JRE Sponsors Exposed.. (very obvious, only for the records..)

JRE Sponsors Exposed.. (very obvious, only for the records..)
I would never watch more than 5 or 10 minutes of such boring mainstream brainwashing podcasts…but I agree it should be exposed, but it is obvious that the Alphabet Crime Cartel is behind it, as always.
This Podcast Channel is actually really not worth mentioning, the atmosphere there is by far too mainstream and too low vibe, but the Sponsors really need to be highlighted, nearly all Channels over 1 Million views on YouTube are Corporate sponsored Establishment puppets, faked fame and the uncritical masses ride their manipulation train, which cannot be authentic, and they have to talk and deceive in favor of the NWO Shadow Gov Corporate Crime Cartel…
“JRE Podcast Sponsors: 23andMe Sergey Brin (Co-Founder Google – President of Alphabet Inc.)
Anne Wojcicki (Co-Founder of 23andMe) (DNA Database)
Susan Wojcicki (CEO of Youtube) (Censorship)”
“Total Human Optimization”
“So again: Mafia, Corporate, Pentagon, that´s who is dictating these circles..”
“Top Security Clearance as a psychological warfare officer…
and its asymmetic approach of warfare, military operations ..viewing mainstream media as potential “Mind War operatives.”
In a follow-up U.S. Air Force Academy study, we learn more about why warfare must become multidimensional.”
“The 5th Dimension, information warfare, information overload, that´s the 5th Dimension of warfare…even a nonlinear..the nonlinear warfare is completely, completely out of control.”
“Both ..knew that multidimensional “Mind War” would have to include artificially produced ELF waves to impact minds..ELF waves..inclining an audience towards everything from alertness to passivity…it could be used in conjunction with media broadcasts as well…”
“Informational Overload, nonlinear warfare…”

113740cookie-checkJRE Sponsors Exposed.. (very obvious, only for the records..)
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