Episode 3: Opening the Five Eyes: Exposing The Methods of the Spies

“Episode 3: Opening the Five Eyes: Exposing The Methods of the Spies – a #1vs5i Live Event
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“This Sunday I Spill The Beans On The Spies – 1vs5i Campaign Update #5 with Suzie Dawson – 2019-09-19
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“Suzi 3D’: Courageous Kiwi journalist Suzie Dawson takes us to school on how Western intelligence agencies are controlling every aspect of human society.”
“How the global network controls society?
So there are four key areas underpinning our modern life that, I have assessed, and proven through my study…,
are under attack by the intelligence agencies or which they have total control over. So there is the political sphere,
there is technology, there is the economic sphere, and
Education. These are the four key areas and how they do this … in the political sphere they have controlled it using coercion. They have controlled it using subversion, and they’ve controlled it using infiltration. And in the next slide we’re going to get into that a little deeper. And the technology sphere, they have taken control of innovation, of
development of technology, and of access to technology. In the economic sphere they have through the customers of the intelligence agencies — which we’ve talked about a little bit about in the past — the customers are the ultimately the beneficiaries of the products of the spying, using espionage and slush funds that are outside of the purview of Congress or of oversight committees. That’s how they’ve taken control of the economic sphere. And with education they have two-way reciprocal relationships with key figures right across the educational sphere. They use universities as a recruitment pool, a breeding ground for new agents and new cohorts for the global intelligence apparatus. And also appropriation of
knowledge and information and development from the educational sector. So we’re going to move right into it and start with breaking down their control of politics.
In the political sphere, they, they use international relations as a cover for their activities.”
“So tonight what I’m going to do is something that is long-awaited and which was actually voted on by my viewers and my followers tonight, and that is to look at the ways that the global network has infiltrated and taken control of all of the aspects of our Western societies.”
“Diana Pythia: ​Seems the interference in sharing of TI info is being amplified, so to speak this week.
Hope K: ​entertainment.
Lady Zaga: ​the intercept published all this in 2014.
Rise Pdx: ​yeah intercept has been infiltrated now too
Tanya Myers: ​They poisoned me with nerve agents via forced injections.
tuber00009: ​This stream is gold.
Lady Zaga: ​it is a crime against humanity ..no doubt ….
tj antipas: ​powerfools have no mana at all.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 11.11.2019: That is true TJ A. They have to be Vampires, because they are cut off from source or have no Divine Soul.
“We have, how many cell phones in this world? We have
hundreds of millions. If not billions.
And how many operating systems are they running? I
mean, we have nearly the entire planet is on two operating systems, two mobile operating systems.
Why do you think that is?
How can it be that on a planet the size of ours with as many software developers as we have, that there’s only two major,
really two major operating systems for mobile communications. And it comes back to that same principle.
The intelligence agencies are actively
restricting innovation in the technology space and particularly in mobile–anything related to Internet. They
want to control who is supplying hardware and software services to the consumer markets and it’s easier for them to
control if there are a very small number of corporations that are dominating those markets.
And so it’s in their best interest to prevent people from being able to develop alternatives to that, and that’s something that you see across the tech sector as I’m going to get to now.
So in innovation we all know that the CIA has In-Q-Tel.
They use money. It’s another form of coercion. They will identify projects, developing projects which are of strategic importance to them, and they will fund them.
And in funding them, they’re then able to control the direction of that project they able to control who is or isn’t involved in the advancement of that project, they’re able to control the corporate relationships of that project. And they are able to also, the other side of the coin if you don’t take their money, you don’t work with them, they actually able to effectively destroy any startup that gets in their way, and this is what you see time and time again, is that you get this whole infiltration and subversion
rolled out against anybody who won’t cooperate with allowing their companies or their projects to be controlled by the Intelligence Agency apparatus. We see them
picking and choosing which entrepreneurs will be allowed to be successful. We, in the Western world, we operate under this fallacy, this complete fallacy of a meritocracy.”
“The NSA documents circa 2002 were talking about the advent of Wi-Fi. So the NSA could see and knew already from basically spying on our data that the future of the Internet was going to be Wi-Fi. Eventually everybody would have access to Wi-Fi and they wanted to make sure that they did two things: one, they wanted to control the strategic development of the technology. What this means is they want to control how fast it’s being developed and when it’s going to emerge on the corporate, er, on the consumer market they actually control when we receive access to technology and innovation. And the reason for that, well, is twofold, one: they want themselves to have access to it before anybody else does for their own benefit, and they’re light years ahead of us normal people in terms of the types of technology that they have access to; and secondly, because they want to already have honed that technology, they want to already control it from the architectural level. They already want their backdoors to be established. They already want the ways in which they manipulate and use it to spy on us to be well established long before We’re ever ordering that product and having it delivered in a box to our doorstep. They maintain
themselves, their own technological supremacy, by making sure that they are ten steps ahead of consumers. So they are already interfering in strategic technological development when it’s at concept level. Long before projects are even funded and things start to be built, The NSA has already got their fingers in it, the global network has already got their fingers in it. And they’re Exploiting they’re using and exploiting that technology before any of us ever have access to that technology.”
