Reptilian Shapeshifting, Icke and Skype.

Reptilian Shapeshifting, Icke and Skype.
It looks like an etheric Kraken…Octopus of the Ether….
“Capricorn TV radio David Icke or even Skype and the programmers and the people who do the coding for Skype can explain these artifact anomalies to me, because from what I understand about Google they bought Skype and Google supposedly announced that they run their software now on quantum servers, so how we’re getting these compression artifacts, strange things on these Skype interviews?
I don’t know I don’t know why they cut the bandwidth down so low now I was giving a video a while back of David Icke possibly shape-shifting on a Skype interview .. I’m going to show you now this is undeniable and basically .. this video was given to me at a friend at my website, this is the website that I own and this is the forum that I own,’s also some things going on with my research I am being blackballed from a lot of conspiracy sites you will not see any of my research published at conspiracy sites even at David Ickes own forum above top secret
and GLP to people in the conspiracy communities themselves, we’ve already had suspicions at these sites of run and controlled by freemason. The freemason despise me they know who I am and that’s why you will not see any of my reptilian videos posted at any of those conspiracy sites but is what is very weird is above top secret who will not allow normal posters to post anything about reptilians head David Icke on their website recently for an ask me anything thread so I’m tying all this in together…”
“I believe that these people David Icke and all them that have been started the reptilian conspiracy, are probably all part of a big psy op campaign being led by the freemason himself to discredit the theory and that’s why I’m giving David Icke Capricorn TV or Skype themselves ELISA dress this shape-shift in this video tell me what’s going on.”
“James Huckvale: vor 5 Monaten: David is the real deal. These reptilian entities are digital I have seen them. They are the reason for all this new digital technology. They can interface with all the digital computer systems. This is their world. Once the 5g smartgrid and IOT is installed everywhere we will find ourselves in the new world order digital knockdown system. You my friend are more controled than you’ve been led to believe. No one is out of their reach. We are not the top of the foodchain dig. If David Ice is being influenced by these beings he does not realize it and neither do you.”
“when I play from here it’s going to get a lot worse you’re going to see it just it gets bad I’m going to pause it right here here you can see we see this elaborate like liquid crystal
where you’ll see these but this is starting to look a little different it’s not exactly liquid crystal polarization but now their people are trying to say this is a Skype compression error and
like I said when I started this video I can go in a video on on a video camera right now on skype and you will not see any of these artifacts appear on my face and I will put a guarantee to here we go here’s the left eye the left here, right here totally deteriorates there’s a slit in that eye there is a slit in this eye this eye is the form we see ridges
forming here there’s the spots on the skin right here his teeth are actually starting to shift you see this now I want you to notice everything else in
the video people may say well the compression errors coming only because he’s moving in the video and that’s causing the compression well I am going to get a screen shot of a legitimate
compression error and place it in the corner of this video when I edit this video.”
because what I believe is happening in a lot of these digital distortions we are seeing is in the occult you obviously have archontic energies attached to your subconsciousness, black magic is nothing more than the movement of electromagnetic fields with the mind. I learned that in A lecture I watched from 33 degree freemason Manley Palmer Hall that video is on YouTube; you can search
for it and what he explains the fundamental science behind black magic is nothing more than moving electromagnetic fields, in newer digital cameras we they are very sensitive to electromagnetic fields that’s what I believe might be causing these liquid crystal polarizations if you were in the same room with David Icke right now at this time as he was doing this interview you would probably not see this artifact, this is probably only being picked up by camera but I find it very weird that it always involves the left eye, we always see these anomalies happening in the
same part of the face around the upper Ridge of the eyes and the cheekbones and I mean just look at this deterioration.”
“I am really putting a solid theory together on how I believe these are how these anomalies are connected to the occult, electromagnetic frequencies, digital cameras and inevitably archontic possession, now I’m not saying the David ideas of reptilian but he could be a practising occultist with Archontic energy attached to his subconsciousness that is the term selling your soul to Satan
which is selling your soul to Sirius which is allowing an organic entity to attach itself to your subconsciousness, this was taught by Aleister Crowley and the Archon that he shows the world named lamb which looked a lot like an alien gray that he claimed that could be summoned through his sex magic rituals.”
“eer _of_Orbs: Last_Seer _of_Orbs: vor 5 Monaten (bearbeitet): Left eye is Vril.
Kinninigan 2.0: annmarie lucas: vor 5 Monaten: David is not shape shifting I have seen this distortion before.”
Kinninigan 2.0: Shade On A Cool Day: vor 2 Monaten: You talk too much. So much jibber jabber. Stick to important information instead of droning on.”
“Marwa: vor 3 Monaten: It’s called possession. You can sometimes see possessors.”
“Barbara Brinkmeyer: vor 5 Monaten (bearbeitet): Weird.”
“True Reality: vor 5 Monaten: all beings are good and bad, david icke could be a good reptillian trying to wake the masses.”

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