Michael Tsarion : Dragon Wars

“Michael Tsarion : Dragon Wars”
“But anyway when they created this first born, they sent the firstborn out to be their servants to actually go out into the Garden of Eden, into Atlantis, Appalachia and their territories that they were conquering and do their
physical work for them, but after a certain period of time these sons of the serpent had the human DNA and therefore
they had the humanity the humanism and the sense of spiritual connectedness to things that sensibility that their own fathers didn’t have and adorned on the sons of the serpent that finally they realized, to cut a long story short that they didn’t want to serve these masters anymore because they probably didn’t agree with them and didn’t like doing this and didn’t feel that they should be subservient subservient and it’s interesting to because they had the high intelligence and the divine spiritual connection, so they left, they actually opted and left as a race probably not all of them but whatever the group of these sons of the serpent they actually exited out of Appalachia, out of Atlantis and resituated their own civilization on the continent of Oceania which we now call Lemuria which is estimated to be where the Pacific is and they completely left just exited up leaving their alien fathers with a predicament of what to do so what they did is where they went back to the drawing board again to create another entity says let us make him who shall nourish and sustain us what shall we do to be invoked to be remembered in earth we have tried with our first creatures look at this but we could not make them venerate us, so then let us try to make obedient respectful beings who shall nourish and sustain us… the first creatures wouldn’t do it, so we
go to the second Genesis by the sweat of thy face will be thy bread until you return to the ground for out of it you
were taken for dust thou art and to dust I will return, does that sound like God talking to somebody or is it more of human politics and the Lord said Behold the man has become one of us to know good and evil and now lest he put forth his hand and take also of the tree of life and eat and live forever, now the interesting thing is that they did create another being and that being they called the Adamic race or we refer to now as the atoms, the atom but again not an individual, the Adams and Eve’s were created but they were called the Adamic race and they had to think when they created the second generation offspring they thought and says what did we do the first time that was wrong what we did the first time we was wrong is we gave the power to our first sons the first time we was wrong is we gave the power to our first sons the firstborn the intellectual abilities and genius that we ourselves possess and
that’s why they got all arrogant and took off so the next time we make a group our servants we will literally dumb them down we will close off the centers of the high intelligences that we have, the technological intelligences
and so on and I mean you can do that in the laboratory a behaviorist laboratory now just using the brain synapses but they were doing it on a DNA level, so that’s exactly what they did they created a being whose intelligence level they created a being whose intelligence level would be much more suppressed and that was the Adamic race and they sent them out to be the servants and they had a feminine counterpart, they could not at that time breed through mating but they were feminine, the female versions. (Michael Tsarion)”
“..and that they’re not the only corporation to do this, there’s many others so back to like when we did in the first presentation this concept of the serpent in the garden that has at least come down to us through the Bible this this concept of Adam and Eve being visited in the by a serpent, now the interesting thing is that as this Adamic race was slaving away, no trade unions and no no extra time and anything like that, overtime, working for their hidden masters, these Atlanteans, this became known to the sons of the serpent who were living on Lemuria,
because they were probably keeping tabs you know watching what their forefathers were doing and they then had this predicament didn’t they because they said look you know we got free from these masters we’re doing all right over here with our high civilization and great culture but they’ve created a second race but they’ve used also the human DNA ,so in a way aren’t they our cousins right aren’t the human the Adamic race now cousins to us, but they’re in a dumbed down state, so they said we’re in a bit of a predicament what would happen if we went back in
surreptitiously to Eden into Atlantis and told them that and tried to get them to come with us and that is exactly what happened, the serpent entered into the garden and discoursed with the adamic race, but the stories of the ancient legends say that the adamics the male ones didn’t kind of get it I didn’t make too much sense then, but the Eve’s really got into it, right, and they were very responsive to what these sons of the serpent were saying and so would you, because they said that they were calmly and attractive, had magical powers, tremendous intellect, but a divine spiritual ray right of great wisdom and they came unto the daughters and they talked to them and the daughters of Eve say hey yeah this looks like a good deal let’s get going pack up and they dragged the Adams with him about some women say why did they even bother doing that but you know how things all right so anyway they