“What the four governments came to understand is that the star nations are very strictly ethically bound by the
eleven universal laws and the eleven spiritual laws
of the cosmos and these principles do not allow them to be anything but truthful and honorable and when they
give their word they follow it through
and you’re not going to get down in the gutter and play at the level of the cabal… because that’s a level the cabal is
playing at and so there was a kind of a mismatch ethically between the one side and the other in this. They went on to do things like misusing the genetic samples that these various tarnation races had to give them to do gene splicing and cloning of hybrid-human super soldier clones what my friend Dr. Michael Wolfe before his death told me about that he was in that project for a while before he figured out what the army was really trying to do .. “it really plagued him didn’t it once he found out” well yeah when
people see that that recent movie out about cloned super soldiers that’s Hollywood imitating reality.”

“Richard Boylan Secret Meetings With Star Nations Part 2
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Dr. Richard Boylan discusses the Secret meeting between our leaders and the Star Nations.”
“The primary mission Richard by these star nations of course was what one of being benevolent, they wanted to help
planet Earth by genetically altering and also doing the reincarnation work?”
“Well, that’s part of it, they see earth itself as a living being.. so much sacred being, if you will, in the
kind of Native American consciousness way, as a precious life form, that cannot ethically be ignored or allowed to
become trashed, some of our own scientists like James Lublin are beginning to talk about the same thing: the Gaia theory, that Earth is a conscious web of of living systems that
operates under a high unitary principle and we are just part of that that the star nation certainly share that kind of
consciousness and therefore.. in their view a planet is a terrible thing to waste and didn’t want to see earth
trashed by it’s a allegedly intelligent inhabitants, but beyond that they were concerned about all the other species: plants and animals and upper most humans, because we’re highest in the intelligent and spiritual order..yeah supposed to be.”

“Richard Boylan Secret Meetings With Star Nations Part 3
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“Richard Boylan Secret Meetings With Star Nations Part 4
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“Richard Boylan Secret Meetings With Star Nations Part 5
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“Richard Boylan Secret Meetings With Star Nations Part 6
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“A: Well, I wouldn’t say the most benevolent, all the star nations are well-intentioned. The Zetas are the most frequently encountered, because they’re here doing the most work and … with the genetic upgrading and a lot of the communications work, frankly, there’s some of the heroes of
the star nations they’re coming in under a heavy fire situation and taking great risks to make all these contacts and they’re the one people see the most often. They’re certainly loving and well-intentioned beings, so are the
Reptoids or the praying mantis or the humanoids and others out there, so we can’t say that.. I would pick favorites and in that. They’re all here on a kind of, what shall we say, a Peace Corps kind of Mission to Earth and take pride and a
sense of spiritual advancement and honorable duty and doing so.”
“Q: Do they believe in God?”
“A: Oh, Yes, absolutely, they put it more in terms of source, supreme source, if you will, but..that’s the basis of what these eleven universal laws, eleven spiritual laws are grounded in as part of the truth that source and it’s
unfolding in all of creation that’s the way things are organized principles of free will and freedom of man and a lot of movement and balance of choice and light and karma and all of these are just attributes of the consciousness
of God, if you will, manifesting in the universe in which we find ourselves.”

“Star Knowledge Conference with Dr. Boylan”
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