They actually want us to have sub-grade technology. They want us to have technology that is not as advanced or up-to-date as they themselves possess. And that’s because, I’ve got here, “Widespread uptake and competent use of these tools [of best practice tools] would create a level playing field
that is inherently unattractive to power.”
“Access to technology has always been the great divide between the have’s and have-not’s.””
Protecting monopolies by stifling digital evolution.
Protecting the dynasties. The old boys’ club.
Serving the general public is barely on the radar.
We the general public are at the bottom of the actual access spectrum where technology is concerned.
First comes the military then the military-industrial complex
(These days easier to think of it as the military-commercial complex thanks to the wonders of privatization of functions that were traditionally performed within the realm of government) – Then comes commercial, then comes the American public and select others — then follows the rest of the first world countries in the order in which they are favored by the Americans, and then follows the rest of the world.
” And I’m explaining that this is why projects like the Tor project are initially government-funded and why attacks on them begin at the point at which the technology is, finally filtering through.”
“Who gets technology first?
And the answer to that is:
The military gets it first. They get it first because the global network … in fact I’ll say the military via espionage … the global network is literally spying on innovators around the globe seeing what they’re doing, what they’re going to be doing, working out then prioritizing
what technologies they want to get their hands on first and or developing their own because I should mention that
obviously the military has its own R&D programs as well, but it has a very strong interest in, um, simply stealing the secrets of other nations or other foreign corporations etc etc. So the military has access to technology long before we do. And after the military is what I called the military-industrial complex, so this is where the contractors etc.
are also given access to cutting-edge technology that is not yet available in the commercial space. So I’ll just give a couple of quick examples there, in terms of the military having primary access. In one of the NSA documents, it’s talking about 1990 and it’s talking about how the global network as it existed in 1990, already operated and had access to a multinational, multimedia portal. . So they were sharing videos and picture files between themselves in
1990. Now in 1990 we were using monochrome screens and were lucky if we could use a newsgroup. We didn’t have email and these guys were sharing like video files and photos with each other the way that we were in, what, like ’99, 2000, 2001. And this is what I mean about we’re a decade behind them. And just in terms of the military-industrial complex getting access to technology before any of us do, there are some fantastic WikiLeaks files about that…, so this is an Italian corporation, private hacking corporate mercenary hacking corporation, called the Hacking Team and in
their emails which were leaked to WikiLeaks they had
marketing materials from defense industry weapons manufacturers. And in those emails they were being offered access to hardware and technology which was only available to the military-industrial complex, which was not in the commercial sphere, which you and I could never go and access or buy, but access to it was being extended to corporations and companies like Hacking Team who are like satellite companies or satellite service providers for the military-industrial complex. So that’s yet another example of what I would call Tier Two. So Tier One is like the Military, the top of the food chain. The military is in control this planet and all of our countries, not our governments are in control, it´ the military’s in control.”
“What do they care about 8,000 euros? 8,000 euros to them is like $8.00 to us. So they use money to create a barrier to
restrict their access, access to information about what even is available and it takes you and I reading something like WikiLeaks years and years after the fact to even begin to get an understanding about what these guys have access to and what is out there in this world.”
“Positions at the World Trade Organization were being supported, their applications were being supported by
the Five Eye intelligence agencies who were undertaking espionage on their behalf against candidates from other countries around the world, to try to manipulate the outcome of who was appointed to the World Trade Organization.
So this is, trade is a really, really, really big deal to spies. We also see that they are obsessed with entities like the World Bank, the World Economic Forum, and like I said the World Trade Organisation and others, other global economic forums, are active espionage targets. And actually I just want to make one point really clear: you hear me talking a lot about the NSA and the global network. But understand that the CIA is an NSA customer, the FBI is an NSA customer, as are the domestic intelligence agencies of the partner countries of the global network. So even though you hear me refer to the NSA, the CIA are integrally involved. I’m hearing in the back of my head Bill Binney saying to me last week: “the NSA track them, the CIA whack them.”
