Experts provide “Scientific Evidence” that Alien mummies found in Peru are REAL

Conspiracy Revelation: 27.6.2019: They are real…the tragic thing is that most people are too ignorant, a.l.f. hypnotized and dumbed-down or too robotized, simplified and zombified to even care….they laid eggs like reptilian-greys…but surely a peaceful exo-species….blessed are those who are enthusiastic and vivid about it like a deity and like Kundalini..

“Ancient Code
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A UFOlogist, author, and paranormal researcher argues that he has discovered the remains of beings not from Earth near the famous Nazca lines in Peru—proving how aliens once lived on Earth among humans. A Russian scientist from the National Research University in St. Petersburg who participated in the ‘study’ says: “Obviously, this is not a fake…””

Strange Mummies from Nazca are of Otherworldly Origin

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