SIMON PARKES ~ "E.T. Alien Masters – A.I. Matrix Prison & Universal Consciousness" [Age Of Truth TV]

“SIMON PARKES ~ “E.T. Alien Masters – A.I. Matrix Prison & Universal Consciousness” [Age Of Truth TV]”
“He said to me that he turned down the knighthood simply because they would control him, he said: if I accept the knighthood they will forever control me, so he refused it so he had principles and that’s why he decided that the Freemasonry ladder had reached a point where he felt that he had to say goodbye.. the the 33rd level is the last of the public levels it’s the last level that is open and obvious what people do not understand I’m afraid is that you could be a level 15 or a level 17 but you could be a member of the Illuminati in other words you are carrying a number or a figure which is in plain sight but in reality you are a member of the secret organization at the top level, so for instance the great white Brotherhood or any of the other magic groups there exist technically above level 33, but you don’t have to be above level 33 to be in this secret group you could be a new and you initiate you could come in and be a freemason for six months but they a fast-track you. (Simon Parkes)”
“I have been in public a good year before I stood and people said: we’re not interested in your alien experiences, we like you, because you get the street lights working, you get
the holes in the roads fixed and we get our trash taken away on time and that was very interesting for me. (Simon Parkes)”
“What happened in 2012, 2013 was I was invited to one of the most top-secret military bases in Great Britain which is called
filing Dales space radar and we’re given a tour and what I understand is that there is one faction of the military
which is good which is trying to support me and there’s one faction which is bad which doesn’t want me being open and honest so I get hel, I get hindrances so to answer your
question there are some people behind me trying to get me on my way and there are others that are trying to stop me so it
depends which one of those groups is is in charge at the time. (Simon Parkes)”
“I think it was very well known in security circles that I was having alien experiences, my mother told me that there
were two lists on the earth. There was a list that the military had of every real alien experiencer or abductee, so the
military had lists of all genuine experiencers, then they had a second list where the aliens had said that these
people belong to us, in other words the Aliens said to the military: You have no jurisdiction over these people, you can’t intervene and I understand that I’m in the second list, so
sure if I park badly I’m going to get a ticket, not that I’m not subject to the laws, just like everybody else, but when it comes to these very interesting decisions or off-planet experiences I’m absolutely convinced that the security services
of Great Britain were fully aware of the alien experiences I’m getting and therefore their job was to watch and monitor, but their job was not to become involved. (Simon Parkes)”
“How can you actually have an alien lover, how does that work? Is that like a dimensional shift or an out-of-body
experience that you experience in a trance or is it actually physical?”
“It can be both, you can.. have your energy body taken from your physical body and you can interact on that energy level or you can actually interact in the physical body, some of the work I’ve done with some of my
clients who have been affected by reptilian lovers, they claim to be bodyguards, but in actual fact that they
say they’re lovers and that is on an energy level, so again it’s very common and it’s all about what they call the
breeding program, it’s all literally about trying to create living creatures that can contain a wide range of souls,
whether they’re human or or reptilian or feline, it doesn’t matter, they’re trying to find a physical form that can survive on the planet, because at the moment most hybridized beings have a very short lifespan. A clone has a very tiny lifespan, but hybridized creatures can last maybe 10-15 years, so they’re continually looking for genetics that might allow those physical bodies to last longer. (Simon Parkes)”
“Some of the people that are your clients actually have experience real-life sex with reptilians.”
