#1 Spacebound Prisoner feat. Tony Rodrigues | BREAKAWAY | Season 1

“#1 Spacebound Prisoner feat. Tony Rodrigues | BREAKAWAY | Season 1” “Dauntless Dialogue”
“Dauntless Dialogue: Am 29.07.2018 veröffentlicht: You may have heard of breakaway civilizations, the Secret Space Programs, or the “20 and Back.” Tony Rodrigues joins us in a new weekly series where we will speak with whistleblowers who claim to have worked in various aspects of the SSP.”
“WHITEFORD PIPES HANDMADE By Michael David: vor 7 Monaten: Wow that was pretty interesting! Enjoyed watching! Take care! Peace ✌️ from Welland Ontario Canada 🇨🇦”

“The next thing I remember is be waking up with a human doctor and a human nurse in a desert it was in your current
airbase you know I found that too I found those buildings I’m want to go back there and visit it but uh was a
human doctor and I had no memory of my mom or dad or my sister where I woke up with amnesia at that
point I had no idea what I was he pulled me through a standard medical exam and we went in through a trauma based mind control program at that time and it might have been six weeks it might have been six months honestly after they got to the sleep deprivation part of it I have no idea what happened but it was torture they would torture you and watch movies eat of drugs and they’d watch movies with subliminal messages and then electrical shock torture they dislocated an arm he was a very matter-of-fact about it they did you know we passed at the end and they did psychic training and they were putting us they were they were bringing us close to death heck denying us air and then sometimes I did it with drugs and I guess during that time because of the mine fracturing with the because of the mine fracturing with the type of torture they did during that time that they were being they were able to communicate with I don’t know spirits I don’t some other beings I don’t know but other they were able to get information from us like on a psychic level so they could get future events or past events that nobody knew about and it was a class of kids there were maybe a dozen kids I want to say it doesn’t probably less less than that eight eight to twelve kids in the class and it was all the same thing…
so I have a question regarding the initial abduction with the gray and reptilians in your room now you said
that your family didn’t stir in the night even though there were lights even though there were sounds do you you know and we’ve heard this in other abduction stories do you think that they were paralyzed
absolutely yeah okay so to jump forward twenty years later I was put back and I woke up the next morning
put back that night let him suggested that people that are taking on twenty backs they only gone about fifteen
minutes but they can get in take you you can do 20 years or 40, there are 40, back side it depends on genetics but if it’s a different different thing from people I’ve spoken to they do it 20 and then another 20 so anyhow people can go be taken do 20 years and they can put you back looking the same age as you looked when they took you 15 minutes later and then with your memory erased, so that you don’t know what happened, but they had labor , they had you for whatever .. if you’re if you have an aptitude or something that they need then they could train you you got to think I woke up with amnesia and I was trained well you know in the form of a slave at that planning to do psychic service….when you think of terms of a corporation or a large body using labor, slave labor then
that’s a very effective technique.. because you don’t remember it and I remember…
well and even from maybe a karmic point of view you said that they had received your permission to borrow your
consciousness, so do you think that that’s something that’s a critical karmic component to this where they have
to actually obtain your permission first and so I had to agree to it but even they didn’t exactly give me the rundown on what I was gonna go through they just said can we do this gesture nicely at the time then you know when I woke up on a table with aliens there I thought I was in a first contact situation I thought yeah I knew you guys were real I can’t wait I’m gonna tell everybody when I get home I wanted to cooperate I was happy I was ecstatic to finally learn that there was et extraterrestrial life , there were other intelligent beings and as a little kid that was into sci-fi I was really into that.”
“We want extra galactic said that something like only 2% of our missions we ever did were within the visible range of stars from the earth or from Ceres…the stars that you can
see at night with your eyes were too close, basically on all our missions and we went we’d like we’d leave we’d come home at night and the ship also here’s the only thing that the
ship came back many times only a few minutes after it left, so when the portal they would take off leave leave the base and then portal but to another system and it would
portal back to only a few minutes prior then it left and they could scrub the mission they there was a loophole I guess there are there are higher beings in the universe that police time travel
in other words if you take advantage of a time travel some other advanced being will come and punish you, you’ll get policed, so they stretched it, there are rules to time travel and
what they did was they go far from Ceres five minutes out and go then they would come back five minutes before they left you know maybe on the other side and that way if the mission was a
failure they would park somewhere different and they would not send the ship and they would scrub the mission and we would just do maintenance that day this happened a lot they were
there were a lot of scrub they called it anti-telephoning.”
“We’d get there according to the law right as soon as we left that was as much as you could stretch it so they figured out to go in the distance there was a it was a cheat on in ER
3on whatever interdimensional law at time-traveling law that something that’s policed by higher et’s more advanced beings and they were very afraid they said that people that got in trouble for
that the punishments were unbelievably bad..the punishment was very bad and they were they were very afraid of it so they hadn’t worked out to a science and it was a big secret so I’m I’m totally
spilling the beans I it was a secret for between them and the other colonies at the time.”
“okay Wow all right so time-travel, age regression, portal technology…”
Henry Solstice: vor 6 Monaten: All real. Birth control is how these break aways have such a strong population base.
E Russ: vor 7 Monaten: Tony is one of the only “whistleblowers” I actually take seriously.
Adirondack Bladesmith: vor 2 Monaten: Captain Riker?

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