Underworld Reptilian Caverns That Exist Deep Beneath The Earths Surface

“Underworld Reptilian Caverns That Exist Deep Beneath The Earths Surface”
“Okay, the Brooklands report said two things: first of all that it was bad for a lower civilization, it is devastating for a lower civilization to come in contact with a higher civilization, because eventually things change and it’s not always better, but this was emphasized very heavily in
the report the other one was is that they said that science and industry specifically science and engineering the fields of science and engineering would actually be the most hard, hardest impacted groups out of the entire human society, that means all of these guys that run area 51, all these scientists, all these engineers, they’re afraid they may not have a job, when the ET arrives, okay, they’re being professionally protected, they’re are worried, because like the childhoods end , has anybody read, okay, one person, two people in here, did you guys you know arthur c clarke okay did you know his very first book was about reptilian humanoids coming to earth and claiming this planet is not their own and did you know and the in front of his book he writes down that the ideas presented in this book or not those of the author, I’m just saying, I’m just saying, you know and he worked with RAND Corporation and he had all these other privileged positions to be able to speak to scientists and people in the government.”
“that was a social move that would devastate us economically across the board especially their fields now there’s a lot of other people they’re still gonna go to work because they need
to pay their paychecks but these guys were worried about their jobs not us okay let’s make that real clear we have narcissists running the intelligence communities in the science
and engineering communities at the very top and their
protective professionaly over their own call for their own colleagues so unless they can wrap it it’s almost like saying:
all you smart guys aren’t so smart anymore, we got the really smart guys coming down and they don’t like that, so what would it do to their world of science well it basically turned it
upside down they wouldn’t know where to go next and they’re saying just as the childhoods end the book says that coming
into contact with the higher civilization is not always good because it creates a lull in humanity it makes us kind of depressed because they said that if you’re given all the
technologies and all your questions are suddenly answered the pressures of and evolution as a society stop because all everything’s here what are we all going to do when
they decide that they’re going to tell everybody about extraterrestrial life..they’re afraid of all these questions that we have that drive us forward to progress
ourselves as a society will end and this is the threat that they’ve held over us, so the ramifications for public
disclosure, I’ve been out there for a number of years doing my talks, but darka is the main agency that runs over everything. Did you know in the last since like I think and I’m gonna misquote this I’m gonna rough it something like between 1996 and 2002 DARPA changed its name no more than four to five times , okay, everybody was catching on with the Internet, they were
afraid that if people started thinking: I’m not going to use the internet, because actually it was created by the Defense Department DARPA, they started dropping the D off and just having ARPA and then the next year they added the D back on and then two years later they took the D off, these guys
couldn’t figure out if they wanted to tell the public that ARPA was really.. a defense intelligence agency that would air all their technologies that were made are are the technologies
of being employed in our current space fleets and yes I do say skirt space fleet. so I believe that we have them. run by the Navy and these are the guys that really are the ones that you have to be careful of this also respect, because they hold all the all the keys, so with pressures, let’s talk a little
bit about what happens to you as a speaker, what happens to you when you start coming across novel information that may be posing a threat as far as the government’s concerned to our
society by telling people things they don’t want them to hear and the TV shows would it surprise you to know that a lot
of television shows will have things happen with the men in black and they won’t report it to the public okay.”
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John has wide knowledge of Secret Underground Bases and the advanced tunneling technologies used to create them. He will give us a clear view into the secret government and “alien” underworlds that exist beneath our feet. In this vein, John will tell us about the early history of tunnel building under Los Angeles, and the South Bay, in connection with the aerospace industry. During that time, and thereafter, they moved their most sensitive facilities underground, sometimes under gated communities where the companies housed their scientists. Could the tunnels under LA be extensions of early Chinese tunnels, or part of a network of tunnels that may have been built by the Lizard People of Hopi Legend? Rhodes will tell us what the Hopi say about the Lizard People and the “Ant People,” which are said to appear when the world is about to be cyclically cleansed?
Finally, John will introduce us to the Reptoids 64 key “All is Light” message, which was revealed to a group of humans by alien intelligence. Deciphering the message led Rhodes to explore an ancient and secret numerical sequence–which is found in the game of chess, at the root of many biological forms found in nature and which is deeply embedded in the core of our Digital Age technologies. Did aliens introduce us to this profoundly significant mathematical sequence–and if so, for what purpose?”

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