Military Base Used for Illegal Activities: "Laundering, Trafficking, Murder" with Soldier Davis

“Military Base Used for Illegal Activities: “Laundering, Trafficking, Murder” with Soldier Davis”
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“Military whistleblower, Debbie Davis, joins the program to share what she witnessed while serving with the Arizona National Guard at the Arizona Military base. She shares the money laundering that she personally uncovered which led to over $2.7 million being recovered as documented in the following article:…
She also discusses the two unsolved murders that occurred on the base. One while she was serving and the other before she arrived. All of this activity is accompanied by “CIA style tactics” that she witnessed by officers at the base. She shares her meeting at Trump tower with President Trumps secret service where she brings loads of documents as proof of her experience.
After her whistleblowing and discovery of money laundering, she endured serious harassment that continues to this day…”
“”Because they almost are creating PTSD symptoms, “they created it.” I’m not saying you have it, I’m just saying with all the abuse.. and part of it having pushing you out, but.. there’s evidence of stocking and abuse .. you’re a whistleblower on a very very serious situation and they don’t want you talking and there’s evidence to show that they have been abusive towards you and that itself could create PTSD. “they created the the PTSD.. they created a lot of the problems.”
“I’m just saying, it’s very hard to not develop some anxiety if you’re constantly being attacked by the most powerful military in the world and you’re there.. and
nobody’s taking you seriously, so now that you know Trump is taking that seriously… “It feels so much better that I was there that I was supported instead of retaliated.. the first time. “I mean this is a huge crime, a huge crime.””

“Q: Okay, so when John McCain died, did that help you?
A: I fully believe that they had finally gotten enough
evidence on him and I don’t believe that he died of a brain tumor, I believe he was executed for treason and crimes
against humanity and I felt extremely relieved.”
“A lot of them are part of the Masons, it’s my understanding and that’s what somebody else confirmed with me too, that a lot of them are Masons and I and Daniel..has exposed this that the Masons have been very much involved in human trafficking. It’s a secret society and there’s a lot of police that are Masons and so I think that’s who is targeting
me.. it started targeting me in South Dakota and also the the sheriff there who’s a Mason.”

“It’s so.. I mean I have pretty much been in survival mode every day of my life for eight years, so that’s 365 days… I haven’t had one kind of resemblance of a normal life
for eight years. I’ve been in survival mode.
“We’re living in a war right now…taking these people down and you think of yourself as a soldier on this.”
“I believe that God he just had a different plan for me… I
was used as you know to to expose this and gotta use me in a very unique way.. I just feel that, because nobody else really saw what I saw ..why did I see all this stuff and it
turned out to be completely true all of it.”
“There will be an end to this nightmare..the globalist terror that we’re iving through right now there’ll be an end to it.”

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