Timeline Manipulation, Reptilian Invasion of Human Love Relationships, The Great Human Awakening

“Timeline Manipulation, Reptilian Invasion of Human Love Relationships, The Great Human Awakening”
Conspiracy Revelation: 1.5.2019: Truest words…Dragons are lovely and not how they brainwashed people to believe. Especially the Dragon Mother called Kundalini, they are protectors against Evil Invasion.
“Dragons have existed throughout the universe and are protector beings of Eden realms – such as Gaia was originally created to be. ”
“The material being discussed here is quite provocative and could be quite triggering. I share it with the suggestion that, as always, you run it through your own filters. See what resonates. Discuss it with others. Discernment and validation of oracular information are best done as communal acts.”
“Key to this story are the reptilians, so bear with me as I give some background. The reptilians are an interdimensional race of beings that look like reptoid creatures and that are extremely aggressive, large, and frightening to humans and many other interdimensional beings.
We have actually seen these beings in many of our mythological stories. They occasionally pop up in cinematography, as well, just to offer a threatening hello.
There are numerous people alive on the planet today who have reported having direct encounters with these beings, and who assert that such interdimensionals are involved in a huge power network with influential families and major governmental, corporate, and religious institutions.
The reptilians feed off the fear and misery of other beings, including humans. They are all about conquest and power over others. They are also all about violative sexuality.
How did the reptilians themselves come to be? Len Kasten reports in one of his books that a group of Native Americans were told by an interdimensional visitor of a galactic history in which reptilians were created from “dragonflies.”
What I’ve received that this is an incomplete version of the story. The reptilians themselves were genetically engineered by fallen angelics out of dragon DNA.
Dragons have existed throughout the universe and are protector beings of Eden realms – such as Gaia was originally created to be. The unfortunate creation of reptilians led to cosmic warfare between the reptilians and the dragons (encoded in stories such as Zeus’s victory over Typhon), thus resulting in the eradication of many of the protector beings of this sector of the universe, and this planet in particular.
It also resulted in a mass universal confusion among even the highest-level light beings as to what constitutes a dragon and what constitutes a reptilian. Thus we have numerous stories of beings mistakenly killing dragons when they thought they were killing reptilians. This deliberately fomented confusion is something that is now being brought to our awareness.
Humans are having “the scales fall from our eyes,” so to speak, as we become conscious of the anti-dragon programming embedded in such stories.”
“The Reptilian Takeover of Planet Earth
Mother Earth, Gaia, had created an original form of humans all on her own, whose closest relations are the “Aboriginals” of Australia and the Bushmen and Pygmies of Africa. There were also other types of the original Gaiaic people peppered around the planet, which are the ancestors of many of the indigenous peoples on the planet today.
These beings, along with certain mammals that had emerged on Gaia, were identified as laboratory animals by various interdimensional beings who wanted to conduct genetic experimentation. This led to successive experiments and seedings on the part of these extraterrestrial beings, at their most positive to create divine humans, and at their most negative to serve other types of selfish agendas. Some of it has been “research for the sake of research,” or to test out certain things that could be improved upon and perfected and imported to the planets or domains of the ET orchestrators.
The reptilians were one type of being that became involved in this experimentation. The original humans of Gaia (Neaderthals, for example) were subsequently either induced to mix with these other humanoid experiments so as to insert other types of DNA into them, or they were violently eradicated by these new hybrids, which were eventually bred to become homo sapiens sapiens. The latter, “doubly wise humans,” have the greatest percentage of reptilian DNA in them.”
““Reptilian brain,” indeed.
The Caucasian version of homo sapiens sapiens has a particularly high percentage of reptilian DNA, which is why this group has become such an invasive species on the planet. Certain peoples emerging out of this grouping have been especially virulent in spreading violence and male domination agendas.
For example, we have archaeological and now genetic records from at least 5000 years ago attesting to the sudden advent of a human group that swept down from the Russian steppes and invaded the indigenous peoples of the world. This new group, which was warfaring, patriarchal, and venerating of “sky gods” (rather than Mother Earth), came to be called the “kurgans” owing to the name given by archeologists to their style of graves. The kurgans continued coming downward in wave after wave over thousands of years, disrupting the indigenous peoples of Europe, the Middle East, Russia, and North Africa.
Why were these peoples so aggressive and patriarchal? Because they represent another seeding by extraterrestrial beings, particularly by male reptilians.
These kurgans mixed with many of the other earlier “experiments” – a.k.a. “races” – that were being cultivated in what was intended to be sequestered areas of the world. The advent of the reptilian DNA into these experiments has thus created even greater havoc on the planet, as will be explained in what follows.”

