Jordan Maxwell 2019 : EBEs, Other Dimensions , Our Reality is a Computer Program
“Jordan Maxwell 2019 : EBEs, Other Dimensions , Our Reality is a Computer Program”
Conspiracy Revelation: What Jordan Maxwell means with Divine Matrix Force is the Thoth – Kundalini – Machine and that is 100% Proven and Real.
I don’t want people programming me but I do think that there is some kind of otherworldly for lack of a better term computerized system of life that’s being directed toward us and we
are living out some kind of a program that’s already been laid out many many thousands if not millions of years ago but in that program is room for extraterrestrial life-forms who have
come here from other worlds and I’m totally sure that they are here and within that major big program there’s all kinds of openings all sorts of strange things to happen.
I had a friend many years ago that I haven’t talked to him in a long time but I had a friend many years ago back in the early 90s that he had the ability he was very talented and it was
was blessed with an ability to see the future but he was so incredible that he could tell you what’s going to happen to you a year from now and he would give you the date and the day and the hour
and where you will be and who are you going to be with and what you’re going to be wearing and what that person is going to be wearing and what that band what that person is going to say and
what you going to answer when you going to say this and that person and they’re going to say this to you as such and then this is going to happen and that’s gonna happen and with that kind of
detail every time he would tell me something like that a year later exactly like he said in the same place he said and the same place with the same person exactly the way he said it was going to
happen they said what they or he said they were going to say and without thinking I just answered and then I remember that’s what he said I was going to say, so I’m saying when I tell people
this most people ask me the wrong question… the proper question is the fact that he can do it what does that tell you about your personal freedom you don’t have any freedom if we’ve been programmed so tightly that somebody who can read that program can go in and tell you where you’re gonna be in a you’re from there and what you’re gonna be wearing and where you’re gonna be
and on what corner you go beyond and what car you’re gonna be in and what the person driving is going to be wearing or what they’re going to say to you and what you learning to say to them that’s
not being able to see the future that’s off the wall knowing that kind of detail how is it possible to know that kind of detail, well, maybe it’s because it’s part of a computerized program and there’s nothing you’re gonna do to change it period, and somebody has a had their computer computerized brain somehow another has tapped into the Wi-Fi unit and gone down the line for another year and the computer and see what’s gonna happen, somebody can do that and if they have that ability and we say they can read the Akashic record, they can read the record of the universe and tell you your future. I do know people who have that ability, I don’t know if they still do it but they did have that ability at one time and I know that tells me that our life is not what we think it is we are not who we think we are we’re not free you think you’re free to do this you’re free to do that you’re free to do what is in the computerized program period, that’s what your freedom is, so what does that imply for your future? (Jordan Maxwell)(2019)(1)”
Well, it implies a very narrow path of places you could go in it and I kind of was already thinking about this idea because you know there’s a lot of people that talk about what CERN is and the d-wave and basically what that is they’re using those two technologies in combination, the d-wave is going down so far into the subatomic level and then using that as a quantum computer, but they’re pulling information from somewhere and they can’t explain where that somewhere is and then like you said there’s there’s so many things that are pretty much a scientist have admitted there is a
computer program out there that makes everything run and that’s why we have things like you know Phi and and Pi and all of these constants that are part of the program. I heard you say an interesting thing the other day though and I wanted to ask is it possible that there’s multiple programs going on like you’re talking about that there’s a little bit of room for extraterrestrials
to come kind of and maybe manipulate the program and the reason I was thinking about that is because you were talking about how a lot of people have noticed that the planet Saturn is kind of like a
satellite dish and then you know like from a certain angle it would look like an eye and so that would be like kind of focusing this program or this Wi-Fi right on to and why it’s so important
that all of these old people always paid attention and worship Saturn where the information came from and then now it’s to a new effect like I don’t know if you know Elon Musk has just put up a or
maybe not they’re not all up but he plans to put 11,000 microwave satellites to be in constant Wi-Fi down to the earth and then there’s another company that’s putting 20,000 of these 5g
beaming microwave…the technology is going to be not only coming from your neighborhood but from space beamed down right on you so we’re now we’re in a bubble of microwave radiation that’s programmed with the computer program so it’s constantly sending data and we know that our body interacts with that like you were saying we’re a computer ourselves and now it
seems like they’ve found a way to cut us off in a way from the program that’s already being beamed in naturally to to you to be a an animal or a human or whatever on each of these planets you know you’re getting a program that tells life how to unfold, but now it seems like there’s multiple parties trying to get their own programming in there or maybe cut the other one off.”
