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Conspiracy Revelation: 21.6.2019: I made an Essential Cut Off and Error Correction, because there were a lot of spelling mistakes.
“With the mind-control technologies of the American government, which I have fallen victim to since my early childhood, any being that has a brain, from a distance, can be manipulated via satellite, to a robot – to a man without consciousness – only his body is there.
The Mind Control technology was developed by the U.S. Secret Service for more than 60 years ago with the help of psychopath Nazi doctor Mengele.

The targeted person… becomes a mindless “Zombie”.

The characteristic feature of the full-hypnosis are wide open expressionless eyes and mimic loose facial features – even if frequencies are induced the face is a mask – the entire body has a different aura.
Unfortunately a huge percentage of the victims don’t understand the technology – even not after 2 decades – therefore they were writing an unbelievable nonsense about this topic…
They haven’t understood, even the internet is full of reports about Satellite Brainweapons, … these people who are stalking and bulliyng us every day, are… brainmanipulated human beings who are brought in partly and fully hypnosis and transformed into Human Robots or Biorobots.
My fellow men are captured by the technology, if they live in my area and are in my environment and the direct field and if they are my direct interlocutor. They are abused by the perpetrators as tools to psychologically … separate myself from the Society to drift into total isolation.
What I am describing takes place since June 2006 every day a hundred times – in every town, in every country, on every continent.”
Contacts to my fellow human beings
I cannot communicate with anyone, who is not in his true nature – everyone is, for the moment, as I speak with…, brainmanipulated through their remote control technology – whether by phone, by e-mail, letter or face to face – he speaks and acts completely determined by others, without being able to notice it.
The talks are being conducted.. with each man exactly the same pattern – 95% of the conversation consists of the reproduction of my own thoughts and of intellectual bullshit – invented computer-controlled stories.
… I only understood how this technology works. There is no coming on to brainmanipulated people. I do not have understood what Satan is – now I know. …psychological terror and attacks by humanoid robots..
It will be the target of aggression and violence, and does not have the ability to be adequately restrained… I can not deal with the attacker – he’s a brainless creature that is not able of thinking and speaking for itself.

The answers always run on the same pattern, with which the computer has been programmed by the perpetrators.

Each “non-brainmanipulated” person would immediately see and recognize what I see, but that should not be so. You need to control people around them, so that they can not see any sign of it, so that nothing penetrates to the public…
Attacks by Human Robots:
they need to lie to me, give me false information.
People who glare and stare at me pointedly.

They are having mocking glances at me.
People are looking with contemptuous glance on my shoes.

At the supermarket, standing in front of shelf, someone comes and picks out a product directly in front of my face.
If I let myself be distracted by them, they are controlled to be very friendly – when I turn back to myself they become agressive and come to offend me.
They even follow me through the whole supermarket. …They sneak behind me in the supermarket. …
They cough, clear their throat, sing, whistle with pathologically glee.
They are licking provocatively their lips and look at me in the eye while fixing.
People are looking at their cell phone with glee, sometimes extremely fast, when I’m back in my own frequency, from which it is to distract me.
They drag on their cigarette with lascivious expression and thereby fix my eyes.
They take their water bottle or glass to drink and when they put it to the mouth they look with glee into my eyes.

2009… was excessive – they actually have people in Kehl and environment (I lived in Strasbourg and Kehl, the first German city across the border, where I have stopped me almost every day) irradiated in pairs to pull the same upper part of : man and woman, mother and daughter, girlfriend and girlfriend, friend and friend. There is no joke – with the technology that is sadly no problem to manipulate people in the mass, to induce them information or commands to the brain.
Mobbing on the road: 5 green cars meet me consecutively propelled or 4 red, 3 metallic- colored etc.
Here is another victim of American origin, which describes the same: http://www.whatisgangstalking.blogspot.de/2007/12/mark-m-richs-letter-to-targets_13.html

The attack is partly..just so that we are put into a state in which our ability of self-defence is reduced and someday completely taken away, which is my state now. In the beginning we cannot fight against it, because we do not know how, and at first not notice a long time that this is done with our tone. Even this runs, like everything, slinky, imperceptible to the victim.
The more helpless the victim, the hotter is the psychopath, he gets only then in a real attack noise.
For a while it helped very well when I inwardly said “tatatatata” (very fast). Immediately increased my tension and the “insane”, or the remote people immediately disappeared from my area, as they were afraid of me. IT WORKED EVERY TIME!
For several months, my muscle tone was increasingly set down and it therefore no longer worked.

