Conspiracy Revelation: 1.5.2019: Look at this picture above…It´s Eye opening how these Shadow Gov Criminals and Medical Neuromilitary CoIntelPro2 Psychopaths target the global civilian population with weaponized MRI…they use at least 3 different methods to read peoples brains and minds via Military Satellites or ultrasonic response rf signal intelligence..not only neuroweapons and DEWs. This is from 2008 and 2010!!! Their brutal mass assault started in 2011 in November and the main assault against key empowered or super-empowered individuals, in a coordinated ruthless, cold-hearted, utterly cruel and inhuman remote torture manner, against 100000s of blacklisted innocent, unwitting civilians, gathered by illicit Alphabet Inc. and NSA databases…Typical Attacks are burning the front of people with DEWs, either burning a hexagram, a triangle or a nazi symbol on peoples front, that is possible due to the inhaled Nanotechnology (USSOC/DoD/Mj12/Arpa/Robotron GmbH Smart Dust) spread via Chemtrails, since at least 1999. Secondly Remote Sleep Deprivation Torture for about 2 up to 3 Weeks and then the combined Torsion Field Torture and Multi Modal Attacks with different kinds of NLW Energy Weapons, Scalar Weapons are also used to cause brutal pain level 10 from 10 on peoples front, targeting the larynx to cause NDEs/like remote suffocation and trauma-based MK Nazi attacks, turning peoples voice robotic, dream intrusions, dream threatening, showing Putin with a weapon in front of your face, showing Bill Gates tracking you, showing Obama in Airforce 1, also Kissinger, likely done with Pentagons/Arpas inhaled Spinal Implants and Satellite Transmission Dream Infiltration Technologies, all done in peoples homes or even non-locally via hyperspace and sending kinetic energy via 4th dimension and scalar weapons..We know that this is sectarian SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse)…there are a lot of other methods and things they can do..too much to mention now. Mainly ideological content that is promoted by the NWO Luciferian Sect from the United Nations (United Nazionists) and their Zionistic Ruling Crime Cabals and Global Occult Governments with their insane and crazy – unrealistic – New World Order – objective. Extreme Crimes against Humanity have been committed by US Airforce, US Military and US Navy, NSA/CIA/DIA/DOD/BND/BKA/FBI and Arpa/Pentagon Inc./Vatican Inc. / Zion and all other European/Five Eyes Corporate Alphabet Gangs, Corporate Military Contractors, Tech Corporations, Countless of different Universities partaking in ruthless torture, r & d, Silicon Valley 1 and 2, Fusion Centers and Crime Agencies and Main Major Military Contractors like Halliburton and also the Big Pharma Companies who are in the same boat that use innocent empowered individuals as guinea pigs or try to damage potential competitors in different market areas like the music business, it security industry, software dev or it security business, esoteric or spiritual market (Guru Mafia) and independent global media journalism and the political activism arena, also all kinds of independent (non-state-sponsored) inventors and private innovators (without corporate slavery cartel dependency) that could stop the retarded Oil-Cartel-Anti-Gravity-Cover Up Truman-Hellywood-Distraction-Show, and also physicians, people who are researchers in quantum physics and general new physics, to first torture them with Directed Energy Weapons and then poison them with Psychotropic Drugs Witch Poison Pharmakia….and naturally they try to subdue all independent world-record breaking super geniuses, mystics, freedom and liberation bringing Godmen/Bhagawans/Magicians/Jagagdgurus/Boddhisattvas and enlightened Buddhas/Political Activists/Avatars etc. ..either because they are moronic, envious or retarded or feel that these people could threaten their insane dystopia…Sophia Kundalini will either way crash and crunch and munch your New World Order Essay… The Goddess is a 1000 fold stronger than you little men with your high tech torture machines.
The Major Internet Companies are all involved in either censoring, inhibiting, sabotaging, implanting, spying, mind-reading, bci-cybernetic warfare like attacking people, mind-brain-intruding or mind-brain-controlling people, ai-automatized spy-response advertizing etc..etc.. in favor of Zion Occult Government ZOG/GOG/RCC aka NWO Pentagon Inc., also most websides that are hosted by CLOUD14, incl. Youtube, Facebook, Paypal, Yahoo, Google, Wikipedia and naturally Microsoft which are basically all fronts for the Alphabet Gangs and what I termed: Pathocratic Internetocracy.

“SECURITY: 11.02.2010”
It sounds like something a wild-eyed basement-dweller would come up with, after he complained about the fit of his tinfoil hat. But military bureaucrats really are asking scientists to help them “degrade enemy performance” by attacking the brain’s “chemical pathways.” Let the conspiracy theories begin.
Late last month, the Air Force Research Laboratory’s 711th Human Performance Wing revamped a call for research proposals examining “Advances in Bioscience for Airmen Performance.” It’s a six-year, $49 million effort to deploy extreme neuroscience and biotechnology in the service of warfare.
One suggested research thrust is to use “external stimulant technology to enable the airman to maintain focus on aerospace tasks and to receive and process greater amounts of operationally relevant information.” (Something other than modafinil, I guess.) Another asks scientists to look into “fus[ing] multiple human sensing modalities” to develop the “capability for Special Operations Forces to rapidly identify human-borne threats.” No, this is not a page from The Men Who Stare at Goats.
But perhaps the oddest, and most disturbing, of the program’s many suggested directions is the one that notes: “Conversely, the chemical pathway area could include methods to degrade enemy performance and artificially overwhelm enemy cognitive capabilities.” That’s right: the Air Force wants a way to fry foes’ minds – or at least make ’em a little dumber.”
“This is what the Zionists have planned for the rest of us. This is what taking everything digital, the SMART grid with 5G is about.”

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