“Well, I’ll tell you one thing that I’ll tell you one thing I know for sure is that there’s no doubt in my mind at all because of what I’ve seen and heard from all kinds of people
around the world over the years I’ve heard it many times from many people in many countries telling me of their personal experiences and this is and that is there’s no doubt in my mind
there are competing dimensions, we are we are living in a multi-dimensional life, while we are living here on this earth every day in our life, there are other worlds of activity going on right here in front of you you just don’t see it but there are other histories other than things which are happening in another world that are happening right here with you and once in a while as life would have it our computerized brain just for some reason can pick up on a signal which is it happens in computers they will pick up on a different program and switch over for a moment you say I just screwed up the computer you screwed up and went to another place why the reason why the computer screwed up and went to another place is because there is
another place that the computer could go to it wasn’t supposed to but it could if you knew about it and you directed the computer to go there it would be there was there anyway and so when you’re
looking at the computer or looking this way something happens it popped over there for a moment and you see something over there that you weren’t expecting and it comes back.
The mere fact you could do that is because there is in fact something over there that the computer is designed to connect and so I think that there are other dimensions right here on the earth that
living with us right now so while we’re sitting here talking there could be another dimension that’s 10,000 years old maybe 30 thousand years old a hundred thousand years old that’s happening right now and that if you could see it that you would see dinosaurs and you will see all kinds of after all things going on on the earth if you could see it but your brain is not designed like a computer to just go one place at a time but I have seen things with my own eyes there are not of this world and I know what I saw and I’m not stupid I know what it was that I saw and it was not of
this world and I have heard too many other intelligent people highly placed intelligent people tell me the same thing about their life that they have seen things from another time in another
place and exactly they will right in the middle of it and then they came back like a time machine you know you come back to the reality you live again well where the hell will you just know
how a couple of hours ago when you were in another world experiencing another world system and another place and then the universe where were you and now you’ve come back you know well in point
of fact you didn’t go anywhere you were bright here to start with the computer is sitting on the table it has a gardening web but it picked up on another program in another universe and
you were part of it you were there so that implies. (Jordan Maxwell)(2019)(1)”
“…and the past couple of years the Catholic Church has been saying that in their opinion and they’re only saying that only about Italy but it tells you what they
think of the whole world and they’re saying and that and this is coming from this group of people… they say that half of Italy right now is possessed with some some other
kind of entity you know whatever they I guess they’re claiming it’s demons…they have these other entities”
“Bella Masri: vor 1 Monat: Thanks For having Jordan Maxwell as a guest on your Show 👏 you know its Rude to keep Speaking knowing Mr Maxwell is Trying to get a word in and then you make it worse by speaking louder and faster trying to get your point across for another 5-10 mins And Mr Maxwell keeps trying to Answer your question but you keep “TALKING “”
“April 2states: vor 1 Monat: Terrible interviewer,,,narcissistic interruption,,,a rookie trying upstage a veteran is cringeworthy.”
K. Garvin: vor 1 Monat: Yes.
4:20 TV FREEDOMIST FILMS: vor 3 Wochen: i wasn’t trying up stage anything im the one who invited him for the third time and it was a discussion not an interview.
“Renegade Mystic: vor 3 Wochen (bearbeitet): The amount of typical blame all the Jews vitriol here is alarming. Of course some Jews are involved, but no Jews are part of the “Royal bloodline”. The Royals generally are not exactly Jew lovers. As to the very questionable topic of the State of Israel, and the early murderous history of the Israelites, my understanding is that (we) were duped, believing that it was the All Creator God doing the bidding and covenant making. Insidious for all. My sense is that the Middle East conflicts are battles between other dimensional forces, and that yes most likely all human battles are just these being played out with us being the puppets. This is why divide and conquer is the main tactic used on us. It’s a set up and we willingly easily fall into it every time.”