For some days my tone is reduced throughout the body more deeply, and just – been increased more – if required. Arm, leg and chest muscles and parts of the latissimus dorsi (large back muscle that attaches at the shoulders) are so strong tensed that I cannot be me anymore, have not the slightest chance to relax and to resist against the attacks and the induction of negative emotions, such as anger, fear, panic. …Now they attack yet again more massively, because I have no defenses.
2011, it induced me several times by the perpetrators in English: “Leia, we have taken away your ability of self defense”.
….Videos from Zombi attacks and stalkers….These attacks I have to endure several times every day, since 2006, in every store.
Here the Zombi slides between shelf and my Shopping Cart… This is highly provocative and exactly as intended by the perpetrators. They do not respond to me, even if I speak to them. No one responds as it would not happen. This is the most severe psychological torture that only a highly disturbed personality can dream up.
Every day, for 8 years, I am tortured in this manner, and deprived of my right to life.

When I sat down to get something to eat, all the banks were free . It took less than 2 minutes, there was a man “sent” , brainmanipulated, to sit beside me, so I shall be stalked and harassed. The face is expressionless, the man is in full hypnosis and remains sitting there for as long as he shall sit there. I see this since June 2006 anywhere on this earth, in every country so that happens every day, all day, from morning to night.

After the seller had been very rude to me when I had asked for information, she had to follow me a few minutes later in another gear and ask me provocatively if I was satisfied for now. She came quite close to me, the usual distance is exceeded by less than 30cm.

Britta Leia Jaccard – born the 6.6.1969 … in Basel, Switzerland.
I grew up in swiss, german and corsican culture.
My mother comes from Germany and my father is half swiss and half corsican.
I’ve always lived alone, never married and have no children.
At 15, I already knew that I never wanted to get married and have no children.
With thirty years, the urge to search for my roots, became stronger and stronger. I changed my name Britta, with which I could never identify me, and called me from now on Leia – a very old Corsican name.
2002, 33 years, I finally took the decision and went half a year later to France, from where I moved a short time later to Corsica.
This decision was a turning point in my life – a jam broke up – I got more joy in life.
In Cologne, where I lived for six years before I went to France, I moved in Cologne’s dance scene, where I practiced contemporary dance, contact improvisation and Argentine tango.
I love this earth, the loneliness and the silence. …
At the age of 16, I became a vegetarian after I have seen the murder of reindeer on TV, it was after the disaster of Tchernobyl.
My soul is vegan – only in the last few years I have understood what my soul already knew… Eggs are unborn chickens, dead embryos. This is perverted and sick.
At the age of 30 years I get in contact with the teachings of the Buddha – immediately I felt at home.
I remembered that I have already had a lot of lives and that I have been familiar in several lives with the apprenticeships of the Buddha very much.
I do not remember my former lives specifically, only to some time epochs, but the countries in which I have lived are very clear to me – there are Italy, Greatbritain, France, South America (Peru), Nepal, India and Germany.
I believe in a highest soul (which most call God) and do not doubt that our soul goes over and over again to a new body.
I don’t fear death – my soul will leave this body and move in the wide, infinite universe and have to go back sometime again on the earth.
How, otherwise, it could be that people are very different in their development. The steps in ignorance, in illness of the mind and the heart are very numerous – we are not all the same from birth and our childhood plays only one small role. We bring the biggest arrangements in this life, because they are the storage of our soul.
The knowledge of the soul deals nothing with intellectual, acquired knowledge. It is the essence of all experiences from the past lives – a deep intuitive and innate knowledge.
The person is from nature well – children are all pure and innocent – of course this is not right – these are perceptions which originate from ignorance of the mind.
I think, we have come at the end of an age, the Iron Age.
There will begin a new age – it becomes the “golden age” be the paradise on earth – so, once as it has been once. The cycles recur, as long as the earth will exist.
There will only live healthy people, people, who can love, who know what is love because they carry them in themselves.
They will respect her cocreatures and won’ t kill animals to eat and also do not torment for attempts or exploit for their purposes.
Most people search their whole life long only for propelling satisfaction – they love merely the feeling which they have if his/her desires are satisfied. Then it is coupled to the person who satisfies his/her needs – then they “love” him/her. If he/she does not satisfy them any more, they search for another partner.
Unfortunately, most people cannot love.
Who can love, has recognised the value of the life and respects the life of every living being – the planters, animals and people – he will love this planet and be full humility for him.
As long as people carry no peace in themselves, there will be no peace on this earth.
Source: http://mind-control-torture.blogspot.com

