Kim Dotcom and The Western Lie Of Meritocracy:

“Kim Dotcom and The Western Lie Of Meritocracy”
“We in the western world we operate under this fallacy, this complete fallacy of a meritocracy. We’re told like anybody can become a millionaire if you have a great idea and
you work really really hard and you have good people around you you can be the next Bill Gates. I’m telling you for a fact that’s bullshit and is a classic example
of that had great ideas and great people and built amazing products that everybody liked and hundreds of millions of people were using and was consuming four percent of global Internet traffic and what happened to Ah, hello, his house was raided by a hundred armed police with helicopters and attack dogs and he’s now been through seven years of litigation and they’re attempting to extrdite him… they’re attempting to extradite him to the Eastern District
Court of Virginia which is the same court the prosecutor John Kiriakou that is trying to extradite and prosecute Julian Assange and that wants to prosecute Edward Snowden, so why is he being prosecuted in the eastern Justice Court of Virginia apparently for copyright infringement, copyright
infringement is a civil offense and not a criminal offense and yet his home is raided, all of his personal belongings are seized, his business has forcibly shut down, the FBI seized his domains and his web sites, all of his customer data was erased from the face of this earth and he has been relentlessly persecuted and smeared in the media, why? Because the meritocracy does not exist, because
was supporting WikiLeaks, took a stand against the intelligence agencies and would not capitulate and allow his business to be run by them and as a result he became a target of them and this is what happens at all levels of technological development. If your project shows any promise or any significance, you will either be bought out or you will be destroyed.”

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