Pulling Energy from the Vacuum – Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden

“Pulling Energy from the Vacuum – Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden”

“Well, in the 1950s particle physicists discovered, wu and others, discovered broken symmetry, they
discovered how fundamental a process something like this dipole is where we separate two opposite kinds of charges..any dipole is a broken symmetry and the Furious exchange with the vacuum, is a broken three-dimensional symmetry, what does this mean? Cutting through all the words getting down to country boy language, it
means that nature does not insist on conserving energy in three dimensions, we do, because we have a three-dimensional mind, we like to think in terms of space, because observation itself destroys time and what we look at is special, so we like to think the world is made of space, not space-time, however nature loves to work in four dimensions, her fundamental law is conservation of energy must apply in four dimensions, you’re not going to
beat that one, so never think about that, but there is no law of nature that requires you to come in and say also it
must apply simultaneously in three dimensions, if we build some gadget that makes it apply in three dimensions, we
apply an extra constraint on what nature will give us, turning that around we go around building things that insist on having this three dimensional exchange of energy, we got to put it in in three dimensions for whatever we get out and lose some in the middle, so we got a terrible situation, all the way, it’s called entropic engineering, we always got entropy beating us to death, never go over unity, forget it, lose a lot, we talk about efficiencies at 30% and so forth, for our power systems when we talk about burning the coal and all that stuff, but nature doesn’t require you to do that, all you have to do is break a little bit of this 3 symmetry set of chains where
you have tied her feet to the floor, once you break the flow in three dimensions you no longer have to conserve energy in three dimensions the basic conservation of energy is an inflow from four dimensions outflow in three dimensions from the fourth dimension and converted and flowed out into three and that one is free giant Negentropy is free, nature will start reorganizing a goodly percentage of the whole vacuum for you spreading it to speed of light and will continue it as long as you leave to dipole alone, the original charges in dipoles in original matter of the universe have been putting out energy and reorganizing the vacuum for 15 billion years. (Tom Bearden)”
“Today, we’re said, we can’t engineer negentropy, when Negentropy is the easiest thing in the world engineered,
whereas entropy is the hard way to do it and that’s the way we all do it, the bottom line of this is if will initiate a negative entropy and let it go, it’s just like you punched a hole in the ground and you got a big gusher of oil, you don’t have to furnish the pressure and you don’t have to furnish the oil, here it comes and it comes out and real all that you can use and the common dipole in every electrical circuit pours out energy in that fashion, the problem is not how to get enormous energy from the vacuum, that problem then totally solved it was actually solved in 1903 had we understood it, had we understood what Whitaker wrote, we didn’t, but now we do understand it and we do certify a very rigorously with some of the AIS papers, that that is for real, the problem
now is how do we catch a goodly bit of this energy and use it asymmetrically… (Tom Bearden)”
“Tesla’s career at that point when Morgan found out that he Tesla was going to produce the energy freely, small cost
here at a central location everybody else could tap it for free, it wouldn’t have powered the whole world today, it would have powered much of the world in those days. Tesla also were pretty sure put a system in the car and
ran a car on it and the reason we were pretty sure is his nephew who rode in the car with him is still alive and can
describe the incident and how the engine had no gas, no input of power and would still run once the Tesla got it started and we know it’s perfectly possible Tesla apparently knew how to use this giant negentropy proces, that
universal energy is free for the taking from the vacuum anywhere you want it we just have to learn to use that
some of the breakthroughs in the past have been deliberately suppressed. (Tom Bearden)”
“All kinds of skullduggery that happened there I don’t think Henry Morley ever got a decent chance to ever do anything with that the Russians even tried to kidnap him at one time it reads like a James Bond Movie, but it’s real , it really happened and it really happened here in the United States, this was before the war, it was in the 1930s. (Tom Bearden)”
“The theory is there many papers are published on this in the Russian scientific literature, they built what we
call parametric oscillators, they have an scillator going and they change in the middle of they switch the actual