“Yes, because apart from the reptilians that is an energy point, but remember that humans have the
capability to connect to 12 strands of DNA, so that means that 12 strands, 12 different groups of aliens that have a
strong human connection and humans and these group of 12 are biologically compatible. Remember that when we had the
the Roswell crash in 1947 and a fourth-dimensional spacecraft physically crashed in New Mexico, there were
physical metal remains and physical alien bodies although those creatures existed in the fourth dimension, so we
know that these beings can not only come here in an energy form, but they can manifest in the physical form, it’s very easy to come down the ladder: five, four, three, it’s incredibly hard to go up the ladder, so these aliens can
come and visit us, but it’s very hard for us to go into their world so how did you. (Simon Parkes)”
“The most psychic alien are the reptilians, that´s a problem, that´s why they´re a problem, a reptilian will know what you´re thinking almost at the same time you will, they are the one creature that literally can almost outthink you to speed, the Mantis, there´s a delay, so if I think something there would be, maybe, I don´t know, a quarter second delay before he will pick that up, but with a reptilian, at the moment I think it they think it and that´s a problem, because lots of humans can´t defend themselves against reptilian. (Simon Parkes)(2019)(22.4.)”
“The Reptilians don´t want those resources, they don´t need them, what the Reptilians want is the energy of
humanity, they want physical bodies, they want people and they want the DNA, that´s what they´re after, they´re not
interested necessarily in uranium or gold or silver, that´s what earth humans want, aliens want a material that to them is far more valuable. (Simon Parkes)(2019)(22.4.)”
“So what about Hollow Earth theories and Agartha, Shambala?”
“Admiral Byrd went there and ..had a very difficult time, Adolf Hitler was very familiar with what was down there and sent a lot of his equipment down there the Tibetan Monks were also familiar but that’s Antarctica, that’s separate from the Hollow Earth, we mustn’t get these two confused. Agartha or Hollow Earth is a place where
humans went after the collapse of Atlantis, the other communities are Lemuria or MU and more Lemurians or
those from MU went to Agartha than Atlanteans, maybe only 10% of the survivors of Atlantis went to the Hollow Earth,
whereas very many from Lemuria or MU went to the Hollow Earth, so don’t let’s get the two mixed up and Antarctica contains evil.. the information, the communications, the technology in Antarctica has come from a very evil source, but the technology itself is not evil, but its history is not good, whereas the Hollow Earth is a very spiritual place, so the two are different… I have seen cities … I’ve seen the visions of that as you described, but physically I have no memory of that physically I remember cities under the earth.. when Atlantis fell there were many thousands of years and then Lemuria fell, the reason that these great civilizations fell is because humanity
outstripped its spiritual connection and those of us who realized that we couldn’t be trusted at that time because
we didn’t want any communication with anyone else..we didn’t want to communicate with the the Atlanteans, because of what had happened, particularly in Atlantis, so, we like a monastery, we all took ourselves off, because we didn’t want to be seen, we didn’t want to see the world we needed a long time on our own and then after a great period of time number of us decided that we owed it to the rest of the surface dwellers to come back out ..please don’t make the same mistake again and we want to try and come out and help and direct you so that you don’t make the
same mistakes, so that’s many thousands of years ago and the Hollow Earth today contains beings that are in energy form I know that there’s names like Telos etc etc.. and there’s connections to Mount Shasta. Many of the spiritual places on the Planet, there are these underground tunnels and the military have attempted to hack into those tunnels, so that’s another story.. it wasn’t in this lifetime, I wouldn’t have enough time to to do all these things. Well, Atlantean was Divine Feminine and Lemuria was Masculine,…that’s why actually the Catholic faith don’t like women, that’s why witches were burned in the Middle Ages, because women have something that men don’t have, Atlantean women had the capability to leave this dimension and go into other realms, men couldn’t easily do it, so the church wish to exclude women, because women had a power that men didn’t have and that’s why men used the physical strength to dominate a female, because females are generally physically weaker, but are spiritually more capable than men that’s why the church turned on women, because they couldn’t control do. (Simon Parkes)(2019)(22.4.)”
“Lucas, you are very very spiritual yourself, you’re at a very high level … you are 12th strands, 12 dimensional, you’re both psychic and spiritual, you are uncorruptible, the soul in your body is 100% good, there’s no
evil in you. (Simon Parkes)(2019)(22.4.)”
Nate Smith: vor 2 Tagen: Excellent informative and inspiring video…
Jan Matthews: vor 2 Tagen: Phenomenal, brilliant!

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