12/18 U.N.'s Article 13, MK Ultra, A.I. Censorship, Pedogate, Trans-Ageism

“12/18 U.N.’s Article 13, MK Ultra, A.I. Censorship, Pedogate, Trans-Ageism”
As an executive order was to allow something called the iana or the International assigned numbers authority to expire now why is that important basically that is what was responsible
for the allocation of domain names and numbers and IP addresses all around the world it was a standard Internet Protocol and he effectively let that expire so that it would be handed over to the United Nations and those of us back then who were sounding the alarm were called conspiracy theorists it doesn’t seem like so much of a conspiracy theory today when you have the United Nations pushing for article 13 and article 11 to basically be
implemented and to takeover and regulate everything now you know it’s being called ..the meme ban.. I’m such a
fan of memes and I know my audience is too what we’re seeing is arguably the very first time at least in modern human history there’s a war being fought with comedy as a weapon there’s a war being fought with humor as a tool you know instead of tanks and air strikes we have memes and I don’t want to ever
underestimate the power of these because if you can win a battle with words then you hopefully can prevent a war.. so as far as hate speech laws goes this is something which is ambiguous it’s something which is going to be controlled by your worst enemy something that dr. Jordan B Peterson talks about often is when you create a weapon or in this case if you
create the world’s greatest tool of connectivity and communication and access and education such as the
internet which I’ve referred to in the past as the second coming of Christ and I’ve made a pretty compelling case for
that in my show that I did with Jay Parker about you know six seven eight months ago he dr. Jordan B Peterson
talks about if you create that with that weapon imagine it in the hands of your worst enemy and of course that’s exactly
0what these globalists have always despised is the free flow of information and the decentralization of power that has challenged oligarchs and the plutocracy and the plutocrats from
getting away with you know implementing their global village or their New World Order and from the second that the internet horse left the stable they’ve been trying to figure out how to get it back in so the meme ban as it is being called rewrites copyright law. (Adam Riva)”
“Use things in the pop culture and mock them or to repackage them as memes often cleverly do to point out things in a satirical way in a politically satirical way..if China has the ability and the intention of monitoring every citizen’s activity and squashing dissent before it happens and regulating the words before they even leave your mouth then that’s something which you know is obviously now starting to trickle out into the Western world, free speech is really all we have, apart from the Second Amendment which is a back-up plan to
free speech, if we lose free speech and if we still
have our guns we might stand a fighting chance but we don’t want it to come down to that I certainly don’t and so if we
can preserve things like free speech as at least you know many conservatives do and many conservatives see the value in free speech as far as challenging tyranny and preserving personal
liberties well that’s something we need to fight like hell for so I’m going to provide the links in the description. (Adam Riva)”
“What do you mean when you say things like discrimination, am I allowed to discriminate who I have sex with? Am I allowed to choose that am I allowed to discriminate right from wrong? As we do in … court proceedings, am I allowed to discriminate innocent from guilty? Am I allowed to discriminate good from
evil? Or is there no such thing as evil or are only conservatives evil.. it’s like these moral
subjectivists and moral relativists and postmodernist for that matter will propound that there’s no such thing as right and wrong and that it’s all morally relative, but then..
there’s the second that you open your mouth as a conservative and say anything mildly offensive, it’s just you’re
labeled a Nazi and so ok, touch on that one, now here we have out of the Sun , in the UK, this article is called spy secrets truth about CIA’s illegal MKULTRA mind control experiments using drugs hypnosis and electronic devices, revealed in sensational new documents, officials hid for decades, the article goes on the records rewrite the history of the CIA’s covert and illegal MKULTRA project. (Adam Riva)”

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