That’s not a very nice way to put it, but also the NSA
though he’s accurate, absolutely, the NSA harvests the information, and the CIA act on the information.
So the NSA will spy on the attendees of the World Economic Forum or, and as we know for fact with the UN, but the CIA are the ones who will actually go in and physically infiltrate it. They are the human intelligence. They are the they’re people who actually get in there on the ground, whereas the NSA are the system spies, they’re the ones
compromising the systems.”
“So, some of the NSA customers we know for a fact are the Federal Reserve Bank of America. The Federal Reserve Bank of America is not a government agency. It is a private corporation and it is a customer of the NSA. I’ve talked quite a bit about NSA customers previously, so I’m not going to get into it in too much detail, but the fact that the Federal Reserve is able to request information from the NSA at will, for the benefit of the Federal Reserve, should also
make a laughing stock of Obama and the FBI and other agencies
claims that they don’t spy for economic gain.
The US Department of Treasury is an NSA customer, and each of these NSA customers have their own customers. So for example, we found in the documents that the US Department of Agriculture was a customer of the NSA and could request information from the NSA, but the US Department of Agriculture’s own customers include major agricultural corporations, for example Monsanto, so this is how it’s not just about the agencies who are accessing and benefitting from NSA data or information from the global network.
It’s about the next layer of customers, their customers, the corporations and entities who in profit obtain the information through The NSA customers. We will call them secondary customers, the secondary customers.”
“I think it is almost certain that they are already applying some type of scoring or grading system to citizens in the Five Eye countries and probably beyond, and possibly globally. We haven’t heard about it, we don’t know about it yet, but they have the technology to do it, and it’s highly likely that they have long since implemented that, and when we look at some of the targeting programs, the watch listing
programs, this all ties in together. They are
using credit scoring technologies or social scoring technologies to enhance their targeting techniques, when they are deciding who it is they want to target and how much of a priority that target should be. And I mean, that’s something that should be intensely concerning to all of us.”
“Now if you’ve heard John Kiriakou the CIA torture
whistleblowers speak, you’ll know that he was recruited out of University.
He was recruited by a university professor. If you were here for last week’s episode and You will have seen the CVs of intelligence professionals who were involved in so-called terrorism intelligence programs, and then the next listing on their CV is Professor at whatever university. So you see this revolving door where it’s not just the intelligence agents are running for office. It’s not just that they are
becoming Talking Heads on corporate media, but also they are essentially infiltrating in operating as faculty at major universities and learning institutions.
And you see in particular there are disciplines at,
specific disciplines at universities and that is look just as two examples, linguistics and international relations now it is so universally accepted and known that these disciplines are spy disciplines. This is what it comes down to, that
it’s not something that’s even hidden and when you look through the CVs on IC Watch you see time and time again
linguistics, linguists, linguistics, international relations, international relations, international relations. These are entire learning disciplines that have been basically taken over by spies. International relations are supposed to mean diplomacy. Diplomacy is supposed to prevent war, but what has come down to is that the practices of diplomacy and the discipline of international relations has been effectively taken over and monopolized by people who ultimately require war. They require war to expand the funding and expand their
abilities and they require war, so that they can profit for themselves in their own careers and when they inevitably move into the private sector one way or another.
So diplomacy as being about war is just very Orwellian. It’s very War-is-Peace Linguistics as well.
I should mention that NSA talked about having something around 15,000 employees back in 2004, and I think something like 8- to 10,000 of those were linguistics professionals. Sorry, it’s kind of a similar thing.
If you’re going to learn a foreign language you’re going to become a spy apparently, if you’re going to study diplomacy and international relations, you’re going to become a spy.
It’s just, to me it just makes a mockery. It makes a mockery of the learning institutions, it makes a lot a mockery of the disciplines themselves, and it makes a mockery of
the services that are supposed to be provided
by people who study those things and it also, to be honest gives a dirty name to anyone who just genuinely studies linguistics or international relations, who doesn’t actually want to become a spy or become a part of the war machine.
Right and then there is appropriation of the products or the output of universities and educational facilities.”
“Okay, so that is my basic introduction for you into the
fundaments of the ways that the intelligence agencies are controlling society, which is once again, they are meddling in and controlling the political sphere. They are meddling in and controlling technology at a global level, they are meddling in and controlling and exploiting economics, world and economic systems worldwide, and they are exploiting and controlling education. Now I could easily have added one more layer in there and that would have been the Social Layer because absolutely, they are also infiltrating, sabotaging, exploiting social progress. Their obsession with targeting activist movements is precisely because activist movements have the capacity and potential to create social change and to progress human society in ways that the intelligence agencies don’t want them to progress. And once again, which kind of brings us back to the beginning of this conversation
which is where I talked about how they don’t really care if a left-wing or right-wing Government is in, all they really care about is that their military partnership agreements aren’t affected and their intelligence sharing agreements aren’t affected. In the study of the Fusion Centers we discovered that the intelligence agencies had been
infiltrating and sabotaging both left and right wing social movements. So in particular, in the exact example that we found they had been targeting and infiltrating both pro-choice and pro-life organizations.
