The extraterrestrial cover-up is finally coming to an end. They are already here! – Alien UFO Sightings

“The extraterrestrial cover-up is finally coming to an end. They are already here! – Alien UFO Sightings
This is the reason why our so-called leaders do not want to tell us the truth: they do not want to lose control over us! While friendly foreigners want to be kind to us, the discovery of their existence will bring a possible door to the universe, an opportunity to explore the darkness between the stars and beyond.
There will be no more borders between the countries of the planet Earth will be necessary or relevant, and our political and religious leaders seem to make us see these things as insignificant in our lives in many ways, even deny the information that comes to light. This is nothing more than a work of elite manipulation on this planet.THE END OF DAYS FOR THE ELITE?
UFO sightings are increasing. Foreigners want and need to be seen, and many people believe they are trying to force their own discovery. Along with the increase in UFO sightings that go hand in hand with the awakening of the human race.

The elite is more than aware of this global awakening, so put action plans with other agencies/companies to “delay” the discovery and in some cases “proceed slowly with the discovery
The planet’s natural resources are being drained daily by money and “control”, a division between different religions and races is being ridiculously encouraged by the elite (again with control).
Besides all this, the people in this world seem Having gone through a brainwashing, with the importance of money, television, and having the best electronic devices, it seems that this is what matters in life.
But there are great changes ahead, and these changes will inevitably occur all over the planet when the aliens officially announce their presence to all of us.
First, you will be among the people who will have a clear division among the masses of the Earth: those who welcome foreigners, and those who feel threatened by them.
Of course, the powers of the world try to make people stand on the side of fear with ideas of them as if they were ‘demons’ unknown to heaven.
Some religious groups will oppose foreigners and try to discourage the world from joining them.
The aliens will probably announce to the world who they are and where they come from and their reasons for their official contact with Earth.As soon as the great majority of the human race can accept what they are and why they are here, a sudden and complete world begins to awaken, and suddenly, the universe will be considered as a new amusement park for the discoveries of the people from this world.
Our technology will become obsolete compared to that used by foreigners. Our corrupt leaders and the elite, which is 1% of the population on this planet are afraid of losing control over us, but it is inevitable and critically important that we unite with these extraterrestrial beings who want to be like the Galactic / Universal brothers.”

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