The Fall of Atlantis and Rise of the Archons- Emerald Tablets of Thoth

“The Fall of Atlantis and Rise of the Archons- Emerald Tablets of Thoth”

“Matthew LaCroix
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Great mystery still surrounds the forgotten land of Atlantis, created by the mighty Greek god Poseidon, and the dark magic that led to its downfall. For thousands of years, there has existed an ancient battle between the opposing family factions of the eagle and serpent, leading to the rise and fall of empires. Has our timeline been secretly puppeteered by dark forces known as the Archons who have been hiding in the shadows all throughout history?”
“Divine Serpent Knowledge”
“we’re gonna help reveal here…using his deep knowledge when when he acquired these tablets they translated these and they’re named Emerald tablets because they’re made of
this strange alchemical material that is reported indestructible and you know so in this day and age we think of something indestructible and it seems like a complete fantasy to us until you
start looking into the idea of alchemy and if you have a message that’s so important you would have to put it on something that could last forever because you wouldn’t want to risk it being destroyed and lost and that’s kind of the beauty behind the perfection of the alchemist in the path and along with this message the message of the Emerald tablets itself so if we learn about the Emerald tablets and the author you find out its Thoth of Egypt who is a later incarnation of Hermes, these master alchemists right.”
“You become familiar with this hidden world around us that that are that exists of these properties and elements that were the idea of.. turning like lead into gold and that in the end is that magic or is that alchemy and so in a lot of ways magic you know kicking out of the reference of pulling up rabbit out of a hat and connecting it back to real magic which is about you know the
manipulation of of matter and things around us that’s real magic and that’s what we really going to go into now and those represent the fundamentals of alchemy, so these ancient
alchemists of our day, you may know them as wizards and sorcerers, think Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings and you’ll begin to get the idea of who these these men really were. The hidden world around us of white and black magic is real and a lot of it’s been been greatly lost but you’ll see that some of it has been retained in kind of in very dark ways and and it’s striking to see it once you see it all around you and the symbolism that it represents so the Emerald tablets found in Teotihuacan in Mexico…all that atöantean wisdom that was lost after.
So the Emerald tablets what they really reveal is who we really are kind of as light beings if you look into it our genetics in the photons that are at our deepest level you find that we really are just light beings it’s not really it doesn’t just come back to a primal animal instinct…and so these tablets kind of help us with that knowledge to understand that and they can be truly profound when someone reads them because of the knowledge that’s contained there okay so the Emerald tablets along with other Gnostic writings like the Nag Hammadis reference scriptures …and the Book of Enoch…think of them as guides to our highest state these ancient writings they’re much more than just than just these ancient cuneiform tablets to say okay what happened what happened during this
time period they’re really about understanding kind of where where we were at that time period and then what happened to us.”
“and you can notice that there’s a strong correlation between the serpent knowledge and also the representation of the coiled Kundalini energy within us anybody who practices yoga meditation you know that you know all about what that really is which is all about unlocking the true potential of who we are and you can trace this back to you know ancient Indian religions in the subcontinent where you get you know more pure forms of religions still around like Hinduism and in the forms of Buddhism.”

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