inductance or capacitance or both of the things, so it becomes a self-oscillation device and they reached..goodly power for that with those days of 1500 kilowatt devices. There are many ways of looking at the suppression that´s occurred in this area and certainly I do not wish to talk about it myself and I´ve been a victim of quite a bit of suppression, so has any other legitimate researcher in this area, all I can do is give you my ideas and drawn from my own experiences and what I think it is and where I think it´s coming from. Today we don´t have so much big kingdoms, today we have big economic programs, big economic countries, basically we have cartels, we have a whole set of cartels in an area interlocking corporations and behind this we have a few people who are quite wealthy and who own most things. Now the normal nature of the beast for very powerful empires, let´s call that an empire, it´s a corporate Empire, a set of Corporations, Empires, basically a Cartel.
Historically, as far back as you want to go, we´ve had cartels, anytime we have a very powerful cartel or set of
people to control a lot of things that resists any means of changing its inflow of control and is inflow of funds and money and its power …everybody´s trying to be the big monkey, it´s really as simple as that and so the more powerful the agency, the more powerful the group and powerful the cartel, the more they will resort not only to legal means, but to extra legal means to suppress their competition … this is an open known today for example the greatest espionage in the world is industrial espionage between one corporation and another right here in America. They´re the onesZthat hire all the spies and the spooky equipment and everything like that by far more than that Intel agents do, so that´s one thing we have we have the giant industrial or really cartel economic cartels in energy and it´s not one cartels there are many many groups in energy and each of those has become very powerful in its own area and each one does not wish to see simple little electrical taps pulling out enormous energy from the vacuum they would much rather see you burning a lot more oil and so forth so yes there´s a in my view
there is a very active suppression effort by those kinds of folks, part of that goes into very unique areas, they
don´t do it so more so much, it´s not totally mafia type stuff, it´s not like— you just flat get shot, there´s
some of that but one of the main reason it is they take a deep psychological profile of an individual that they wish to suppress what it means is I really wish to get him entangled in all kinds of difficulties he can´t get out of.
Now a good trait from a human being standpoint may be a very valuable trait to somebody who wishes to manipulate you , for example suppose you´re easy to approach that´s a vulnerability that´s a serious vulnerability so one´s deep
psychological profile is examined in great depth by real experts…so anyway that you do not have good knowledge or you do not have ability or you have a vulnerability, they call them vulnerabilities then they arrange
scenarios. just like you would write a movie, in fact they do it with computers, all is computerized and in this scenario we have we write a play where this particular vulnerability is going to be exploited in the target.
Now they keep deep psychological profiles on lots of useful fellows these are people who basically have knee-jerk reactions or something or their radical or they have some kind of way they interact which if could be connected with you would be in the area we wish the interaction to occur to get you off into something else totally different what you´re doing so the next thing you know here all it takes to set that up maybe a phone call and stimulate the interaction to occur and then the controllers sit back and watch the game go, it´s gaming, but it´s just like right watching a movie scenario one of these days would probably write a book on gaming and how it´s done and what kind of the main games they can use but I can tell you they´re very effective you can get so many different games from so many different walks of life by so many charming folks who are really oily characters that you would not believe it
and those come at you in Mass and usually they bury you, they bury you off in the courts, they bury off they get you
tricked into doing an illegal act. (Tom Bearden)”
“Maybe 2006… but I believe by 2008 we will see the world economy collapse, now about a year before that, as the
economies are crumbling, not everything runs up in like a square wave collapses in one instant, as they start to crumble, in distress on all these populations and all these leaders and all these nations increases so much, desperate people will do anything, desperate leaders, particularly fanatical leaders will do anything, what will happen is the conflicts will increase and escalate and they will start to use the weapons they have in those conflicts and there’s about 25 nations now according to the Secretary of Defense coined that have mass destruction weapons…so all kinds of things, people that are
in poor nations that can’t afford nukes, have biological weapons but about 25 and it’s growing all the time has weapons of mass destructions now by the way those weapons are already in our large populations. (Tom Bearden)”
“Read the book, all our big cities, as far as I’m concerned,
in population centers already have weapons of mass destruction , hidden in them, we call it .. Deadman fusing and so all the nations have Deadman fused one another one way or
another and all the old studies showed that in a heightened tension great conflicts and high tension, whenever they
start popping the nuclear weapons or the weapons of mass destruction, you have a very formidable thing that happens to
you. Nobody has defenses… mutual assured destruction is a funny acronym. (Tom Bearden)”

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