“The entire base was underground, because anything that was left outside got destroyed. I don’t know how many levels down it went, I know that where the school was, it was deeper than most because they they obviously wanted their kids protected and safe, we had a cafeteria we had several classrooms for different ages.”
“I know there was a CIA presence there from the time I got there, because Andrew Basiago.. showed up at Ares Prime about the same time like I did, within a couple of years and that he was in a section the same time that I did, within a couple of years and that he was in a section for “very important people”, according to the CIA and that most of those kids had been seen in Chjronovisors to become leaders in either their America or Europe and so they were there to be taught the truth from the CIA perspective about what space was about…So he was outdoors a lot more than I was, maybe the war killed them off.. for food we had, basically you would call them 3d printers, and they used a lot of, I guess the polite term would be recycle products…so it tasted really, really bad, we had repackaged foods.”
“PENNY BRADLEY (interview 5) – THE ARES PRIMA MARS COLONY – 12 Aufrufe•04.12.2019”
In this interview Penny describes the day-to-day life in the German colony on Mars known as Aries Prime (or Ares Prima).
– What kind of food did the colonists eat?
– What were their everyday chores?
– How did the colony procure water?
– What were some of the animals and plants seen around the base?
– How did the regenaration tanks work?
– How did the Internet on Mars operate and how was it build?
– What kind of music could people listen to and where did it come from?
And a lot more!
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Юрий Лир
Hi Penny!
Юрий Лир
Do you know about the common level of health there on Prime Ares? Were there problems with colds or flu, were there cancer problems? How did they solve the problems?
Юрий Лир
Another question: Randy Kramer told us about the super medicine of SSP and ICC with absolutely unimaginable possibilities. Do the “big bosses” of ICC have this all at their disposal here on Earth?”
“This Rebel Alliance exists …it does, it does not include any of the Germans because owned anything and we all had a chip in our head that if we thought about rebelling we would get a serious headache if we kept thinking about it we’d have a seizure and if we really get thinking about it our head
would be blown off and we would wake up in the regeneration tank. Well, the regeneration tanks, they are about three
meters high and two meters across and they’re like a plexiglass poolside and you’re hung from the hook with wires
that go into your spine if you have it..if all they found is your brain they go into what the bottom of whatever tissue
is available and you’re suspended in this green gel while you’re in it you have no physical sensation at all, it’s
like you just you could be completely disembodied as far as you can tell, there is no sensation, no sensory input at
all, and while you’re in there and it’s dark…and it’s
dark and the Plexiglas is blocked out so you can’t see in or out and from the outside there’s a computer about the
size of Apple tablet fits on it and it has a little slot for a blood sample from before they found whatever you whatever’s left of you and so they match you up with your original blood sample and they can set it for an age and a weight, so you stay, women stay between 25 and 29 the whole time they’re back once they get to that age and men stay between 30 and 35, that’s what the Germans consider to be the prettiest for
women and the most efficient for men, so we were ranked by our looks, as well as our abilities, so they tried to keep this a little bit on the plump side – they said it made us more efficient, there were no skinny model types, we were all
we looked more like Russian peasants.”
“The way that Americans does show photos it’s these Russian peasants carrying locks on their heads, this is what they show us of your people. I figured it was an extreme example, but, yeah, we were like farm people the way they kept us was that, we were not fat, we were usually very muscular, but we were not thin either we were sturdy so yeah if we were attacked by a raptor or a Mantid if we were unarmed we’d still be dead, but if we had weapons we could defend ourselves and usually came away the victor, so if we had been
some skinny cute helpless little thing we would have never made it.”
“back in the tank the gel is very important, because it’s made out of black goo,.. the Germans release these from the Mantid Empire, not the same people as the mantids we were
fighting on Mars, those were different race, but they lease them from the Mantid Empire, and it’s, I understand that the
gel is really expensive to replace, so they recycle it as much as they can, every so often they have to clean the bottom of the tank out, because anything that they had inserted in the people or..the poisons from the spider bites..the chips…some people had weapons inserted into their arms, they would have liked from the elbow down would be a gun instead of a hand all of that would come loose and fall to the bottom of the tank, so they’d have to clean that out every so often to get all the stuff out and it could be anything from nanobots, chips, circuitry enhancements, any of that stuff.”
“The water comes from these frozen oceans and when it froze all the salt went to the bottom, so as you chip away at
the ice you’ve got fresh drinking water, but it’s fossil water, once it’s all gone it’s gone, so we’ve been very
protective of it you can’t just go and mine it without permission from my command and that was something, I think
the Draco insisted on, because they tend to protect the resources of the worlds they own, humans don’t do that but
when we do take the water it’s recycled and purified and cleaned and all the stuff we did to it is taken out of it
now you need to know showers and things like that or not with water there with sound you are actually bathed with
sound instead of water you don’t use soap because you can’t dissolve it in sound but it strips all the excess oils
off you should skin and takes off the sweat and the dirt everything, it does an excellent job.”
