Rakka / Reptilian Invasion / Starring Sigourney Weaver

Conspiracy Revelation: 6.12.2019: I am surely not promoting this end time dark age world view…but I post this as an example on how the mindset of these Hollywood Freaks is…they want to imprint peoples mind (for negative timelines) to prepare them for their Dark NWO Agenda… Fake Scarcity…Artificial-Degradation-Dystopia instead od Paradise-Plentiness-For-All-Utopia. Promoting Black and White thinking, always mixed with violence, ugliness, slavery, torture, chaos and military weapons. Sick Twisted Minds want to promote a distorted hybrid world of inorganic Cyborg-Flesh, instead of natural, beautiful, organic, peaceful and harmonic structures…
All these Hollywood actors like Weaver and all the others promote a false world narrative by promoting the NWO Agenda and are agents of the Negative World Order, instead of a positive one.
BTW: The movie quality goes down from year to year…step back 20-30 years ago when your brains weren´t full of aluminium and you were still able to do good, organic and decent movies with contentful storylines.
“”Rakka (2017): Short, Horror, Sci-Fi: A tale of a dystopian future where an unknown alien group have colonised the earth and humans struggle to fight back.”
“Rakka / Reptilian Invasion / Starring Sigourney Weaver”
“UFO GLOBE: 66 Abonnenten: Rakka. A short movie about Reptilian Invasion. Starring Sigourney Weave.”

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