a lot of them did leave to cut a long story short because the Eve’s understood this concept somehow they started to exit again maybe not all.. but enough of a large contingency exited with the sons of the serpent and the sons of the serpent said to them: know ye not your gods what we can do of what we can do you can do also and more, so the Son, the coming of the serpent into the garden has been completely put before us opposite than what it was for good reason and it doesn’t make any sense but the fact that hasn’t made any sense doesn’t seem to bother anyone because women are suppressed they hold no office everything works but the very fact of the tree and the serpent like I said before goes back to the whole concept of Egypt and the mysteries of what this very symbol of the tree and the serpent is your DNA and the initiation back into that knowledge that was sequestered from you and isn’t it interesting scientists will not like this one isn’t it interesting that women were the ones who took to that knowledge first isn’t it always been that science was a male patriarchal thing has been put before us science and the matriarchy are very connected, there’s a long story about how science and the rise of science in the world is connected to the female matriarchal systems and not covered a lot in our societies. (Michael Tsarion)”
“Now, because the females one more anecdote about this is because the eves did were originally the most receptive to their teachers the serpent sons of the serpent teachers, that was never forgotten by the sons of the serpent and later when they got to Lemuria the Eve’s were given peer positions of superiority, they were what was called the beloved and that is where we get the priests as classes and the matriarchal powers coming from, the fact that women were keepers of the secrets initiators and mystics. Where we get this from comes from Lemuria and the connection to Oceana and the sons of the serpent that initiating power because it was never forgotten that they were the beloved ones you know in the Bible when it talks about Mary Magdalene being the harlot that word harlot is a mistranslation of a word…I think in Greek and Joan herre to lie means sacred or beloved one right. … by the way the Egyptian hieroglyphic for women was guess what a Serpent then Madame Helena Blavatsky of the Theosophical Society said something because she was on the wall with all of this the appellations Satan and he and adversary belongs by right to the first and cruelest adversary of all other gods Jehovah, not in the serpent which spoke only words of sympathy and wisdom. See that what she’s been saying in her books now also when you read this term born of a virgin since we’re talking about the Bible we have to understand that this word Immaculate Conception is another covered term for genetic conception meaning without sexuality this is a euphemism for conception between a woman and a member of the serpent race, remember I said that the females couldn’t conceive sexually, when they went to Lemuria that was changed the sons of the serpent, realizing that the Adams and Eve’s should have Congress together change the DNA of the female so that they could mate but certain times there was specific women that the sons of the serpent themselves would connect with and anytime that that ever happened that woman was always known as the Virgin Queen right or the virgin when she was not with one of the Adamic race but with one of the sons of the serpent race and should there be spawn offspring from that that being was always called the immaculately conceived right, so Jesus Christ, Alexander the Great, everybody in ancient times were saying they were that maybe a lot of them were so just bear that in mind that when you hear these cover terms Immaculate Conception it means some form of DNA or genetic conception… (Michael Tsarion)”
“Circumcision … when the foreskin is removed, the foreskin is the remnant, is it not? Of the real proto human DNA, the ritual of its removal was therefore … to dehumanize .. it is the mark of our servitude because obviously a man needs a foreskin, right? Homo sapien have probably had it, don’t you see then what the removal of it means it’s a ritual to take away to literally say we remove them the real it’s a symbol..
a specific symbol and taking it away realigns you with the alien DNA and the genetic concept to remind you that this
is the mark of your servitude … Commons Beaumont, one of the great writers on this subject…a genius, God save this man, I don’t understand how his works or not the rave all over the world, it is so suppressed, he said the history of the Old Testament is the history of Atlantis. (Michael Tsarion)”
“It says by Jack Behringer, in one of the most tragic ironies the majority of humans continue to worship those gods who have abused them the most, is that not true? Ezekiel says wherefore as I live saith the Lord God surely because thou hast defiled my sanctuary with all of thy detestable things, with all that
abominations, therefore while I also diminish thee.. neither shall mine I spare thee, neither shall I have any pity, these comments about the wrath of Jehovah follow specific reference,
then shall ye know that I am the Lord, you know, somebody asked, I think was Carl Jung why Jehovah always talked about I, I, I, all the time it was over emphasizing his
power his wrath but he’ll get angry, well, you only do that if there’s an opposing side that you are trying to compete
against. (Michael Tsarion)”

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