A UFO Investigator May Have Been Silenced By Rogue Satanists

“A UFO Investigator May Have Been Silenced By Rogue Satanists”
“Jessika M. Thomas
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The mysterious death of Max Spiers has family, friends, and conspiracy theorists alike baffled. In July 2016, Spiers, a UFO investigator, left a mysterious message to his mother in case something bad happened to him, and then he died within days of sending said message. If you’ve ever read any alien death conspiracies or people killed by aliens, the story of Max Spiers is right up there with talks of paranormal, satanism, and government secrets.
The 39-year-old father of two, originally from Canterbury, England went to Warsaw Poland in 2016 to give a lecture on different conspiracy theories. While there, Spiers dies under what some consider to be mysterious circumstances. Could this be an alien murder conspiracy or something even more strange? This is the story about a conspiracy theorist who turned into a conspiracy himself.
Spiers Mysteriously Died After Vomiting Up A Black Substance
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There’s nothing worse than being in a different country and winding up sick – except getting sick and dying in another country. That is precisely what happened to 39-year-old UFO expert Max Spiers. In July 2016, 1,000 miles from home, Spiers was staying with a friend in Warsaw, Poland, when he developed a fever. Eventually, Spiers began vomiting a strange dark substance and subsequently died.
Monika Duval was the last person to see Spiers alive and shared that he threw up at least two liters of black substance. As with everything else regarding the case of Max Spiers, there are plenty of conspiracies as to what the black substance could have been. Some suggest the black fluid was poison, and that the people Spiers was investigating were trying to silence him indefinitely. Others believe the black liquid could have something to do with drugs Spiers may have taken.
Still, others think Spiers’s illness could have involved aliens. It would be plausible that the black substance was just blood and Spiers may have had intestinal issues. Whatever the case may be, it is unlikely the truth will ever be revealed, and we are left to wonder and speculate.
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Max Spiers Sent His Mother A Creepy Text Message Days Before His Death
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Spiers’s mother, 63-year-old Vanessa Bates, is just as perplexed by his death as anyone else who has familiarized themselves with the case. Bates had last heard from her son days before his death when they were texting one another. At one point during the text exchange, Spiers told his mother, “Your boy’s in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate.”
While Bates may not have taken the comment too seriously at the time, she definitely began to wonder the true meaning of the exchange after being informed of her son’s death. Considering the line of research Spiers was working on in addition to the text message to his mother, Bates is concerned that someone wanted her son dead and that it’s possible that whoever wanted him dead was able to kill him.
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His Mother And Girlfriend Claim He May Have Been Sacrificed By Polish Satanists
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Spiers’s mother Bates, along with his girlfriend Sara Adams, seem to have an interesting theory concerning the conspiracy theorist’s death. Bates claims the woman that Spiers was staying with in Poland, Monika Duval, was likely a Satanist. Bates went on to explain that when she spoke to Duval on the phone after Spiers’s death, she could hear people performing a satanic ritual of sorts around Spiers’s corpse.
Adams added that she believes Spiers was being held against his will and was attempting to escape when he was murdered. The women think that Spiers was killed in a sacrifice and possibly poisoned to death.
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There Was A Mysterious Mark On His Head Postmortem
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Photo: Max Spiers/Facebook
Banks has stated that she received a photograph of Spiers that was taken in the morgue. In the photo, there is a small red mark on Spiers’s forehead which resembles a burn mark. This mysterious mark is not mentioned in any of the doctor’s notes who had seen Spiers before his death.
Banks believes the mark may be proof of the satanic ritual that took place over Spiers’s body after his death. The photograph was never shown to the public.”
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