“Like a hologram that would cloak the Base?”
“No, it was shielding, keeping the sandstorms out,
it was strong enough that it kept out the Raptors.. I don’t remember, I don’t remember the Mantids ever trying it, but
considering they had ships it doesn’t make sense that they didn’t. The Germans and the Mantids and the Raptors from
the Northern Hemisphere all made peace in about 1990.
Earth time, so the ones, the Raptors in the southern hemisphere, as far as I know, are still fighting. There are other whistleblowers who have talked about, the Department of Defense testing weapons on them which I think really sucks, going to another planet and blowing up the locals that’s not good, but what we’ve got on Mars now is the Germans are still there, they moved the Antarctica base to Mars and they’re
calling it Neu Berlin, ok there was a meeting hall after I was an adult, ok, there’s a meeting hall and a podium
at the front and it had a banner coming down and it had a Swastika and on the wall behind it there was a stylized
Eagle and in its claws was a figure of Mars with the rift in it…Some of the Rooms…the three rings that represent
the Black Sun, rooms wouls have it on the wall, usually in a place of honor, because it epresented the central black hole of the galaxy and the lines and circles represented the portal system, that the Builder race had left behind so that’s what the power of the black stone is..”
“They don’t exactly worship anything in the traditional terms, the official stick is that religion it is the class of all hatred and warfare on earth and so they were not encouraging worship of anything ..being religious
was something that we get you into trouble, there were psy abilities that were part of being black sun…
With Black Goo in in…they passed this golden cauldron
around the room and everybody drank from it and if it was your first time you drank a lot of it and you were
immediately changed, the black goo took over, made you lot smarter took away all of your emotions, took away your humanity, so whatever psy abilities you had were enhanced, so you could do things, so I mean you’ve seen Star Wars right Darth Vader would have been one of us. We could do all sort s of thingss and it was there was because of the black goo, it would take whatever abilities you had and enhance them…that was “the faith” of the officer you had all of these
people with no humanity left and they were running the military and then the black goo brought them up to the same IQ level as the Draco and the Mantids and the other ETS we were dealing with and the enlisted men were not even
invited, they were still lately human, so it was a two-tier system.”
“We had a sign where the jumpgate opened up and it
said “Willkommen..” and then after the CIA to their half we added as trip that said welcome to airy run pleasant but yeah there was it was completely in German until the CIA took
over half the rent and then it was the 2 languages..and I was never in the english speaking part…I do know that over time the food printers got better …that would have been you know 1970 at that point it was mostly just documents that had been scanned in and they were mostly in German and a few that were in a relationship with the CIA and I don’t remember
any in Russian…”
“we had actually time traveled we had time traveled gone back and set up these colonies in the past now when you are the navigator, you are stepping into another dimension and we generally call it hyperspace okay it’s the same place that mystics are calling the astral now when you step into hyperspace you are no longer in time or 3d space,
you can step back anywhere you want it just takes a while to get there, so you can go forward in time, you can go backwards in time so if you’re going backwards inside 400 years and picking up these people, so you can start a colony how hard is it to go backwards in time 400 years, to start the colony in another world, it’s just a matter of somebody had to think about it, because somebody had to be the first
person to think well why don’t we try this and I’ll bet you that the first person did it by accident because you
really have to concentrate on what you’re doing to take yourself the ship and I’ll keep all the people out of the
walls we call walls bulkheads. so you have two that work you remember, so you have two that work you remember that um the USS eldridge from the film experience experiment, they ended up in the bulkheads, because there wasn’t a navigator to make sure they didn’t I was the machine by itself cannot do it all, it will just treat everything like it’s an animist uh-huh but you take the sigh ability of the navigator on top of the machine doing it and the navigator can separate the living things from the inorganic things like walls and keep
them apart and the navigator can also set where you’re going and win and at hat point the machinery is supporting the Psy ability of the navigator okay, so they’re a team so while I was doing this I had a chip behind this ear that looked like a blue tooth I don’t I don’t know if you guys have them or not probably, also had a chip here on my forehead it was about that big around and it was star-shaped and that was the link that gave me the visual of a printout I didn’t have a
physical screen in front of me but that ship made my brain think there was small so I anything that was necessary
including am I going to come back into 3d and time and there’s something there all so I could delay it enough Oh
or move it to not hit objects so that was that was what I did that’s after 1990 I was shipped to Nordhafen in the military.”

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