Shielding Tips and Supplements

“Shielding Tips and Supplements
Updated in April 2014
1 Protection measures
2 Orgonit and Gems
3 Supplements
1 Protection measures
Up to now, I could test only a few materials for shielding. Because of the torture, I have to live of social wellfare money.
By electromagnetic stimulation of my brain, Mind-Control-Technology, pain is created. Against these low-rays, there is still no effective protection, but I’m also tortured and destroyed by other means:
Next to the low-Elf Waves I am additionally irradiated with ultrasound, laser and microwave.
They also work with technologies that allow them to manipulate power lines in the walls, as well as the radiator, so that they emit much more radiation. All this has huge impact on the brain and the body’s circulation. The organism is considerably muddled, and the immune system gets weakened.
I describe here mainly what helps me against the current feeling.
Silverskin: I bought it in early 2012 and noticed a small difference if I took it or not. A few months I wore it day and night until it simply brought no more relief because of the higher daily radiation on my brain. It also keeps only high-frequency radiation.
„Rauhkupfer“ – Copper in cloth: A belt and headbands from rough copper I got hired by a victim. At first, I barely noticed a difference, but over time was irradiated higher and since the current feeling rose. As soon as I raised it, I felt a significant relief.
Towel: A thick quality hung about my head – still a good effect. The current feeling is considerably lower.
Wood : That my wardrobe offered me protection from the radiation, I realized when I stood between my cabinet doors. Since the cabinet is large enough, I can now and again rest while I sit inside. I pushed my bed right behind the big cupboard and so I had a small oasis of peace, but of short duration – the radiation was increased. In fact, I can research on the internet that wood, if it is solid and thick enough, provide protection against electromagnetic radiation.
Polyester: I bought beautiful curtains made ​​of polyester. In fact I felt when hanging at my window there was a small relief.
Foam: I have sewn a cap from a soft convoluted foam, who has served in a parcel as protection damper, because foam absorbs sound and is thus intended to help against the brooms manure with ultrasound. In fact, the foam cap substantially stronger reduces the current sense, as the “Silverskin”.
5 cm thick foam plates (Basotect) I have around the bed – a significant relief. Also, I have hung over the polyester curtains, 3mm thick foam – a significant relief, but only for a few days, then was re-irradiated stronger.
Foam 1.5 cm thickness: a 30 cm wide belt made ​​of soft foam, I have to wear when I’m home. It helps to clear my mind, since the ultrasonic irradiation makes my brain also unclear.
I also sleep with a piece of foam that I put on my body. When my heart is severely irradiated and I have very strong compression pain, I fold it 4 times and put it in front of my chest – it immediately reduced the pain very much.
PVC lining: I happen to put a PVC on my laminate floor in the kitchen because at low outdoor temperatures this is very cold. As I stood on it, I noticed not only that it reduces the cold, but I felt immediately less current feeling in the body.
Cartons: Thick cartons placed on the ground, assists even much better.
Cartons with aluminum foil: aluminum to reflect microwaves. Carton with several layers of aluminum foil paste. In fact, the best protection so far, in addition to the foam. I shielded my bed with it, but also that’s not enough.
Silver Silk : A victim sent me a square meter of a „Silver Silk“ in summer of 2012 which she no longer needed. It is processed from nylon and with silver threads, its color is gray – probably of Y-Shield. I put it to me immediately over the head so that it also covered the neck and face. The effect was initially weak. Then I sat down at the PC and put it back on my head and face. Immediately I noticed a relief. I suspect that the perpetrators can increase the radiation of the computer, but maybe it’s because my desk is very close to the window and from there the radiation comes through unfiltered.
Plastic film : A large thick plastic sheet that I had as a packaging material still in the basement, I hung in front of my window. Immediate feeling of relief in the head. Alone it is not enough but of course, before I have to hang foam and put cartons pasted with aluminum foil at my windows that cover the window only half way, otherwise no light coming through. Even that is not enough, the radiation is very high.
