Paradise Lost ~ Case Closed!!!…Proof Positive of DEW Attacks in California

It´s all based on Tesla Tech… the stuff your stupid University Professor didn´t tell you, because he was brainwashed too.
And People you can leave comments, it´s just the German version of WP: Comments can be made here: “Hinterlasse einen Kommentar |”
Record Visits for this Page were in November/December 2017: circa 320 per day, at the time when the Pentagon was forced to release a lot of documents, afaik.
And don´t believe the nonsense, that conspiracy decryption would lower vibrations, au contraire, mesdames et messieurs..I glow more than ever, in the presence of the Holy Spirit and the Prince of Peace…full in Spiritual Higher Ascension Mode… Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga Nonstop…
Goddess will crown you with Kundalini and Enlightenment…
if you help to release this Planet from its destructive insane dark chains of the cabal.
….Full Pharaonic Godmode….in Progress…
“Paradise Lost ~ Case Closed!!!…Proof Positive of DEW Attacks in California. The truck beneath the aluminum cover is evidence that DEW came in horizontally otherwise the aluminum cover would have melted. Another reason why the trees survived.”


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