Zeo and the Heavy & Light Metals….

Conspiracy Revelation: 29.10.2019: Zeo and the Heavy & Light Metals….
“What Happened to Natural News? By: ZEO Health, Ltd.
In light of the recent misinformation and attacks on Zeolite and the products that you have come to rely on over the last 15 years, we felt that it was important that you heard from us. As the pioneers of the Zeolite industry for human consumption and as a responsible company that continually seeks the safest, cleanest mineral, and manufacturing processes, we are continually evaluating and testing our products. We will protect ourselves from these attacks with real science—not conjecture…The Health Ranger and Natural News. In the past, we have seen independent reports and advocacy for the dietary supplement industry, as well as bringing the underhanded and unfair practices of the government to light in how they deal with natural products. Unfortunately and for suspect reasons, there has been a recent and dramatic shifting what both The Health Ranger and the Natural News cover. Both have worked hard to establish the public’s trust and now appear to be using the forum to promote their own best interest. … We know that all “news” should be independent and unbiased. Unfortunately, we already know that mainstream media stopped being independent long ago. Within the past few years, Natural News created their own line of products and now focuses on whatever will help them market those products. Go see for yourself how many products are made by The Health Ranger. You decide…should an entrepreneur be the one who you look to for the “truth”?The Health Ranger recently stated, “The metals composition of zeolites, it seems, has been kept a huge secret in the natural products industry.” THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A SECRET…Zeolite is a volcanic mineral composed of a number of elements, including heavy metals. The Health Ranger also states something else that is true,”
the ZEOLITE COMPOUND DOESN’T BREAK DOWN IN THE BODY; therefore, it doesn’t release any of the elements that make up the compound.The Health Ranger has stated, “There is no question that people who consume zeolites daily are also consuming high concentrations of aluminum and lead daily. That fact is indisputable.” We agree with his statement, but not the assumed conclusion. Yes, Zeolites contain heavy metals (we have already agreed on this) and yes humans are consuming them; HOWEVER, these heavy metals remain trapped in the crystalline structure of the Zeolite, and are NOT released and are NOT bioavailable for absorption as The Health Ranger would suggest without the support of any scientific data showing this to be true. So why is there a statement about the release of Heavy Metals?When discussing how and if heavy metals are released from Zeolite particles, The Health Ranger appears to be comparing apple to oranges. He discusses his “research” at length to show that the elemental breakdown of Zeolite with nitric acid. We can all agree that if the crystalline structure of the Zeolite is destroyed, heavy metals will be released. He then goes on to say something quite different, that he is “solely concerned” with the “micronized” forms of zeolite. Unfortunately, he DOES NOT SEEM TO UNDERSTAND the difference between “micronization” and grinding. During the grinding process, the crystalline structure of the zeolite is pulverized into tiny bits, freeing up quantities of lead and aluminum which may potentially pass through the intestinal walls and be absorbed into the bloodstream. Specifically to avoid this, “micronization” was developed. During this process,particles are collided together to create a smaller particle size with a larger surface area, while MAINTAINING the crystalline structure, thus keeping any heavy metals contained therein. This micronization process does increase absorption of zeolites into the bloodstream; it appears that what The Heath Ranger fails to understand is that the micronized Zeolite particles are absorbed in their intact crystalline structures…not in their elemental components! In other
words, the body is NEVER exposed to any high levels of heavy metals that might be bound Zeolite’s structure, making Zeolite safe for human consumption.”

“The Health Ranger is doing his own research, what are his credentials to do so? Well, we know that he is a great writer, but we have not seen any evidence that he has any education and certification besides being able to buy lab equipment. Just because I can buy a helicopter, doesn’t mean I can fly one! And one must ask, just how does an “independent” reporter afford such equipment? Recently, I reached out to The Health Ranger and informed him that we have just finished the study referred to above that was conducted by a world renowned expert and Ph.D on the bioavailability of heavy metals, who both the state and federal governments use to confirm their data. This researcher is a director of toxicology at a major university in the United States. Instead of welcoming such valuable data, The Heath Ranger IGNORED MY OFFER TO PROVIDE HIM WITH THIS DATA. HE SIMPLY DID NOT RESPOND.In order to stop The Health Ranger from making libelous statements about Zeoliteproducts based on incomplete information, we contacted him to give him notice that we would seek a cease and desist order. His response: “I can afford to fight it in court”! You have to ask yourself, is this is the spirit of The Natural News? Again, where is all this money coming from? From PRODUCT SALES perhaps? If you were to build up a huge audience and the trust of that audience as an “independent and unbiased” reporter and then market your own products, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.
But Natural News is saying that this is breaking news!
I have emails showing that the research that the Health Ranger was doing was in December 2013 using a leaching test to try and predict the bioavailability of heavy metals that were within the Zeolite. If he was so concerned about zeolite and the public’s health, why didn’t he release this info two years ago? We believe that the only reason why this is “breaking news” NOW is because if you look through his content, you see that he is actively and admittedly marketing his own competing product and doesn’t want any other Zeolite product to stand in his way. It is amazing that he takes a very friendly and amicable research relationship and attacks my company without accepting our offer to provide him with valuable, independent, and reliable research that was done within the past few months. No such research by the Health Ranger has been conducted to date. Shouldn’t an unbiased and independent journalist who is seeking the TRUTH welcome such information? Isn’t that what INDEPENDENT AND UNBIASED reporters are supposed to do? Gather all of the information first? Summary:As you can see from the data done by an actual licensed researcher who is sought out by governments for his research from a major university, there is no risk from the lead in Zeolite and actually shows the ability to chelate the lead from the body. This is not the first time Natural News has made a mistake. The Health Ranger apologized to me years ago for writing an article promoting an MLM product, which later turned out to be mostly water after the company was sued by their own distributors and customers. …
It was very important as the owner of a company and the pioneer of zeolite supplementation that we know the safety behind the mineral. We have done multiple toxicology studies over the past 15 years, which showed no negative effects from taking Zeolite. We have virtually no consumer complaints or negative health effects over the past 15 years. Only positive and beneficial results from our customers who thank us every day for the difference it has made in their everyday lives. Who would you rather look to for the facts and science behind zeolite…a pioneer who has spent more than 15 years researching the cleanest and safest source of the mineral, examining the safety and efficacy of mineral and creating the highest quality product in GMP licensed facilities or a journalist who has just turned his attention (though not his undivided attention) to zeolite and a product of his own.We feel sorry for individuals who might fall victim to believing the half-truths and opinions put out on the Internet by a man who we all trusted. Unfortunately, loyal readers of Natural News believe this news source to be unbiased. In reality, it now seems like the readers of Natural News are being fed marketing material and filled with opinions and misinformation, and no valid science. Using opinions and the public’s trust to cause panic should not be tolerated by any of you.”
Source: https://www.zeohealth.com/Natural-News-Zeolite.pdf

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