“Kevin Kaatz: vor 1 Monat: That was a mouthful for the entire galaxy. My God dude!”
“SnapcrackerzTeam: vor 1 Monat: We are indeed light beings and everything operates on positive and negative energy.”
“Marion Gahlert: vor 2 Wochen: Mind vs Matter : Mind is Spiritual it constitudes of the Invisible Universe of Cause ! Matter is material it constitudes of the Visible Universe of Effect ! Dr. Walter Russell ! P”
“Rai Jo: vor 1 Monat: @11:00 sounds like the alien eternal time mapping technology regarding your friend who could see the future exactly.”
“with the vaccines and the GMOs and now everybody’s sterile and the children that they do have are kind offense but they are little autistic screeching you know and they can’t fit into the same way that people in my generation or anybody before me worked in the world like they they’re their brains are different now because of being handed a tablet since being a
toddler and you know things like this so it’s like they’re trying to change the human over to something that can tap into these other realms so we’re more of a I don’t know another way to say it is
like kind of like a gray I guess a little automaton that’s biological but no longer has any kind of intellect or anything and you know it might be good at one thing like a lot of autistic children are good at like one thing like music or drawing or something but done with the experiment rose so they got to get rid of us for these designed people and machine learning and now like
I said they’re talking about you can just upload and download the information and I think you’re right so it couldn’t be a soul that they’re talking about if the soul and the in real
thought doesn’t even reside in our machine that we walked around in so what what is it that they’re putting in there it can’t be the essence of man or is that the whole reason they’re trying to
get rid of that except for a few elite people to be able to enjoy that there you know a regular human still..”
“Well, I think that there is some kind of a mutation going on purposely to change a human race into a different kind of creature that is in my opinion obvious they are reprogramming our minds and our brains around the world and I have the thing that I do is pattern recognition. I’ve always been good at seeing patterns and things and I see a profound pattern recognition of people all over the air is being reprogrammed into a different kind of life and this is why they’re destroying all cultures all the cultures of the world are being destroyed and they want to amass somebody wants to amass all the cultures into one culture and I remember that when the sonic writer Albert Pike wrote one of his he was a very famous masonic author. Albert Pike and the first couple of pages of
his book he said something it caught my attention and I’ve thought about ever since when I was young very young I read he said if you want to control the whole world don’t worry about having to
control all the humans on the earth, learn how to control one man and one woman, because all men are men, so you learn how to control a man you’ve learned how to control the world of men.
If you learn how to control the ideas and thoughts in the life of a woman you now can control all women because they’re all the same, so therefore it boils it down to not all the people of the world back what is a human man what is a man and what is a woman where did we come from and then you begin to go back into the Old Testament of the Bible in Genesis and in Genesis it has an incredibly fascinating story there that most people have never heard before and the churches don’t know anything about and the people in churches they clergy that do know they’re not telling them Christians anything they’re not telling you the truth then give you th fancyful stories because that’s all we humans want is just to hear a nice story that’s that’s all we want we’ll go to a movie it doesn’t mean it it’s gonna change your life it just means it’s an interesting tory that’s all we were paying for we don’t want it we don’t want to change our life we just want to see a different
story so we pay money go see a movie well that’s what’s happening in a church that’s why when you go to a movie you go to a theatre the word t-h-e in Greek is God God is th Evie is God this is why if you’re going to study the study of God is called theology and you know theology you’re just theocratic theocracy is the rule of God see is God in the ancient Greek and that’s why when you go to
church it is a Theater because it is a show about God it’s a God show the theater and so as they say a fascinating and profoundly complex story about how we are created the image and likeness of
God and what are you talking about when you talk about God like I said I don’t see God in the same way other people do I believe that what we’re talking about is some kind of a incredible
unbelievable unfathomable subject of a world computerized system of life in our galaxy and and that’s an incredible story it’s not a god that loves little children and and created the flowers and
created the beautiful things of the earth that as the same God created the black widow spiders the bulk instructors and the predator animals and the Lions that eat other animals and tear
them apart needs them and all of the wars and the violence and the pornography and the craziness and the lunacy alcoholism and drug addiction and murder, it’s all part of God’s creation.
