Major Ufo Crash in Canada! Military denies..Alien Cover Up 2015.

“Major Ufo Crash in Canada! Military denies..Alien Cover Up 2015.”

“bob Long: vor 4 Jahren:
First of all, there have been thousands of cases like this. You all will never know the truth unless your part of the Highest Rank official on earth. Even Military soldiers are threaten to be killed if they divulged anything. If you guys want to speak to Ets, its easy, “meditation”. Human brains were build in order to communicate with them but only few humans understand how to. Until then , good luck in trying to ask the Military or The Government to divulged the truth as they will NEVER do it no matter what. Cheers.”
The Super Cowards… Nobody needs to be threatened, only Super Cowards find that necessary to protect a System that will fall anyway..sooner or later, no matter how much they Chemtrail and Implant the population into Zombie Nation. Truth can´t be suppressed eternally. They better should understand this. The Gods return and those rigid Evil Oppressors will crumble down.
Mother Nature is stronger than the New World Order. The Strength of All Strength – Mother of the All – will take over the Lead… when they don´t come up with Full Disclosure.
“Tactical Newfie: vor 4 Jahren: UFO’s are all over the place here in Canada, I see around 2 events a month on average (mostly in winter). Our defense minister may have a colorful opinion on this matter! (Disclosure project) anyone?”
“Cruz Bazan: vor 4 Jahren: they emp shot it down, they will use any available weapon they had in them or usable object.”
“jool lee: vor 4 Jahren: The ones crashing are trying to get away. I do believe the Galactic Federation has had enough of the creatures that are controlling this planet. Share the news yourselves. People will awaken, ALL AT ONCE! No Doubts.”
“Enrique Velez: vor 4 Jahren: Although I believe in extraterrestrial life, a UFO does not mean it’s an extraterrestrial craft, it may well be a top secret military aircraft which they need to keep it hidden from the public.”
“Jen Hein: vor 6 Tagen (bearbeitet): Military cannot preform any military operations on reservation land in Canada.”
“iKwondo: vor 4 Jahren: So Aliens are technologically advanced enough to travel hundreds of millions of light years through the dangers of outer space yet haven’t developed a reliable technology to prevent them from crashing in to Earth when they get here? Think about that for a moment.”
“PiE: vor 4 Jahren: the next false flag event .. Canada is complicit to the north american union ponzi scheme. This in only the first step, now they need to make everyone panic with a big time news release ..”
“SF PV: vor 4 Jahren: We are preparing for war in Antarctica. Once the tundra unfreezes there will be a new gold rush for natural resources…Russia/China vs US/Canada. fight!”
“Tom Cruise: vor 4 Jahren: It´s over we’re finished, we better all start learning to speak canadian.”
“Brucho Sindicate: vor 4 Jahren: This needs to crash in the city. What the gov would say then? It was a training guys…”
“Cyber Frankenstein: vor 3 Jahren: Human flesh eating extra dimensional beings aka demons.”
“steven morgan: vor 4 Jahren: Just imagine if we had the internet/youtube/facebook/twitter/cell phones/ cd cameras/ in 1947 the story of roswell might of come out differently the whole truth would of been made global that´s the thing with the internet, there´s no borders, no oceans, swaps, mountains, delays in flights, it’s just a matter of time before the (us) will have to disclose every thing. My self I hope it is all positive, not negative, because if it is who do we look for a positive outcome not just for us but for all.”
“jackofthewood: vor 4 Jahren: Canadian government since Harper take power, is only a puppet of USA government.”
“David Stanley: vor 4 Jahren: ufo does not = aliens. Both Russians and Americans have flying discs since at least 40 years ago.”
“mona may: vor 4 Jahren: US man made craft. Hopefully it was shatterproof and all US aliens survived the impact.”
Michael Smith; vor 11 Monaten: The US Military came in right away and ended up taking over.
vania1917: vor 4 Jahren: Click-bait of the idiotic kind.
Alexander Jansseune: vor 4 Jahren: And the aliens just stand by and watch it happen, yeah right…
Nick Nagels: vor 4 Jahren: Crashed or shot down by the military????
Walter Solano: vor 4 Jahren: Military = Puppets.
Dig Bick: vor 3 Monaten (bearbeitet): I live in Manitoba. The military threatened everyone who took videos/pictures. 1 man has been detained. We never heard from the man again.
Tsunamirider101: vor 4 Jahren: Canadian Roswell eh?
Buffer Zone:; vor 4 Jahren: Canadian Military knows nothing and are instructed to deny anything concerning this crash. The military cover up is CIA and USAF controlled. The disc was tracked to the crash point, hence the immediate shut down and smoke screens. Witnesses that witnessed this event, anyone with photo’s, or speak of it, will be arrested and sent to a FEMA camp…
Michael Cohen: vor 4 Jahren: Obviously SOMETHING crashed and obviously the military is lying. This could be the most significant UFO event since Roswell and we may never know the truth about it.
ltdouglas78: vor 4 Jahren: Disk shape crafts are earth crafts from back in German Era of Hitler look it up. Now other shaped crafts are not of earth mostly and have been reported to have writing on the side’s.
Savage: vor 4 Jahren: The thing I don’t understand. why do they cover up saucer crashes?
patricia hansen: vor 4 Jahren: because if you believe there are aliens, you might believe that they could give you a better deal than obama has to offer, and stop letting the US government be the boss of you.
patricia hansen: vor 4 Jahren: governments protect their own business. I used to wonder why the government flew stuff at area 51 where everyone could see them from the road. I finally figured out that they had some deal with the aliens they wanted to keep secret, those pesky aliens kept flying stuff where people could see it, and the government had to try to make people think it was their stuff because if we did not, we would figure out the government had no control over what the aliens did, and was basically powerless. It might not make SENSE but it is what they do.
CrazyBear65: vor 4 Jahren: Because they don’t want the livestock, I mean pets, I mean slaves, to find out the truth. They aren’t stupid. They know that we vastly outnumber them, and they like their money and power, they don’t want to share.
BerserkerNikolai: vor 4 Jahren: High tech aliens are able to travel light years beyond our understanding, oh they crashed and are not attempting to recover their tech? yeah….seems very likely. LOL.
Craig Kelly: vor 3 Jahren: As always the lieing mother f–kers government hideing the truth from us all
Cyber Frankenstein: vor 3 Jahren: The poor and the underclass are growing. Racial justice and human rights are non-existent. They have created a repressive society and we are their unwitting accomplices.”

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