So it doesn’t even matter what side of an issue you sit on.
They will monitor and spy on, and target, and destabilize
any group that’s wanting any kind of change, whether it is a
change in one direction or a change in the other direction. And the reason that they do that is because they want to maintain the status quo at all costs. They don’t want change.
They want to maintain the status quo. And why do they want to maintain the status quo? Because they are the status quo.
Because they are in control and they don’t want to lose
an inch of that control one way or the other in either direction. They are acting to maintain their own global supremacy over all of our societies and they subvert every
aspect, every fundamental pillar of human society in order to do so every single day. Okay. Thank you for sitting through that with me.”
“Someone’s saying that when they worked at Georgetown University there was a think tank there with members from Council on Foreign Relations. Council on Foreign Relations is one of those globalist organizations, and when I say globalist, okay, this is I’m not taking a political position.
These intelligence agencies are globalist agencies and it says it all the way through their own documents they want control over every inch of the globe. They want to visibility — these are their own words — they want visibility over every inch of the globe. They want to collect it all, all the information, all the data on the globe. I believe in decentralization, I believe in decentralization for the protection of humans around the world. I do not want there to be one master international intelligence data
scam cabal that’s in control of everything like we have now. And unfortunately, they’re probably like, afraid to guess, probably 85 maybe 90 percent of the way towards that total global domination that they want to hack. And that is just terrible and the Council on Foreign Relations is a
fantastic example of an organization that exists only to maintain that status quo of control over human society worldwide. And if I had my way I would dismantle that organization. Social media and Admins, please—Hi to the people from New Zealand saying hi to me—please.”
“Most of the countries on this planet, most the regimes on this planet. It was the world’s greatest open
mafia scam and entire countries were–if not entire regions–were participating in it and because that it was just known that that’s the way you do business. It’s corruption on an epic scale…”
“These guys, you know, the banking, the finance,
it’s all interrelated interwoven with the intelligence agencies. It’s very difficult to tell whether the intelligence agencies work for the banks, or the banks work for the intelligence agencies. Banks have been set up by intelligence agencies. They’re all one and the same thing. You can’t really pick them apart.”
“Especially with the advent of private security contractors and private intelligence companies. You get saboteur X,
Y or Z in a movement. It actually doesn’t … people get really fixated on the personalities and and on the specific person who is doing the sabotage, but if you get rid of that person which takes like months and in any activist movement to finally get a saboteur out is very very time-consuming to do. The next one just gets put in. You’re back to square one.
There’s always going to be the next Stasi asshole willing to come in and sell? There’s always going to be the next opportunist willing to take the money, you know, and be on the Board of whatever and do whatever evil shit.
But at the end of the day, as far as I can see, none of them can operate without these systems, none of them can operate without a system the intelligence, without the global network. If the global network was literally shut down
the information that they use to maintain their supremacy would be gone and the power would be gone. How many times do we hear information is power, information is power?
Why was WikiLeaks the greatest threat? Because WikiLeaks was
taking the information that was their power and was releasing it to the general public. And the general public were obtaining information and therefore obtaining power that
traditionally had been restricted only to these elites.
And so I really feel like we have got to go after those systems. We can’t just go after a Mickey Mouse A, B or C anymore. We need to go after the systems of control that enable this globalist supremacy to be maintained.
Suzie, do I know anyone who has ever successfully found surveillance equipment that has been placed by some third party in the home, workplace, or vehicle bugs, and cameras. Yes, I do.”
We need to make the intelligence agencies a dirty word. It needs to become painfully embarrassing to admit that you’ve ever worked for an intelligence agency. It needs to become
socially unacceptable to have any affiliation with them, and then we will see some change. Like social stigma is a really like big thing, right? And we can use that to our favor. Rather than them creating social stigmas to break relationships, we should be creating social stigmas around these agencies.
They are facilitating wars every day.
Every single bomb that is dropped is dropped using information from the global network, using the personnel of the global network. So if we don’t like war we can’t like the spies. If we don’t want war we can’t like the systems that facilitate and allow those was to be perpetuated.”

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