“Electronic Torture – Symptoms”
“Psychotronic Weapons”
“Energy – Based Technologies from a distance, via satellite”
“Frequency waves that can access a person’s nervous system, brain and body to affect their sight, vision, physical coordination, have been developed leaving people all over the world to suffer cruel torture… Computers are reading my brain frequencies and depending on which frequency my brain just is, pain is triggered and organs are manipulated in varying intensity.
The physical torture is used for mind control which should lead to the extinction of my personality as well as the destruction of my mental-cognitive and organic forces.
The more I researched on the internet about their technologies the more I was tortured.
The more I had perceived their brain manipulations on me and went inside in the resistance, the greater was the physical torture and the faster the destruction process was daily increased.
All pain and organ manipulation can be generated in various intensities of light to medium to strong, occur from second to second, and then stop. It can affect several organs simultaneously.
24 hours each day without interruption:
Blurred vision, extremely strong burning sensation, eye muscle contractions…Generating extreme difficulty of breathing: 1. By tightening the abdominal muscles, narrowing of the bronchi and trachea – exhalation flows only shortened by itself, must exhale stepped up – just the same with inhalation – both techniques are applied simultaneously since July 2012, almost non-stop, 18 hours a day. In addition, severe pain in the stomach area are generated, presumably the solar plexus is cramped. 2. Generating a sense of suffocation in the head. 3. Narrowing of the vaginal walls nose – nasal breathing is considerably more difficult.
Acceleration and deceleration of the heart beat, palpitations, dropouts, syncope, compression pain in the heart, stitches, blood pressure increase and-reduction.
…severe headache, throbbing at the back of the head…Stings like bee stings… in the body… Electronic Rape: Manipulation of the anal, vaginal and clitorial nerves. Frequencies were also induced by sexual desire since the beginning of 2014. These manipulations can be increased in intensity… The psychopaths want to make me do all the things they want.. this can take several hours and the physical pain in my sexual organs is unbearable. Nipples: pain, stiffening Nose, hands, feet, lower legs: Ice cold up on the pain threshold, Dizziness, Muscle cramps: calves, feet, ascending trapezius muscle among others, Electric shock in the upper shoulder muscles..Ear pain, stitches, Tinnitus at different levels, sometimes right, sometimes left, or both simultaneously, Groaning noises, ambulance sirens, Extreme sudden heating up, especially the head, neck, torso, Cooling the body… Triggering urination… … as if a tiny insect passes over the skin,..
Extreme Fatigue, Pulsing and twitching in various locations throughout the body, Turbidity sense – smell, taste, Disturbance of the Language Centre, Language is slowed, delayed,
Hoarseness of the voice to extinction, Nausea…Bloating, burping and sneezing attacks are triggered, Nerve irritation.. below Psychotronic Mind Control
Increasing and decreasing muscle tone..”
“Anonymous22 January 2015: the government has been punishing me for 25 years, for what?
facilidad de ser13 February 2015 at 17:50: How surveillance technology really works is unknown to 99% of the population.”
“Ich liebe diese Erde, die Einsamkeit und die Stille.
Ich liebe den Frühling, weil alles wieder zu wachsen beginnt und ich die Kraft und Energie der Pflanzen spüre – ich fühle dann mehr Vitalität und Freude in mir.
Ich liebe Regen – wenn es regnet bin ich gerne draußen in der Natur, weil ich den Geruch so sehr genieße, den die Steine abgeben, wenn sie nass werden, besonders im Sommer, denn da sind sie aufgeheizt und es riecht noch besser – aber auch die Erde und die Pflanzen geben einen anderen Geruch ab, wenn es regnet.

