#12 Life After Stepping Forward feat. Tony Rodrigues | BREAKAWAY Season 2

“#12 Life After Stepping Forward feat. Tony Rodrigues | BREAKAWAY Season 2” “Dauntless Dialogue”
“Consciously trying to remember the memories and they just flooded in. I mean they came in big chunks, it was disorienting… the first few Weeks .. it just was a flood of memories they came and I was once I accepted the fact that I had been gone for that night instead of that night I was gone for that night I had been gone for 20 years then everything that I remembered that was weird before that that didn’t make sense all of a sudden made sense and had context and I wanted help, I wanted counseling, I was freaking out, my wife at the time did not believe in any ETS, she was a Bible Christian girl, there’s no ETS up there, because it would be in the Bible kind of thing, so I wouldn’t talk to her and there was really nobody in my life that I could talk to that you know , everybody in the truther thing is…somebody’s awake, there’s really nobody in my life at the time in 2015 that I could speak to about it and I was all alone with this stuff and then after
it became abundantly clear in the first few days that I was going to have to talk to somebody, because I was having trouble sorting it out like I didn’t even .. it was a
couple weeks before I remembered the sex abuse stuff in Seattle and when that came back … I did a lot of soul-searching. (Toney Rodrigues)”

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