Wool felt: I set myself in a shop a hat from hand-woven wool felt because I read that wool felt is a good protection against high-frequency radiation. In fact, it only took 3 seconds until my brain was completely free of electricity feeling. It cost only 15, – € – I bought it. Unfortunately in my apartment it hasn’t this very strong effect. Thus, the radiation seems to be special in my apartment so high. If I keep my head out the window, I’m suddenly better, even when I leave the house. Also I have put wool felt as deposits in my slippers. The effect I feel immediately: My brain is less irradiated and becomes clearer, which is immediately answered with breathing difficulties.
Wool : woolen clothing also helps and I felt at the beginning of the stronger irradiation phase the difference if I was wearing a real wool sweater, wool jacket and wool pants or other material. The current sentiment fell sharply. However, real wool felt is a much stronger protection.
At higher irradiation can no longer feel the effect so much that I had to have leather to accept.
Leather: A leather trousers and leather jacket I bought in a “third world” Second-hand shop for 5 and 12 €. Much stronger protection than just wool.
Turn the power box : I had finally understood that I had to turn off the fuses including GFCI, since the perpetrators increased the voltage in the power lines in late 2012. When I had defrosted the fridge, because I wanted to store anything more because of the permanent intrusion into my apartment, I turned on all the fuses out – what was done is incredible – once flowed a current draw from my sacrum down through the legs into the ground, the pressure in the heart was immediately lower, and the strong current feeling in the head and body as well. I could feel my legs and my feet again, which was not the case for months. For cooking and for the light I again need power – Now everything builds again – pressure in the heart and strong power feeling in the head.
Mirror: I had read on other pages of the victim relief effect of mirrors, I tried this also. Several cosmetic mirror from the drugstore I bought and put one on the back of the head with a wide rubber band, a forward on the forehead and one under my hat. I have it relatively close hanged on the head around the neck. Unbelievable what a relief – in my head I feel immediately clear, the view becomes clear again. Placed in front of the heart, it reduces the pressure pain I get triggered in the heart.
Belt made of aluminum foil: From several layers of aluminum foil I made myself a 10 cm wide belt and covered with electrical tape. In the end I pricked a hole and there into out a rope, with which I close it. The most effective way it acts when it is around the hip bone.
Same for ancles and bracelets.
Neodynmagnete: Magnets, each bonded to each rib below the chest, helped at times against the respiratory torture by there voltage from the intercostal muscles is taken – the point is in the center rather than outside.
Also on the iliac bone – magnet must be relatively large, I have a 3 × 3 cm, and that’s not enough to absorb the entire flow. There are the bones that store the radiation and therefore must go there the magnet. But also placed around the head (several ring magnets pulled by rubber cord).
At the screw on the back of a chair, under the chair, under the bed, under the pillow – they help me to reduce the current sense and thus the strong tension in my body.
I lege also neodymium block magnets in the size of 25.4 x 25.4 x 12.7 mm on the ground, respectively, where I am staying longer because I have no money, enough to buy me a lot for all three rooms. It’s amazing how greatly relieved me. I have them packed in protective plastic and taped with scotch – these plastic films with the small air cushions – as they chip off very quickly when they encounter each other or even destroy the glass when they are attracted to my Orgoniten because too little distance between the magnet and glass . So caution is really necessary, including with regard to the body. Have stayed several times with bruises suffered terribly severe pain.
In recent weeks, the radiation is on my body become so excessively high that I just stood still under power. My shielding no longer help me. Especially my arms are under power.But as I thought it would only be the fact that my arm muscles is increased in tone, I tested there, no magnets. Yesterday it just stopped going and tried ring magnets of the upper arm. Immediately flowed from the incredibly strong tension from the arms. There are 10 ring magnets with rubber cord wrapped around the upper arm – just a rubber cord with ring magnet around the hips, so that the magnets are equal to the posterior inferior iliac spines – the two bumps that can be felt when one is slender, slightly above the sacrum (it may not be enough – if you have money, so better order more) – I have ordered on
I put on the ring magnets (see previous section “neodymium magnets”) on the poor and the posterior iliac bone – the two bumps that can be felt when one is slim, rather towards the sacrum – also a big jam cover hung in front of the heart and whistles attached a magnet that helps quite good, but still not enough.