Im Alter von 16 Jahren bin ich Vegetarierin geworden, nachdem ich den Mord an Rentieren im Fernsehen gesehen habe, es war nach der Katastrophe von Tschernobyl.
Erst in den letzten Jahren habe ich „verstanden“ (durch MC unterdrückt worden), was meine Seele schon gewusst hat:… Eier sind ungeborene Hühner, tote Embryonen.
in Deutschland werden auf den Hühnerfarmen die männlichen Küken bei lebendigem Leibe in einen großen Schredder geworfen, weil sie nicht gebraucht werden. Das ist pervers und krank.
Mit erst 30 Jahren sollte ich den Lehren des Buddha begegnen – sofort fühlte ich mich zu Hause.
Ich erinnerte mich, dass ich schon sehr viele Leben gehabt habe und dass ich in mehreren Leben mit den Lehren des Buddha sehr vertraut gewesen bin.
An meine früheren Leben konkret erinnere ich mich nicht, nur an einige Zeitepochen. Die Länder, in denen ich gelebt habe, sind mir sehr klar – das sind Italien, England, Irland, Frankreich, Schweiz, Nepal, Indien, Südamerika (in den Anden), Deutschland.
Ich glaube an eine höchste Seele und habe keine Angst vor dem Tod – ich zweifle nicht daran, dass unsere Seele immer wieder in einen neuen Körper über geht.
Meine Seele wird diesen Körper verlassen und in das weite, unendliche Universum ziehen und irgendwann wieder auf die Erde zurück müssen.
Wie könnte es sonst sein, dass die Menschen so sehr unterschiedlich sind in ihrer Entwicklung. Die Stufen an Ignoranz, an Krankheit des Geistes, sind sehr zahlreich – wir sind nicht alle gleich von Geburt an und unsere Kindheit spielt nur eine kleine Rolle. Die größten Anlagen bringen wir in dieses Leben mit, da sie die Speicherung unserer Seele sind.
Das Wissen der Seele hat nichts mit intellektuellem, angelerntem Wissen zu tun. Es ist die Essenz aller Erfahrungen aus vergangenen Leben – ein tiefes intuitives und angeborenes Wissen.
Der Mensch sei von Natur aus gut – Kinder seien alle rein und unschuldig – das ist natürlich falsch – es sind Sichtweisen, die durch Ignoranz des Geistes entstehen.
Ich denke, wir sind am Ende eines Zeitalters angekommen. Wie lange dieses noch dauern wird, weiss ich nicht, aber es wird zwangsläufig ein neues geben. Es wird das „goldene Zeitalter“, das Paradies auf Erden sein – so, wie es einst einmal gewesen ist. Die Zyklen wiederholen sich, solange die Erde existieren wird.
Dort werden nur gesunde Menschen leben, Menschen, die lieben können, die wissen, was Liebe ist, weil sie sie in sich tragen.
Sie werden ihre Mitgeschöpfe achten, Tiere nicht töten, um zu essen und auch nicht quälen für Versuche oder sie ausbeuten für ihre Zwecke.
Die meisten Menschen können leider nicht lieben.
Sie suchen ihr Leben lang nur nach Triebbefriedigung. Sie lieben lediglich das Gefühl, das sie haben, wenn ihre Triebe und Wünsche durch den Partner/in befriedigt werden. Das positive Gefühl, das sie mit Liebe verwechseln ist dann gekoppelt an die Person, die ihre Bedürfnisse befriedigt – dann „lieben“ sie Ihn/Sie. Wenn Er/Sie sie nicht mehr befriedigt, suchen sie sich einen anderen Partner.
Wer lieben kann, der hat den Wert des Lebens erkannt.
Er wird das Leben eines jeden Lebewesens achten – Pflanzen, Tiere und Menschen.
Er wird diesen Planeten lieben und voller Demut für ihn sein.
Solange die Menschen keinen Frieden in sich tragen, wird es auf dieser Erde logischerweise keinen Frieden geben können.”

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