I don’t see God it’s just one wonderful father, no, the Creator is a creator of all things and there must be some kind of a computerized system that the Creator has put into place which controls his creation.. period. (Jordan Maxwell)(2019)(1)“
“Yeah you say that and and I’ve had this thought before that there’s kind of only two possibilities with the all creator god and that’s like one like you said that he was actively
involved from the very beginning in every detail of how things would unfold or another option is that where our existence is an experiment and you know we know that you can’t observe an
experiment without changing it so it would seem like if there was a God that had an experiment and they were going to let freewill go that we would have to be in a in a bubble you know with time
there and he would have to be outside but if you think if God has no time and he’s outside of that bubble of time the experiment would be over immediately for for God you know like he would start it and it would end to him instantaneously like but for us we’re this big old long chain of events of things interacting and you only really get two choices with that that’s God’s it was involved in the whole thing or he said himself a part didn’t pay attention to it because he didn’t want to change the outcome of the experiment which we know that that happens if you observe something you’re changing it just from the simple fact of we still don’t get that thinking about it I’ve always take took that experiment to mean that that’s mind over matter because we’re not putting out any particles from our eyeballs when we observe something but yet we still change the outcome of whatever it is observing and and I kind of wanted to get into that too like like you were
talking about this computer program and it seems like all of the modern religions on earth that come from old older religions or whatever that we’re all work pretty much worshiping the same
characters and figures throughout well they named them different stuff but I heard you talking about this world revolutionary movement…”
“They don’t want you thinking like you used to worrying concerning yourself with your freedom and your liberty and your justice and your family and your mother and your family and freedom to
think and freedom to educate yourself, the people today in America’s government do not want that, they don’t want you doing that, they don’t care about how important life is to you, they
don’t want you reading and studying nothing want you to shut up and do what you’re supposed to do and that’s being called being in compliance and so what I found out one
of the first things I began to look at when I started studying the Soviet Union and the system of government was that Soviet money the money that was printed in Soviet Union has swastikas on them
swastikas were no symbol for the Nazis but there are the Soviet money there are swastikas in the center of Soviet money and on today even I think even today I know it was there cuz I’ve seen
pictures of them on the web, the passports for the Soviet Union had a big red swastika in the middle of it on the front cover, a red swastika for the passport of the Communist Soviet Union.
Why would the Soviet Union communists have a red swastika at the same time Adolf Hitler had red swastika there’s got to be a connection there and there was there was a connection between
Adolf Hitler and the Soviet Union that we don’t even know about and then on many important insignias and and medals and documents of the German Nazi Party they had hammer and sickle they had
hammers and sickles on their documents in Nazi Germany, hammer and sickle was a symbol for the Communists in the Soviet Union and swastikas were the Soviet Union were actually the came from Nazi
Germany so both sides were using each other symbols and we come to find out that both sides of being financed by Americans by American banks, British bankers, British international bankers were financing the Soviet Union and the azis purposely and so epic and became obvious to me that there’s only one operation on the earth, it’s one thing, somebody is running the earth behind the
scenes and the best way it is where I’ve learned I’ve learned this from military people the best way to change the earth is a war it’s the best way to change things quickly is a war, war comes in and changes everything. (Jordan Maxwell)(2019)(1)“
“They always show God or Jesus or whoever they were always in the middle of the Sun and even in most of these things where they show the eye the eye is in the middle of the Sun so it’s like the eye of or I don’t know what they’re trying to say or God their God is looking at you it’s his system or you know and I’ve been like the ancient people these characters are in the original Pantheon
like maybe the Sumerians who did who are the characters because it seems like they mix them up where you can’t tell which ones which.”