Why did the reptilians come to this planet? Part of the reason has to do with sex wars between the males and females in their domain of origin, which is in the Orion constellation.
Reptilian male-female relationships are characterized by strife, jealousy, and competition. The game is all about wounding the other party emotionally, the more deeply the better. For all of their aggression and seeming lack of empathy, the reptilians do still have emotion, particularly the females.
When they get into deep emotional conflict, reptilians can call upon two physiological characteristics during sex that render the act a life and death battle.”
“While reptilian females are more emotionally vulnerable than the males…”
“This physiological characteristic is what has allowed female reptilians to gain the upper hand on their planets in the Orion constellation. Whenever a male presents as overly hostile, untamable, two-timing, or dastardly, the female can sexually arouse the male, thereby rendering him “weak in the knees,” something that can be done easily, almost against the will of the male reptilian. The female can then mount the disabled male..”
“As a result of this state of affairs, the male reptilians have left the Orion constellation in hordes, seeking out dominion, and particularly sexual gratification, elsewhere.”
“The Reptilians vs. the Pleiades
Mytho-history affirms that the Orions’ (aka reptilians’) journey out into other domains was in large part driven by their seeking sexual gratification. We hear in the Greek record, for example, that they kept trying to rape the Seven Sisters ­– a particular grouping of high-level female beings from the Pleiadian constellation.
We learn from that story that Zeus protected the Pleiades from being raped. What I receive is that he was actually protecting the Pleiades from a total reptilian takeover. But there was a price …– the Seven Sisters had to..participate in the reptilian genetic experimentation on earth. They had to strike a bargain or the entire Pleaides would be taken down.”
“Zeus was in fact a reptilian overlord who had gained supremacy over this part of the universe by defeating the great dragon being Typhon, who was parthenogentically born of his mother Hera (one of Zeus’s conscripted “wives”). That clash resulted in the reptilians taking over the dragon realms, one of which was Earth.”
“While earlier Pleiades seedings on Earth were intended to help create “divine humans,” once they got entangled with Zeus in this horrific compromise, at least two of the Seven Sisters, Electra and Taygete, were called to have their wombs used to create part-reptilian sons of Zeus on the planet. This was done against their will…Thus the seed of the reptilians into the human family spread from there.”
“The ancient mytho-hystory, particularly of the Greco-Roman era, also tells us of continued “rapes” of human priestesses by Zeus and other marauding interdimensional beings, which resulted in the continuing spread of reptilian seed on the planet. My books The Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece and Virgin Mother Goddesses of Antiquity lay out this information in great detail.
Because of the Pleiades’ involvement in one of these seedings, this star system now has karma with humanity that it is trying to clear. Some of the beings from the Pleiades have been attempting to do so by telepathically teaching humans what the Pleiades are famous for in their highest form: unity consciousness, ascension techniques, and appreciation of the Feminine.”
“They are also trying to teach us how to change our DNA back to its most divine level, to leach out the reptilian aspects and other unhelpful influences. At its simplest level, this can be done through a meditation practice in which we apply golden light to our DNA with the intention to clear and upgrade it, as well as through the use of healing sound vibration, certain foods, and other means that will be discovered and developed.
All of these remedies and more, which I will discuss a bit more at the end of this article, will allow us to realign with the Divine and help Gaia be relieved of the reptilian attack.”
“Reptilian Invasion of Human Love Relationships
Hormones were one nasty chemical trail inserted into humans via one reptilian experiment to create receptors for these beings and their demonic minions (lower-level entities) to hook into humans and partake of sexual energies. The more violating the act, the more energetic food for them.
Prior to this, humans could enjoy sensual connection through a kind of kinetic touch or a tantric energy merging. After the insertion of hormones into the human system, sexual acts become restricted almost exclusively to the intercourse variety, because the tormenting hormonal surges would only be temporarily assuaged and reset through the conjoining of the loins and the orgasm.
On top of that, humans struggle and fight in romantic relationships because we carry the memory imprint of love strife and sex warfare between reptilian males and females in our reptilian DNA. So sex and relationships ­– what should be a domain of genuine pleasure and love – for us have in large part become a zone of warfare. This has set the template for same-sex relationships, as well.
The reptilians have seeded war in the bedrooms between humans so that it is guaranteed to spread out everywhere. Warfare creates trauma. Trauma spreads inter-generationally and continues to foment negative emotion – that is, food for the reptilians and other spirit meddlers to this domain.
As Freud pointed out, though he may not have been aware of the origin of it…Because Earth is primarily a male reptilian zone, humans have been programmed…”
“Timeline Manipulation”
“Through this practice they are able to insert alternative timelines .. into people’s memories.”