2 Orgonit
Orgonit: I’ve made myself, but without resin – quite simply different metal shavings in a jam jar without lid!
I mix the metal chips with gemstones, but put medium-sized pieces, about 4-5 inches large rose quartz blanks and 2 – 3 cm large rock crystal peaks especially on top of it – there, the stones develop even more significantly their frequencies.
They are distributed in the apartment and when I sit at the PC, then the right and left a glass. You are unlikely to prevent the radiation, but they immediately change very much the atmosphere, the energy in my room – it is as if the sun were to rise, I feel in my head an illumination. Also, it helps if I take one right into the hand or hold against my heart.
Gems : Unbelievable but true – I did not believe that gemstones can have such incredible effect on the body and the brain. Sorry, I should never deal with it. I tried it and ordered the classic blend for healing stone water consisting of amethyst, rose quartz and rock crystal. In addition I ordered a pendant in black tourmaline, because he should be the only stone that radiation could hold, two splinter bracelets made of rock crystal, but got “accidentally” sent Amethyst and 200 grams of crystal mountain peaks. First I put the bracelets on, one left, one right – it was amazing, I never thought so tiny slivers could be so powerful. Immediately lit up my mind.
Gradually, I dealt with the other stones.The amethyst tumbled stone I picked it up – here the effect was even stronger. Put it to my forehead and it was incredible – it looks like a “suppressor”, who takes away the burden of my brain. However, they all act a total anti-jamming, have an additional energizing and cleansing but individual effect.
Bracelets from hematite, several on each wrist are a very very good way to strip the body of radiation and to achieve centering the mind. I quickly realized how important it is that I wear on both wrists, because I felt it centered in the middle of the forehead.The effect was weaker with time, as my body was irradiated higher.
3 Nutritional Supplements
Omega 3 – Omega 3 I bought because I had read that it is anti-inflammatory and my veins were inflamed due to my heart failure. After 10 days, take 1 capsule daily at a concentration of 270 mg EPA and 180 mg DHA from fish oil by the company “double heart” , I could clearly perceive that my brain more easily and clearly felt (which was in the spring of 2012). I also noticed that the phlebitis were significantly reduced.
In the meantime, I take additional vegetable Omega 3 and buy it in the form of perilla oil capsules from the company “Natura Vitalis” from the Internet pharmacy “apo-fair” where 240 Capsules € 17.53 cost, PZN 00125629.
I took an initial dose of 1 capsule 3 times and increased with time on 3 times 4, because my inflamed veins getting stronger while I noticed that my brain had become much clearer.
Although I was exposed daily more and more, I could better think again.
Even if I do not eat animals, I still treat 2 x 1 capsule of Omega 3 fish oil concentrate from the company ” Double Heart “with 300 mg EPA and 200 mg DHA, which is very inexpensive in the Internet pharmacy” apo-fair “.
Even better however, is krill oil. It could be extremely well utilized by our body. However, it is even more expensive.
Of course DHA from algae, but these are very expensive – unfortunately I have not the financial means.
Reishi – The Vital Reishi mushroom, taken as a powder, 3 times a measuring spoon, has very clearly brightened my mood after only a few days. But he has other properties, reduces inflammation and increases, made ​​into an extract, the pumping force of the heart. Have not tried it as an extract.
I highly recommend him, in the Internet pharmacy “Apotal” by the company “Hawlik” to order, because there cost 100g of the powder in the can only € 15.50, PZN 07651769 and the extract, 60 capsules for € 25.60, PZN 07651545 .
Hawlik is one of the oldest German companies that produce medicinal mushrooms after Schell Broken method.

Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones, Hemisync, Solfeggio: See Helpful Brainfrequencies”

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