“Oh yeah it’s very convenient that way but you see the ancient peoples knew they could see that the human eye is flawlessly perfectly realm and they look at the Sun as flawless and perfectly realm and so they assume that the eye of God was the Sun the Sun was the eye of God he’s and why because of what the Sun represents a lot of people believe that the ancient people was Sun worshipers they worshiped the Sun and point of fact no ancient culture ever worshiped the Sun if you go back and read the literature of the ancient religions it will tell you that the people venerated the Sun and made it look like they were worshiping they were showing honor to the Sun because it represented the spiritual applications of God it represented the things of God , why? Because it was bright it brought light into the world was that’s what God does he enlightens the world that causes warmth to come and and warms up this frozen earth so that we can live a comfortable life so he takes care of us and the Sun is pure energy absolute pure energy is coming from the Sun and therefore the Sun from the energy of the Sun comes here and we can grow our food and grow our plants and and keep warm and we can grow because we’re getting energy from the Sun and so the ancient Egyptians said the Sun is pure energy if the Sun what to keep its energy and not share it with us he would live forever because energy is life. The Sun is pure energy so if he would keep his Son keep the Sun what the Sun will keep its energy it would last forever because he is life energy his life but because he’s giving his energy to us causing our food to grow and keeping our earth warm so we can live on it and grow they said God’s Sun was giving his life so that we might live that’s right we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the Suns giving us his life so it was not your son or Africa sign or Egypt sign there was God’s Son God Bosnia was the owner of that round globe in the sky we caught the side so it’s God’s Sun and it was the only begotten Son of God well why because there’s only one Sun the only begotten Son that God had and so the Sun was giving his life so that we
might live so today we say Jesus died for us no the Sun is giving his light on the earth in the light of the Sun is energy and so he’s giving his energy to keep us alive and so you go back to the
word worship worship is the connection between two words worth wor th and ship Shi P everything in English has to do with maritime Admiralty law maritime law is the law of the sea of water and what
is all the business that man has on water it’s in a ship and so we have a dealership of Courts Manship sportsmanship scholarship friendship you know all kinds of ships all of our words are connected to ships scholarship dealership and worship and so we have the word worth wor th worth and so whatever you put our high price on whatever you think is so important that you show the
you show the admiration for the volume of whatever it is you’re interested in you are really interested in a particular subject because it holds for you something very important so you
think it’s very valuable so therefore it’s called worth ship and what ship becomes known as warship and so when we say you worship something that means that you’re putting a high value on
something so if you put a high value on making big money then we say you are money, you’re worshiping money if you put a high value on on sex in your sexual is sexual worship worth ship, the
value of a thing that you find is important and so part of the ancient world of worship we now know we’ve known it for hundreds of years the foundation for Judaism Christianity and Islam all
three religions are based on another one a older religion called Hinduism. Hindu and Hinduism gives us a basis for Judaism, Christianity and Islam all three religions why are there three religions
because all and that’s interesting why always three you know three bases in baseball that’s you know three steps and Freemasonry one first out the second seven third step first degree second
degree and third degree why always three well because it goes back to all gods in the ancient world war always three in one God we say that about Christianity God is three in one gods God the Father God the Son of God the Holy Ghost, no it goes back to: Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and the three gods of Egypt into one god called brahmanism Brahma Vishnu Shiva Egypt was Osiris Isis Horus and Christianity is a faher son Holy Ghost Judaism as as Abraham Isaac and Jacob the three main gods and I remember talking back in 1962 rabbis and asking him was there an Abraham Isaac and Jacob
in actual history and they said it’s just a story Abraham Isaac and Jacob is Brahma Vishnu Shiva Osiris Isis Horus Horus and Isis our Catholic have a father son Holy Ghost all gods were
based on three why because the Sun when it comes up was our newborn Savior at high noon it became known as the Most High God and at night it would die and so the three stages of the Sun baby
father and all men died Father Son and Holy Spirit who dies and so the whole idea of three gods of one that goes back to the Sun there’s only one Sun but it has three different lives and and and in