“As victims of timeline manipulation begin to “re-experience” these events through the pulling out of the “memory line,” the reptilians and their spirit meddlers receive the same kind of energetic food as if it had taken place in the person’s organic timeline. In fact, apparently timeline insertion has become a very economical way for reptilians to spread the trauma grid throughout the planet. It takes less energy for them to do this than to work in linear time as it is experienced on Earth.”

“Because we have been programmed into seeing time as strictly linear and immutable, for the most part we have not been able to even understand that such manipulations are possible. So this phenomenon has gone on undetected for quite some time.”
“And as alluded to earlier, sometimes the episodes in people’s organic timelines do not even fully take place in three-dimensional reality. They can be orchestrated by the reptilians and their spirit minions in the dream space, or in some kind of quasi-astral domain. All of this leaves people confused as to whether the episode really happened – yet the emotional impact is very real for all parties involved.”
“Hormones & Overpopulation
Before the advent of hormones into the human form, people did not feel compelled to procreate. Once hormones came in, they became obsessed with the sex act (a reptilian characteristic), leading to rampant procreation that has resulted in severe overpopulation on planet earth. This is partly why the astral guardians are encouraging our awakening now with great effort.
Menopausal women, who are released from the grip of hormones, can think more clearly – and therefore are able to become even more receptive to divine information. This is why the reptilians have led an attack on older women by creating cultural programming in which such women are dismissed.
Other negative beings who have worked the human experiment have been fans of the rampant expansion of the human race(s) for other reasons. More humans have meant more emotional problems, which has meant more food for these beings. More humans have also meant more slaves for various other agendas on the planet, like destroying Gaia herself by ripping out her hair, nails, and blood, and poisoning her circulatory system.
Gaia is a great being, a great goddess, and negative interdimensional being such as the reptilians are keen on feeding off such feminine beings in their blazing trail to take over large swaths of the universe.”
“The Great Human Awakening
Gaia has been screaming for assistance and for us to awaken so that we may release the reptilians and their negative minions and agendas, including the sexual one, from the planet.
Although some claim that this has already happened, we will only know that it is taken place when there is no more sexual predation and denigration of the Feminine on Earth.
This brings us back to men and women. Metoo is part of the great awakening here, the “saying no until it ends” that the Feminine must do for the sake of the wounded Masculine.
Why is the masculine so wounded? Because human males carry a larger proportion of male reptilian energy than human women do. This was by the design of the male reptilian seeders so that they could assure male supremacy over planet earth and reduce the likelihood that females would ascend to dominion.
Hence, all stories of female figures in power – including goddesses – have systematically been removed, denigrated, or diminished throughout much of the planet. And the eradication program has continued with the holocausting of indigenous peoples, who often lived in peaceful matriarchal social systems. Along with this, stories of the rebellious Amazons have been rendered as fiction, and such real women were snuffed out in armed combat.”
“..Women have also been infiltrated to do so..”
“DNA alteration through organic means – again, through the visualization that we are sending golden light to our DNA in meditation with the intention of clearing and upgrading it, through sound vibration and the special use of crystals, and more – will increasingly develop as a healing practice as we move forward. Begin to use your intention and imagination. See what comes to you as you get into this practice. Implement the tools and share them.
In concert with this, we need to do the deep emotional healing – because reptilians and other spirit meddlers can only continue to hook into our energy fields where we have the emotional tears, rips, and weaknesses. Trauma work, grief work, and inner child work need to be done now in a committed way in order to allow those repairs to happen. Self-love practices will allow us to move into deeper levels of consciousness and cultivate our awakening.
Thus, in a paradoxical sense, the reptilian overlordship on earth has provided a great opportunity for souls that have accrued karma to come here to do the healing that will allow that karma to be resolved.
The development of tantric sexual healing approaches will also be a critical part of this assuagement. Such approaches, globally taught, will allow us to work with sexuality energetically and not just genitally. This will help restore the pleasure principle and reduce the rampant overpopulation that is taxing Gaia.”
“Regarding the reptilians’ insertion of artificial timelines… the first step in healing here is to work with psychic practitioners who understand how to remove timelines from a person’s space…this is an area that ripe for investigation and development by psychic and spiritual healers.”
“We can continue to call on Mother Divine, the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, and our highest-level Masters and interdimensional allies to provide us with help and further information on all of this. Thus, cultivating our ability to receive information in oracular ways is also important for this great healing.
Such healing remedies for this reptilian plague will continue to evolve as more of us awaken to the possibility of the historical timeline that has been outlined here.
With many blessings,
Source: https://www.sevensistersmysteryschool.com/reptilian-sex-war-planet-earth/

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