Zeolites contain high levels of lead and aluminum: Health Ranger publishes lab test results…

“Zeolites contain high levels of lead and aluminum: Health Ranger publishes lab test results after being threatened with legal action by manufacturer…Thursday, October 29, 2015.”
(NaturalNews) After publishing a short story yesterday that warned about high lead and aluminum levels in zeolites (while also pointing out the clinical use of zeolites for blocking cesium-137), I awoke today to a stream of legal threats from a zeolite manufacturer who didn’t like what I had to say.
I’m used to this sort of thing by now, of course. Every time I publish a scientific truth that somebody in the natural products industry doesn’t like, they threaten to sue me. This was true with my findings of lead in organic rice protein from China, and it also happened when I exposed a “detox supplement” as being an aluminum-based water flocculent.
The metals composition of zeolites, it seems, has been kept a huge secret in the natural products industry. Even though zeolites are wildly hyped as an almost magical detoxification substance, nobody has dared talk about the toxic elements found in zeolites themselves.
So today I’m publishing the actual ICP-MS laboratory results from several popular zeolite products. They’re printed below.
The good news, as I’ve repeatedly stated, is that zeolites are NOT digested by the human body when consumed in granular form. They pass right through the digestive tract, largely undigested. Eating zeolites in granular form is much like eating sand: you’ll just poop sand sooner or later. My concern is solely with the “micronized” forms of zeolite. During the grinding process, the crystalline structure of the zeolite is pulverized into tiny bits, freeing up quantities of lead and aluminum which may potentially pass through the intestinal walls and be absorbed into the bloodstream. In fact, zeolite manufacturers openly claim that this micronization process is pursued for this exact purpose; to increase absorption of zeolites into the bloodstream.
Logically, then, if you’re absorbing fine zeolite powder into the bloodstream, then how can you not be absorbing lead and aluminum into the bloodstream when zeolites contain such high levels of lead and aluminum?
Zeolite metals lab test results
To me, it is astonishing that with all the claims about zeolites being aggressively pushed across the natural products industry, nobody has bothered to run lab tests on zeolite composition and publicly state what they’ve found.
So here are test results from three zeolite products:
Lab Methodology: Digestion in nitric acid via open cell hot block, sample analysis via ICP-MS instrument Agilent 7700x with expanded external calibration curve to handle the very high range of aluminum. Mid-range calibration checks after every 10 samples, 4-point calibration curve for external standards. Using standard ISTD solution provided by Agilent. (Results rounded to nearest ppm.)
Zeolite product #1: (micronized powder)
Aluminum: > 30,000 ppm. (Yes, that’s not a typo.)
Arsenic: 35 ppm.
Lead: 66 ppm.
Uranium: 6 ppm.
Zeolite product #2: (different source of micronized powder in dietary capsules)
Aluminum: > 30,000 ppm.
Arsenic: 4 ppm.
Lead: 27 ppm.
Uranium: 4 ppm.
Zeolite product #3: (famous brand powder)
Aluminum: > 24,000 ppm.
Arsenic: 5 ppm.
Lead: 27 ppm.
Uranium: 6 ppm.
Note that my own personal limit for a nutritive dietary supplement is 0.25 ppm lead. This means that all these zeolite products contain at least 100X higher lead than my personal limit for nutritive dietary supplement.
If you are eating zeolites, you are eating lead and aluminum
These data reveal why I have concerns about people consuming daily quantities of micronized zeolites. There is no question that people who consume zeolites daily are also consuming high concentrations of aluminum and lead daily. That fact is indisputable. The argument from the zeolite manufacturers is that they claim zeolites result in a net reduction of metals from your body, not a net addition.
But I’ve seen some of these claimed studies myself, and the ones I’ve seen are a total joke. Perhaps there are better studies I haven’t seen, and I’m happy to review them, but given the studies I’ve already seen, it’s clear to me that some people in the zeolite industry will believe whatever they want to believe. I’ve also personally walked one manufacturer of a different detox product through a step by step awakening to the point where they now openly admit to me that their key clinical trial was fraudulent and faked.
Regardless, my point in all this is merely to serve the public interest by revealing the laboratory-validated composition of zeolites. Without question, all zeolites in the marketplace today contain high concentrations of aluminum and lead. That is indisputable.
If anyone has a problem with that, you can threaten me all you want, but that doesn’t change the laws of physics that operate inside my Agilent 7700x ICP-MS instrument. Maybe you should buy your own ICP-MS instrument and test it yourself. You’ll come up with the same results.
I would not consume zeolites on a daily basis
My take in all this is that knowing what I know today, I would never consume zeolites on a daily basis. My knowledge on this has made great strides over the years, and while I did support a liquid zeolite product many years ago, that was long before I built a private lab and became proficient at testing supplements for heavy metals. Now that I have a lab and have nearly two years of experience running thousands of samples with very high accuracy, I would definitely avoid orally consuming any substance with > 10 ppm lead unless it were for some very important emergency reason where I had no other choice.
To all the Natural News readers who are consuming zeolites right now, I encourage you to rethink what you’re swallowing and think critically about what you’ve been told about zeolites by the people selling them. You might also wonder why nobody ever told you zeolites contain very high levels of aluminum and often > 50 ppm of lead, too.
See more laboratory results of heavy metals in pet treats, proteins, ginkgo herbs and more at Labs.NaturalNews.com.
I will not be intimidated and silenced by zeolite manufacturers
Final note: To the manufacturer threatening to sue me, get ready to play hardball. I’ve been threatened by multi-billion dollar corporations, and I stand by my lab results. The moment I receive a threatening letter from your lawyers, I’ll publicly release your brand name and the brand names of all your buyers, alongside lab test results of their products, too. Should you still decide to sue, after you spend $50K and three months putting together your complaint, I’ll move to have your lawsuit dismissed on the basis of scientific free speech, then I’ll countersue you for attempting to intimidate a food research scientist working in the public interest.
News of such a lawsuit will be published everywhere across the ‘net, alongside the test results showing the true zeolite composition as verifiable by any laboratory. The reason I know all this is because any competent lab in America will get nearly the same results I’m getting.
You can’t argue with the laws of physics. And you can’t shut me up my threatening me. By sending me threatening messages, all you really do is motivate me to work even harder to disclose more scientific findings in the public interest. Not only can I afford to defend myself against your pathetic attempts at intimidation and censorship, I also have the scientific truth on my side.”
Source: https://www.naturalnews.com/051761_zeolites_heavy_metals_lab_tests_aluminum.html

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