ancient Egypt a newborn son he had an official name called Horus and we said the Horus is our risen Savior well of course Horus rises the Sun always rises about 5:30 in the morning so Horus rises where does he rise he rises on what we call the horizon Horus rising as a horizon and a Horus takes up one step Horus lived his life in 12 steps were told they came up and a few minutes late a little later it became known as Horus of the first step his first step was to come into the world then a little bit later he becomes known as Horus the second step horse of the third step Horus of the fourth step he took 12 steps across the across the sky and then he died it was a 12 step program this is why alcoholics have a 12 step program you have a 12 step program when you go into school you start in the first in in the 12th grade so it’s a 12 step program and Horus was this Sun walking across the sky which gives us star wars with Luke Skywalker he’s his walk across the sky Luke is
a manifestation of a word Lucifer or Wisdom, so wisdom, intellectual enlightenment is Horus and Horus walks across the sky in 12 steps, he’s Luke Skywalker and he meets his evil father when he dies and the evil father’s called Seth, he’s the evil one, we call it Satan, but in the ancient Egyptians the Satan was Sethian, why? Because he was the Prince of Darkness well no they notice they got dark at sunset well so such as the guard of darkness once you understand that the whole world that we live in as nothing but the more we change the more we stay the same we’re still having the same
identical worship that the ancient people seven thousand years did in the Middle East and in ancient world the people had their own ancient religions and today we’re still carrying them on
as they always were I the more we change them always stay the same and that’s why I don’t think there’s any hope for the human race to break loose of all the old ancient stuff and wake up and put on a whole new mindset as to who we are where we’ve come from and where are we going and where do you go when you leave here when you die where do you go? Most people have never wondered where were you ten thousand years ago you know you’re here now but where were you ten thousand years ago or better still where will you be five thousand years from today when you’re gone where are you going to be five thousand years from today most people don’t think like that which is about time you start thinking about that because they very well might be that you don’t die that you drop your body and that you go somehwere else. (Jordan Maxwell)(2019)(1)“
Belialith: vor 1 Monat: That man is a genius. There is something about what he said in the beginning, about this being a programmed computer and that they can change it anytime they like (without us knowing anything, just shut the memory off and put a different scene in, different memories), makes me feel he’s on the right track… it’s what I’ve been feeling that the prison system is, and that is what we must become aware of and then find the way out of it. That’s why the bible is a bunch of bullshit, because truth has been messed around with by those who want to keep us imprisoned. Only psychopaths would do that, because they don’t have feelings and so how would they care about any sentient beings?. So yea, Jordan is a Genius.
vor 1 Monat (bearbeitet)
Jordan Maxwell is a very knowledgeable man. I always wonder about Jordan’s relationship with Late Manly Palmer Hall. Hall was a Luciferian occultist Jordan was very close with Hall. Is Jordan a Luciferian? He never freely talks about Hall.
Shelley Gibson
vor 1 Monat (bearbeitet)
The only free will is one: before we incarnate we choose the program we enter to play out and two: the next part of free will is how we choose to play the game.. Ie with love or hate. Then depending on on whether we choose love or hate is then how we as energetic soul beings move from one concurrent simultaneous running program to another. Each program runs the same computer game but just with slightly different outcomes.. I personally believe that those parallel games or parallel universes are few in number. Probably only
sami Hassan
vor 1 Monat
You say it’s a game …not for me .I never agreed to this game knowing I won’t be in control of it!
Blue Crystal
vor 1 Monat
That’s a very interesting theory. Have you heard this from Schwartz who wrote Your Soul’s Plan. He says we choose this life before we are born. But I disagree. I know that I did not choose this life because I was too assaulted and shunned from society and I know for a fact now that it was planned, but not by me, but by Satanists. They have had control of my life since I was born and every time I fought to change the script they would send in satanic agents to wreck things and I could never do anything I ever wanted to or could do….some plan, it wasn’t mine!
sami Hassan
vor 1 Monat
@Blue Crystal I totally agree with you !and besides …AI can corrupt your free will so that entails that you will remain in the same vibrations and repeat the same errors over and over again .what a stupid game .and these Satanists dare to say it’s a game ! A game for them surely not for the rest of us !!!
Blue Crystal
vor 1 Monat
@sami Hassan

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